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This MSc International Business and Data Analytics Personal Statement sample shows what is expected in a statement. You’re encouraged not to copy it but only to use it as a guide.

I can vividly recall how we resumed operations at Lexel Plaza- my fashion company. We started the business putting into account every business advice I’ve gotten through training and career experiences. I developed plans with strategic goals to be achieved at different stages of my business growth. Through the years, the company gained steady growth and became my main source of income. But it didn’t take long for me to notice the effect working with international clients had on my business. More so, through various business activities online and offline, we began to generate data that needed interpretation. Further research into business data management made me see the big picture; and it was clear that the success of my businesses in this fast-paced business world would be proportional to the ability to harness big data. 

This marked my introduction to the world of business data analytics. In other words, I became interested in business analytics because of the growing demands of my business. In the past, business growth required devoting more resources to PR, marketing, and advertising. However, it is clear that business needs in our modern business arena also includes the right investment in harnessing business data. For that reason, I have decided to dedicate resources to acquiring adequate knowledge in this field. I believe a full program like an MSc International Business and Data Analytics will give me the best preparation for my advancement. I can envision the impact of this degree on my business and other ventures that I would eventually get into. And I hope to prepare for that future with this program.

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Before starting my fashion company, I utilized my degree in Accounting from Babcock University in a career experience spanning over 14 years. From working as an xxxx in xxx, to xxx, at xxx. During those periods, I honed my accounting and entrepreneurial skills. I have learnt through different situations how to be proactive and adjust to current times and trends. I’ve also built analytic and communication skills coupled with the ability to work with teams to achieve set goals.

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This program will enable me to focus on acquiring the best competencies while building an industry network with colleagues to meet global relevance. Most schools offer International Business separately from Data Analytics, so, it is fascinating to learn that Ulster University offers International Business and Data Analytics in one program. 

Armed with the training gained from this program, I will apply the knowledge gained in building my business to service the global market. I hope that my application is accepted for the incoming class. If granted the opportunity, I will put in my best to maintain high academic standards. Finally, as an Alumnus of this great institution, I’ll ensure that I represent the school wherever I find myself. Thanks for your consideration.

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