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The UK house over 1148 hospitals, which include NHS Trust-managed hospitals and other private hospitals and caregiving homes. Among these numbers, Greensleeves Care was named among the top 20 Care Groups running for the 6th year in the UK in 2023, out of 992 reviews received across 28 care homes by You will find out why as we proceed.

In this review, we will look into the specific services offered by this great care home, “Greensleeves Care” that stand out from the others. This company review also discusses not only its top services but also its core values and principles that guide the Greensleeves Care services. Let’s dive right in.


About Greensleeves Care

“We never forget we are guests in our residents’ homes and we consider ourselves to be privileged to share those homes with them.”

Website: Greensleeves Care

Greensleeves Care is a leading not-for-profit care provider in the UK, with over 27 care homes across England offering 24-hour care to older people. It was founded in 1997 replacing the small family of care homes that was then run by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS). 

Therefore, over the years since its existence, Greensleeves Care continues to uphold its key values in rendering nothing short of quality care, with a strong emphasis on both residents and staff.

Hence, Greensleeves Care is committed to its principal role as well as ensuring staff are offered the best working environment. This includes paying its staff the Real Living Wage, and exceeding the national minimum wage to ensure a fair and competitive rate. 

In addition, Greensleeves Care also prioritizes resident involvement. This is peculiar as it encourages patients to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Additionally, they have a dedicated dementia specialist on staff to provide support to residents and their families.


2023: Named among the top 20 Large Care Home Group Awards for 2023

2018: Named Best Charity Care organization by Which? (the country’s official Consumer Association)

Rating: 9.6 out of 10 rating on independent care reviews platform

Core Values Guiding Greensleeves Care

homepage Greensleeves

Greensleeves Care operates with its values, serving as a compass to its duties. They believe in:

1. Respect and dignity for all residents

Greensleeves Care treats every individual with the utmost respect, valuing their unique history, preferences, and independence as is customary in any healthcare center.

2. Staff Investment

They go beyond the national minimum wage, paying the Real Living Wage to ensure their staff feel valued and can provide the best possible care.

3. Residents Empowerment

In addition to providing comfortable and accommodating residential buildings for its wards, Greensleeves Care is a champion for resident involvement. They allow residents to have a say in everything from menu choices to activity planning, residents have a say in their lives.

4. Openness and Transparency

Greensleeves Care believes in clear communication and accountability, hence, they always keep families informed and involved in the progress of their patients, every step of the way.


Core Services offered by Greensleeves Care 

At Greensleeves Care, you get a complete offer of tailored services to cater to your specific needs. They offer both short-term respite care, full-time residential care, and even care guide calls. Their services include:

1. Residential care

With this special service, Greensleeves Care provides comfortable and safe environments catering to long-term living service, with onsite nursing staff and 24/7 care.

2. Dementia Care

They provide specialized support and activities which are tailored to individual needs, in dedicated dementia-friendly units.

3. Respite Care

If you don’t want permanent care, Greensleeves Care is still a great choice to consider. They offer short-term stays to give family caregivers a break while their loved ones receive quality care.

4. End-of-life Care

If you have a loved one going through their last days due to a terminal illness, Greensleeves Care offers special end-of-life care to make the process easy and bearable for loved ones and family members.

5. Care Guide Advice

With this service, Greensleeves Care provides valuable resources covering different care concerns to help people searching for knowledge regarding caregiving. The top themes covered in this advice section include the following; Care at home, care home, health, dementia, and Finance. 


Why Choose Greensleeves Care?

In a sea of care providers, what sets Greensleeves Care apart? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Compassionate and skilled team: Their staff are passionate about senior care, receiving ongoing training and development to provide the highest standard of service.
  • Resident-centered approach: Every decision revolves around resident well-being and happiness, respecting their choices and individuality.
  • Commitment to quality: They consistently exceed industry standards, achieving top ratings in independent inspections.
  • Open and welcoming environment: Care homes are designed to feel like home, with regular events and activities to foster a sense of community.
  • Peace of mind for families: Knowing your loved one is in such capable and caring hands brings immeasurable comfort.

Locations of Greensleeves Care homes

Greensleeves Care caters to 27 exceptional care homes acrose different regions in England. Below is a quick overview:

  • Bedfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • London
  • East Sussex
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Isle of Wight
  • Kent,
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk, Warwickshire
  • Midlands
  • Wiltshire.
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Contact information 

Name Greensleeves Care
Company TypeNonprofit.
Phone020 7793 1122
Contact details Greensleeves Care138 CheapsideLondon EC2V 6BJ
Company Size501-1,000 employees
Greensleeves Care Review: Company Information


Greensleeves Care comprises a community of dedicated and professional caregivers who are committed to blessing lives with their generous acts of kindness. They offer different services tailored to your specific needs, and their terms are very negotiable. If you’re searching for a place where compassion meets exceptional care, Greensleeves Care might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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