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If you are applying for MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, you have to submit your application with a statement of purpose. SOP Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is an important document you will use to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this SOP MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim because it has already been used.

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Top Universities to Study Applied Intelligence and Data Analytics

  1. University of Bradford
  2. University of Birmingham
  3. University of Hull
  4. University of Stirling
  5. University of Huddersfield

SOP MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics 

There’s no doubt that the current strides we see in the business world as a result of advancement in technology are just the tip of the iceberg. From inventions that helped illuminate the world, to the devices that helped connect people from miles away with just a dial of a button, to automated machines that read human actions and interpret them to provide customer support, it’s clear that we are yet to see the best of modern-day technology. Technological advancement has influenced our activities in communication, health, entertainment, academics, trade and commerce. Since most of the strides we see in technology are driven by the availability and interpretation of data, scientists and engineers are faced with the huge task of gathering, understanding, and interpreting the huge data produced by different automated machines and programs.

Businesses today are struggling to make sense of the data they produce in a day. For example, the data produced by a business website alone in a day could take a whole day to analyze, and interpret, and then when combined with other data sources, you have in your hands data reports that traditional tools won’t be able to harness. For this reason, there’s now high demand for professionals who would stand in the gap, and I am excited to align myself to this career path. But to achieve this, I need the qualification to proffer any meaningful solutions in this field, hence, my decision to obtain a Master’s Degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

While I was working as a Data Quality Assistant with xxxxxx, I was posted to a data-intensive location with multiple data sources, and together with my team, we were charged with the responsibility of interpreting the numerous data produced daily. This experience made me start developing an interest in predictive analytics, AI, data response technology, and big data analytics. It was clear that even in this current time, the professionals available won’t be enough to fulfil the responsibilities of handling the amount of data being produced by big organizations whether it’s a large corporation or a start-up. More so, I was further convinced that the current demands in handling data need higher education in data interaction both through personal involvement and the use of programs and algorithms that can study metrics and make suggestions according to observations. 

I’ve explored career opportunities in the healthcare and government sectors both with national and international organizations which have exposed me to the data challenges being faced in different industries. And as firms are quickly transitioning from the traditional ways of doing businesses to new ways, it is pertinent to have the right amount of professionals to champion these transitions. I’ve worked as an Electrical Medical Record Officer, Data Use Specialist, Enumerator, and most recently Data Quality Assessment Officer. These experiences have prepared me and given me the background knowledge to excel in this course.

My goal after obtaining this degree is to work in an organization that is focused on building an informed team that will optimize growth by harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

I’ve chosen the University of xxxx because the program schedule resonates with my career needs and plans. So I am very much confident that the University of xxx is an ideal place for me to progress in my academics. I believe learning Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics will prepare me for any challenge that may come with this industry. Thank you for your consideration.

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Personal Statement Service
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