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Care companies bear the burden of family members in pain. Hence, they make the transition from one phase in life to another seamless and painless. The same is the goal of Virgin Care, now known as HCRG Care.

Therefore, In this review article, we will discuss in detail how Virgin Care became HCRG care and what services make them significant from the other care companies in the UK.

About Virgin Care?

Virgin Care now known as  HCRG Care Group is a private provider of community health and social services in the UK. Hence, the National Health Service and other local authorities in England commissioned the company for service.

More so, the foundation was initially established in 2010 and operated under the Virgin group for over a decade. However, In December 2021, the company was acquired by Twenty20 Capital and rebranded as HCRG Care Group, while retaining its core values and commitment to excellence.

To date, HCRG Care Group continues to make waves in the healthcare industry in the UK. They operate with an employer capacity of over 5000. For over 15 years, HCRG Care has transferred thousands of lives through its dedicated and innovative healthcare solutions. As a testimonial, HCRG Care is rated as “outstanding” by CQC with 9 out of 10 people recommending its services.


Core Services Offered by Virgin Care (HCRG Care)

HCRG Care Group is known for delivering high-quality healthcare solutions covering different areas of healthcare. Here are some of its basic service offerings

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1. 0-19 year Healthcare Service:

HCRG Care’s commitment to fostering a healthy future extends beyond adults, embracing the crucial years of childhood and adolescence through its dedicated 0-19-year healthcare service. This service goes beyond mere medical attention but combines a holistic approach to care that caters to the physical, mental, and social well-being of young individuals.

Special Approach:

  • Multidisciplinary teams: Nurses, therapists, and social workers collaborate to create personalized care plans.
  • Family involvement: HCRG Care helps parents see the needed union to be formed between them and caregivers to enhance the child’s health journey.
  • Community focus: The charity works in collaboration with schools, local services, and charities to build support networks for children between 0 and 19 years old 
  • Specialist services: A term of specialist always on standby to address conditions like complex disabilities, mental health issues, and chronic illnesses. that may occur in the lives of 0-19-year-olds.


2. Prison Healthcare Service 

HCRG Care in its commitment to improving community health, operates a system that offers round-the-clock, nurse-led healthcare routine for prisoners. This includes:

  • Running prisoner screening on arrival of prisoners
  • Minor surgery
  • On-patient units and prescribing and more

Additionally, as part of its prison healthcare services, HCRG Care also organizes different other services such as  GP practices to ensure tailored care around the prison facility.


  • Trauma-informed care: They recognize and address the impact of incarceration on the mental and physical health of prisoners 
  • Continuity of care: they provide tailored professional care to inmates and ensure that smooth transition between prison and community healthcare services from r the safety of its providers. 
  • Substance misuse support: HCRG takes special care in offering addiction treatment and relapse prevention programs to help inmates 
  • Promoting health education: Additionally, the foundation empowers inmates to make informed choices about their health even while living behind bars. 

3. Sexual Healthcare Service:

The sexual health hub of HCRG care was launched in 2018 and focused on promoting sexual health via digital health campaigns and 24/7 online advice, self-service access, and friendly appointment bookings. 

More so, this service was organized to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of teenage pregnancy and to improve and increase sexual awareness in terms of reproductive health services and access to support without judgment or stigmatization.

Currently, the Sexual Health Hub operates across the north of England in affiliation with local authorities to provide an inclusive sexual health service to enhance the local populations and works effectively to address and remove and address concerns relating to sexual stigma.

Key services: 

  • Reducing unwanted pregnancies through enabling more informed choices around contraception and easy, judgment-free access to LARC services
  • Helping women with unwanted pregnancies to make informed decisions as early as possible
  • Reducing the rates of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV)
  • Achieving earlier diagnosis of all sexually transmitted infections (including HIV)
  • Reducing inequalities in healthcare by reaching out to those most at risk and ensuring our services are as accessible as possible
Source: HCRG Care Group website

4. Primary and Agent Healthcare Service 

Different authorities across the country recognize HCRG Care Group as a leading specialist in providing Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) primary care services, which is aligned with the requirements of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The HCRG Care through its Primary and Agent healthcare service which has been in operation since  2009, operates over  21 primary care services across the country with a caring capacity of over  600,000 people every year.

Key services

  • Using technology for efficient care coordination, offering a powerful back office, with direct access to some support without a GP practice
  • Developing a skill-mixed workforce who work as a multi-professional team to manage long-term conditions
  • Strong patient experience and engagement through local management teams and supporting Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to continue improving practices
  • Risk-stratification management of long-term conditions: reducing unplanned need, and increasing communities’ independence
Source: HCRG Care Group

Other personalized services offered by  HCRG Care include: 

  • Adult and community healthcare service.
  • Children’s healthcare service

Why Choose  HCRG Care?

HCRG Care Group stands out in the healthcare industry in England due to its values and unique work approach. Here is a brief highlight:

1. Person-centered Approach: 

HCRG Care serves one customer at a time by tailoring services to individual needs and preferences.

2. Innovation and Technology

 The foundation is efficient and diverse with cutting-edge technology to improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

3. Commitment to Quality

HCRG Care takes pride in offering quality services to its clients, this is evident in the number of positively reviewed and high ratings from independent inspectors, with 100% of services previously rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Job Opportunities at Virgin Care or HCRG Care Group 

Working with HCRG Care offers an incredible opportunity to join the UK’s largest community health and care providers. This healthcare boasts over 15+ years of history of partnering with communities, health and care, and top world organizations.

HCRG Care Group provides team impact programs and operates a transparent system that helps team members experience the satisfaction of impacting lives while investigating their careers.

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare and caregiving industry, HCRG Care is a great place to get started. They are always on the lookout for qualified professionals from different cultures with unique expertise to join their team. 


Types of jobs offered at Virgin Care or HCRG Care

There are several job opportunities available in HCRG Care, these are the most common;

Note: According to Indeed, The average HCRG Care Group salary ranges from approximately £20251 per year for Care Worker to £98135 per year for Elder Care Assistant

Company Profile

  • Number of Employees: Over 5,000 dedicated individuals nationwide.
  • Locations: Operating across numerous regions in England, with headquarters in Runcorn, Cheshire.
  • Contact Information: Website:, 
  • Phone: 0300 247 1122 (NHS Services) or 020 3040 4063 (General Enquiries).

Conclusion on Virgin Care Review

Virgin Care or HCRG Care is committed to restoring joy to every home across England. With its dedicated approach and experienced healthcare professionals, it efficiently offers its expertise across 12 healthcare facilities with operations via online service deliveries.

In addition to the special approach to providing care, HCRG Care also provides exciting job opportunities for professionals seeking a platform to reach humanity through dedicated healthcare services. 

If you are in the UK or plan to visit soon and need to visit proficient healthcare, always remember that HCRG Care is the one care facility you can trust.

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