Jooble Job Board Review: History, How to Use it, Pros and Cons

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In this post, we are going to review – one of the world’s most popular and reliable job aggregators of the 21st century. This platform along with the likes of Fasthire, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor has helped to simplify the job search process.

Standing tall amongst a sea of other job boards both old and new, Jooble has set itself aside as one of the job aggregators that consolidates the latest job postings from thousands of sources into one centralized platform.

History of Jooble Job Board

The history of is an inspiring one. The story can be traced to Roman Prokofiev and Eugene Sobakarev, two Ukrainian students who had the vision of creating the “Google for job search“, this was long before Google started their job aggregator (Google for Job Search) in 2017. The vision which began in 2006 materialized into, and ever since then, Jooble has grown to become one of the top 10 job search websites in terms of traffic globally.

How Jooble Works and Countries Covered by Jooble

Jooble works by aggregating job listings from over 140,000 sources around the web and 67 as of 2023. 1 empowers job seekers to find jobs in the following continents:

  1. Oceania
  2. Africa
  3. North and South America
  4. Asia and the Middle East
  5. Europe

How to Use Jooble

The company has ensured to stay at the forefront of innovation and user-friendly developments for its platform users. Hence, it spends a lot of money ensuring that it maintains a simple and user-friendly interface for its users.

How to Use Jooble to Find a Job

Jooble Job Board Review
Jooble Job Board Review

If you’re a job seeker interested in getting the latest job updates and possibly increasing your chances of getting hired faster, then you should consider Jooble. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Jooble effectively:

Step 1: Create an Account

To sign up on Jooble is 100% free and you also have access to Jooble’s full features.

Step 2: Refine Your Search

As stated earlier, Jooble ensures user-friendliness, so the platform utilizes different options that can help ease your use of the platform. You can utilize the search bar to filter jobs to suit your interests based on location, industry, keyword, salary range, and other criteria.

Step 3: Explore Job Categories

Jooble aggregates jobs from different categories including on-site, remote, contract, visa sponsorship, volunteering, internships, etc. So, you need to personalize Jooble’s extensive job categories to discover the opportunities within your interest.

Step 4: Apply for Jobs

Once you see a job that suits you, apply for it immediately. Remember that hundreds of other people are applying for the same job that you’re applying for. So, don’t hesitate once you see a job you like before it closes.

Step 5: Set Up Alerts

If you didn’t find any job that met your interest, you can set up job alerts to receive notifications for new positions that meet your interests.

How to Use Jooble for Job Posting | How to Post a Job on Jooble

If you’re an employer, headhunter, recruiter, etc, you can reach a global talent pool through Jooble. Here’s a guide to help you.

  • Step 1: Create an Employer Account
  • Step 2: Fill Out Job Details
  • Step 3: Set Pricing
  • Step 4: Review and Submit
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How Jooble Makes Money

The two confirmed ways that Jooble makes a profit are through paid job posting and advertising fees. Traffic Analytics

According to SimilarWeb analysis, Jooble is among the top 10 most visited job boards in the world. The site also gained over 37 million visits monthly as of November 2023. 2

Pros and Cons of Using Jooble Job Board

Has a user-friendly interface and search function.Heavily reliant on external sources.
Vast pool of data sourcesHas the potential for duplicate content
Global partner of LinkedIn 3Relies on external job sources for the application process.

Our Verdict on Legitimacy after Jooble Job Board Review

1. Jooble is Legit

From our findings, Jooble is legit. They are not just a website; they have a registered company in Ukraine with real workers and a physical presence. The company is registered and headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, our research also shows that the company has a physical location in Cyprus.

How to Contact Jooble

  • Legal Name: Jooble
  • Address: Griva Digeni St., Panayides Bldg., Office 203, Limassol 3035 Cyprus
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 011 (44) 20-3239-2317
  • Website:

2. Jooble is Safe

As an online platform, a lot of people might be sceptical about using them because of fear of fraud, data scrapping, or data bridge. However, none of that should bother you, as the website is secure and Jooble doesn’t sell their client data to third-party users.

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