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If you are seeking a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, this sample SOP will guide you on how to present your statement to cover the necessary information while ensuring that your write up is concise and easy to read.

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Notable Universities to Study for PG Diploma in Business Management

  1. Memorial University
  2. University of Birmingham
  3. Babcock University
  4. University of South Africa
  5. University of Stellenbosch Business School
  6. University of Oxford
  7. University of Canterbury
  8. Gordon Institute of Business Science

PG Diploma in Business Administration SOP

There I sat absent-mindedly, about 25 years ago, on a pew closest to my teacher’s table. I saw the faint inscription she had written at the edge of the blackboard a day before. It reads: “Do what you love, love what you do.’’ At first, the inscription did not appeal to me because of its writer. It was hypocritical of a woman who forced us to learn mathematics to write such. Such blatant hypocrisy, I thought. One month later, we learnt she would be transferred to a new school. To my utter shock, my school authorities organized a farewell party for her. I feigned friendliness to attend the party. There, she read her farewell speech which has since then resonated throughout my life. She began,’’ I cherish children, I cherish mathematics, I cherish humans who understand that in every difference, there is uniqueness inherent in them. The world should be home to science, to art, to philosophy, to engineering, to agriculture to architecture, to sport and recreation, to creative arts, technology, to business, to society, to culture, to children, and to everything that will enhance and enliven life.’’ Spontaneous applause roared from the audience. She smiled and continued,’’ I have a daughter who is a born artist. I encourage her in her pencil-crayon drawing but I also remind her that other children who are gifted differently are important and she must not show prejudice against their biases. To my pupil whom I might not teach again, I apologize for having compelled you to learn mathematics. I wish I could convince the education authorities that the knowledge of mathematics should be made optional for school children. The children should be allowed to grow with what they love doing. I will leave you with this: do what you love, love what you do.’’ She left the stage and the delusion of hypocrisy I have for her left me. However, her words stayed in me – I live by it. 

I was one of the ‘errant’ children in the neighbourhood while growing up, not because I fight, steal, lie, or exemplified those juvenile delinquencies. I exhibited none. My mum only perceived me as errant because I was not always at home. I was either in Mama Ekene kiosk or in other kiosks that deal in confectionery, biscuits, cake, small plastic toys, and other things that entice children. I was always there to spectate how those little-little business transactions were made – the purchase of 25 kobo biscuits and 5 kobo sweets, the 70 kobo change given to the buyer. Everything about it captivated my interest. Soon, Mama Ekene accommodated me to sit by her side, in her kiosk. Sometimes, she would entrust me with her wares to visit the market. I relished the moment until we relocated to another neighbour. In my secondary school, I participated in a school-organized pastry-making entrepreneurial group; I was responsible for the sales of my group’s pastry. Interestingly, my group made the most sales and I was awarded. After that event, I realized that I had a knack for business and I decided that I would find a career where I could combine this ability and my passions to help other people.

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As it is often said that he who pays the piper calls the tune, I was compelled by my mum to either choose a course in pure science or forfeit my university education. Reluctantly, I settled for Animal and Environmental Biology. However, I have not allowed the course to determine the pathway of my life. Upon graduation from the university, I rekindled my business spirit and was only keen on taking business-related jobs. In a career move, I did a stint as a customer service representative at JKK Nigeria Limited, MTN, Lagos. I went on to work with Sterling Bank Nigeria Limited, Lagos, as a sales executive, and also with Trident Marketing Limited, Lagos, as Sales Associate. I left my shell to explore a flesh job position – sort of alien – at Stanbic Ibtc Bank, Lagos, as Complaints Officer. It was an exhilarating experience that would help me to exert leverage in my field. My love for career diversification has led me into exploring the area of rhetoric in business. I currently work as a Client Communication Manager at Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, Lagos, while running my business, Zenis Nigeria; we offer logistics and e-commerce services. My desire to excel at what I do has inspired me to seek more knowledge that will guide me in business management, human resource management, and leadership.

Having reviewed the offerings of the graduate diploma in Business Administration program at Memorial University, I would truly like to be part of Memorial University because it provides a good match for my interests, skills, and career goals. The prestigious five-course GDBA program focusing on such issues as the expansion of career opportunities for students as well as crucial management skills will enhance my wealth of hands-on business experience and augment my academic credentials. Ultimately, I need the expert knowledge at Memorial University to become a high-flying business administrator who is internationally competitive and contributes to the development of the field. I believe that Memorial University exemplifies the required excellent educational qualities and potentials which can be beneficial to studious students. 

After developing the knowledge to inspire progressive growth in my career and business, I look forward to accelerated career growth to a Senior Managerial position in the nearest future either in my current organization or within my industry while also leading growth in my startup. I understand the demands to excel in this course, and I have already enrolled for preparatory courses that will brush me up and keep me informed of what is coming. It will be a profound achievement to earn my Diploma in Business Administration from the prestigious Memorial University. I look forward to your consideration

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