Eezy Finland Recruitment Agency Reviews: What You Need to Know

Eezy Finland Recruitment Agency
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Are you thinking of moving to Finland to work? Well, if you are, it’s only right that you check out some of the staffing agencies in Finland. And this article discusses all you need to know about Eezy – one of  Finland’s top recruitment agencies. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Eezy Finland’s recruitment agency (how they work, areas they cover, fees, pros and cons).

About Eezy Finland Recruitment Agency

Eezy was founded by Mauno Savolainen in 1988. They deem themselves as one of Finland’s most versatile recruitment companies, and they are knowledgeable about Finnish working life from Hanko to Utsjoki. 

Eezy recruitment agency offers services in various sectors from buildings to industry, logistics, restaurants, and stores. The agency always has a solution for your business, whether you are looking for a trustworthy leased employee. 

They assist with recruitment and personalized training or if you wish, for example, they can help you to balance seasonal fluctuations through outsourcing. Additionally, Eezy clients also include the State of Finland, municipalities, municipal federations, parishes, foundations, and organizations.

At Eazy, job seekers and job providers are connected. Flexible working models, credible employee leasing, and organizational growth are their motivating factors. Eezy recruitment agency’s services will enable you and your company to succeed. 

They have one of the largest networks of offices in Finland’s recruitment industry (Source:). Their years of experience and distribution enable them to understand the local business environment.

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Service Areas

  • Staff leasing services
  • Recruitment services such as executive searches, aptitude assessments, and outplacement employment
  • Staff research, training, and development services
  • Business management consulting and coaching
  • Company culture plan
  • Employment services such as training, tutoring, integration, counseling, and rehabilitation services
  • Light entrepreneur services for private individuals
  • Preparatory classes for upper secondary school pupils and other students

Eezy recruitment agency includes the parent company, Eezy Plc, and its associates. Eezy’s business operations are divided into two sectors: The Staffing Services business unit as well as the Professional Services business unit.

The company always has jobs available in several interesting sectors! When you use this company, you are guaranteed to get a job quickly and easily,  candidates can apply for several different roles with one application.

Prospective candidates seeking a job can also get employment for a either short or longer duration depending on what they want. As a leased worker, you can conveniently choose your work shifts, earn extra income when you need it and effortlessly gain various work experience. 

Part of the things that make Eezy Finland recruitment agency credible is that they train their workers carefully and offer employees a personal contact person to whom they submit all matters related to their work. Furthermore, this company employs over 32,000 people in 52 cities in a year. (Reference)

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Advantages of Working as a Leased Employee

  1. Work flexibly
  2. Earn extra income when you need it
  3. Gain diverse work experience
  4. It is a myth that leased employees have poorer pay or benefits.

Recruitment Sectors In Eezy 

Now we will examine several recruitment sectors in which this organization provides hiring services. 

1. Industrial sector

A lot of these industrial sector customers operate in the metal, forest, and food enterprises. Various industrial jobs are found in factories, engineering workshops, repair shops, or other related industries.

Individuals working in industrial positions are usually professionals in the metal, electrical, telecom IT systems, or HVAC systems industries. The most common job roles are machinist, electrician, factory worker, or even production worker, but the roles in the industrial sector are different, they range from project management to the cleaning and maintenance of facilities.

2. Construction 

Eezy works in close partnership with the largest construction corporations in Finland and has a wide range of construction fieldwork available. Jobs in the construction industry are usually found on construction sites where new buildings are being erected or old ones are being remodeled.  

Construction sector careers range from actual construction work to jobs like excavation, mixing of concrete, and work supervision duties. Common job titles include building assistant, supervisor, construction laborer, and woodworker. 

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3. Logistics

There will always be available jobs in the logistics sector and they will continue to arise as a result of the increased popularity of online retail, digital storage solutions, and enhanced human and goods traffic. Seasonal shifts are normal and it is balanced with staff leasing.  

The logistics industry provides different positions ranging from sales to transport and from warehousing to tracking orders.  Common job titles are warehouse manager, driver, collector, and logistics manager.

4. Service industries

As a leased worker, you can always select the shifts you want and take time off whenever you wish. Because of the long opening hours of restaurants and shops, both long and short shifts are convenient at about any time of day. Eezy recruitment agency’s mobile application promotes immediate and efficient allocation of shifts and recording of hours covered. Employees can also see the pay for the shifts as they work. 

Eezy is well-informed about its customers and the jobs they provide. The company provides a large number of shifts for temporary employees. A large portion of the company’s temporary employees in the service industry get permanent employment with their client companies. Eezy’s provisional workers are important and valued staff, and their client companies have a good work environment.

Eezy recruitment agency has made it easy to get jobs in Finland. The goal of this company is to help candidates succeed as well. They are proud of their workers and are always on the lookout for motivated individuals who are to work with this company.  

5. Hotel, restaurant, tourism and event sector (HORECA)  

Eezy employs thousands of individuals a year for various fascinating and different jobs in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism fields. The jobs are usually flexible provisional or seasonal jobs. They hire experts for permanent jobs.

The company also provides jobs in several positions in the industry, such as chefs, waiters, dishwashers, catering employees, bar staff, assistants, and receptionists. Eezy offers work in promotions, trade fairs, festivals, or event construction.  

Workers have a great opportunity to learn and evolve by working in a genuine environment, even with no prior experience or training. If need be, Eezy Recruitment Agency will handle the training, orientation, and updating of the necessary permits or licenses. 

Temporary work as a leased worker provides you the liberty to plan a career that is perfect for you, the company offers work nationwide every year. 

6. Commerce 

When it comes to commerce, this recruitment company is the largest operator in Finland. The commerce sector offers different employment and you can improve your skills if you wish to do so. With the help of their company, you can get employment in any position in the commerce field as a cashier, service desk employee, customer service representative, or even an online commerce collector. 

Through Eezy, you can get retail jobs nationwide throughout the year. The company functions in more than 100 localities in the country, and its client base comprises regional co-operative retailers and 700 K-Group grocery shops. We have a detailed orientation program for workers and further training is delivered in association with their clients.   

7. Office work

Lastly, the organization provides office employment for periods of differing duration, flexibly. Seasonal workers are required, usually for projects and to cover occasional absences, study or family vacations, or job rotation intervals. 

Normal office positions include assistants, executive assistants, project coordinators, and several financial administration roles such as accountants and payroll clerks. Employment is available regularly for professionals such as marketing coordinators or human resources specialists.  

Eezy is also well-versed in recruiting and providing stand-ins for specialist and managerial workers. The company always considers your abilities, competencies, and interests.

Conclusions on Eezy Finland Recruitment Review

So we just provided you with everything there is to know about Eezy Finland recruitment agency, if you’d love to contact them, reach out to them on their website today to get started. 



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