Letter of Recommendation for MSc in Human Resource Management

Letter of recommendation
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Letter of recommendation is a written endorsement of someone’s personality, skills, and abilities to support their application for a job or academic program.

What is the Difference Between a Letter of Recommendation and Reference Letter?

Though the two letters are used to endorse or attest for someone’s character, personality and abilities, and are sometimes used interchangeably; the difference however is that, letter of recommendation is used to support someone’s application for a specific job or academic program and is usually addressed to a particular person or group i.e. “Dear admission committee”, “Dear Mr Hope Peters”. On the other hand, a reference letter is usually not addressed to a particular person and is more generic in nature i.e. “To whom it may concern”, “Dear sir/madam”.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for MSc in Human Resource Management

Name of Sender

Phone number, email address



The Admission Committee,

Name of university,


Postal Address.

 Dear Admission Committee,

Recommendation Letter for Bede Chike

It is my pleasure to recommend Bede Chike whom I have had the opportunity of supervising from when he joined xxx company Limited in 2001 till date. He is currently the Human Resources Manager, and though we will miss his contributions towards the growth of our organization, I am still pleased to recommend him for your Masters in Business Administration Program, because I believe he will be a good addition to your class and this program will allow him to prepare for the next phase of his career advancement.

Since joining us, he has been efficient in complementing the strengths of other staff members. He has shown admirable professionalism on several occasions where work responsibilities have required him to apply knowledge in time management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. An experience I recall till date happened when…………… (Narrate an experience when you had to resolve conflict or solve a difficult problem at work).

Currently, he doubles as our Human Resource Manager and Business Developer. Combining these two responsibilities is not an easy task, but, he has managed to remain efficient and effective in delivering results. These responsibilities were confined to him because the organization is trying to reposition itself after the global lockdown that took place last year (2020). Coupled with the fact that he is a fast learner with a positive attitude to work and interpersonal skills that allow him to excel in seemingly difficult assignments; he has been an asset to this organization.

More so, he is a proactive thinker and makes decisions based on critical reasoning. He was the one who pioneered changes in both our administrative and business departments to the amazement of the Board of Directors, and he is now being considered for the next General Manager Administration position. Hence, it is with the knowledge of the positives he will bring on board with improved knowledge that I am confident recommending him for this advanced study.

Conclusively, based on my firsthand observation of his performance over the last 11 years, I believe that Mr Chike is capable of pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.  I, therefore, recommend him for admission into your University, as I believe he will be a valuable addition to your Institution. If you need to speak with someone to gather more information about him, I can be reached through any of my contact detail provided in this letter.


Name of the referee.

Editor’s Recommendation

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