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Sample: Structural Engineering SOP for Masters in Canada

I wish to use this letter to provide more information about my academic and employment experience, and how a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, is essential to my current career advancement.

My journey into Civil Engineering was inspired by my elder cousin, who is a successful civil engineer in the field of construction. Interacting with him at a young age and learning how exciting his job was, made me develop a love for civil engineering. After my secondary education, I applied for Civil Engineering diploma, and got admission into xxxxxx, for the 2011/2012 academic year. After my Diploma, I went ahead to obtain my Higher National Diploma in 2016, before proceeding for my bachelor’s degree.

I started my Engineering career as an Assistant Civil Engineer; assisting Civil Engineers to prepare work and material schedules. I was also involved in planning and coordination of building construction work, from foundation to finish. Through these experiences, I mastered how to use AutoCAD. So far, I have grown to work in different corporate positions including; Site Engineer, Project Engineer, Quality Control Officer, and most recently Supervisory Project Engineer. My goal as a Civil Engineer is to ensure that at every phase of my career, I deliver effective engineering solutions even with the rapid advancement in technology. More so, I have committed my professional career to Civil Engineering. Hence, I am inspired to obtain the relevant academic and professional qualifications required of a Civil Engineer, in order to maintain relevance even in our fast-changing economy.

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As a professional, I am always driven by personal development. Though my career progression can be attributed to several factors, I however believe that my determination to always reinvent myself has brought me this far. A good look at my academic and career advancement, one can easily see that I am always about improving what already exists, and that has enabled me to receive several commendations from colleagues and seniors in the industry. I enjoy working on engineering projects, because of the vast experience gained, anytime I set out on a project. I approach every project as an opportunity to learn something new, and implement new ideas that will give our structures a world-class status. Because of my drive to stay abreast with modern project management techniques, I enrolled for the UK Project Management program with the British Project Management Academia. Through this program, I learnt ……………..,………… and…………..

Consistent involvements in projects have allowed me to observe different regular and irregular building models, which have enabled me to compare how these structures respond. More so, it has revealed the concerns for structural failure and/or damage by investors. Hence, my decision to major in Structural Engineering is influenced by my drive for personal growth, and the desire to establish myself as an industry leader in the area of structural engineering. My company is willing to give me a study leave to acquire more knowledge. Thereby, after my Master’s study, I would be equipped to integrate new findings into our projects.

When I am not working, I enjoy swimming or gymnastics. Sports have taught me a lot about hard work, consistency, and teamwork, which have been part of my building blocks. More so, reading and cooking are major activities I also enjoy.

Studying at the Memorial University of Newfoundland gives me access to study in an environment that combines engaging academic study with skill-based development training. Meaning that; even as I gain practical knowledge, I would have the opportunity to build core industry competencies. Also, the course structure incorporates the latest changes in the engineering sector which will be an added advantage to me. I hope I will be granted the privilege of pursuing my Master’s Degree at this prestigious University. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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