Best Australia Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies

Best Australian overseas teaching recruitment agencies
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A recruiting agency is a business that provides suitable candidates for companies or employers. They connect or partner people in search of a job with employers who have vacancies and they act as middlemen to employers who are in search of candidates to fill a vacant job position.

In this article, we provide valid information on the best Australian overseas teaching recruitment agencies for foreign teachers and why you need their services.

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Why Teaching Recruitment Agencies are Important in Australia 

A recruiting agency can help you find a job either full-time or part-time. No matter what phase you’re in your career, they are 100% legit. They help with all inquiries and provide help with all negotiations.

Using a recruitment agency will be beneficial to you because you will have access to the best vacant schools around you with lesser stress, money, and time.

Education recruitment agencies are highly professional and pleasant to work with. They provide additional services like encouragement, advice, and support. They provide project support, executive search, and support in advertising design and placement.

Do Recruitment Agencies Require Fees?

Yes, recruitment agencies require a fee. Recruitment agencies are like any other business. They will charge money for their services. Most agencies charge only the employers for their recruiting fee while most charge the employees 10% to 25% of their wages.

Why Use Recruitment Agencies

There are certain benefits you can get while securing a teaching job through any Australian teaching recruitment agency. Some of these benefits are listed below

  1. These agencies help the employer have a good impression of you.
  2. Recruitment agencies save you time, money, and stress.
  3. They carry out all interviews on the employer’s behalf.
  4. Registration is free.
  5. They provide needed guidance and support.
  6. They provide the employer and employee a comprehensive knowledge of each other

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What are the Services of a Recruitment Agency in Australia?

Teaching Recruitment agencies in Australia provide a variety of services. From connecting employers and employees to providing the best CVs and resumes for the employees. They advertise designs and placement.

Although not all teaching recruitment agencies offer training and development programs, they make an effective search for jobs that best suit your profile while making recommendations/referrals.

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Best Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies in Australia 

Here is a list of the best overseas teaching recruitment agencies in Australia:

  1. Inspired Recruitment
  2. Smart teachers Brisbane
  3. Engage Education
  4. Murdock education recruitment 
  5. Nurture Education Australia 
  6. Pure teach
  7. Trade wind international 
  8. SeekTeachers
  9. Anzuk Education 
  10. Frontline recruitment education.

1. Inspired Recruitment

They specialize in recruiting teachers for sectors in early childhood, primary school, secondary school, and tertiary education. By employing a dynamic, captivating, and enlightening initial digital interview platform, Inspired empowers candidates to effectively present their experiences, skill sets, and personal styles. You can reach on +61 (0)2 8355 7303, +61 (0)3 9021 8654,,

Website: Inspired Recruitment.

Address: Suite 13.02, 84 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Address: Suite 12, Level 10, 530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000.

2. Smart Teachers in Brisbane: 

Smart Teachers Brisbane is an international employment agency that recruits, supplies, and transfers outstanding teachers. They help educators find jobs throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia in any kind of school (whether primary, secondary, government, or catholic school). You can reach Smart Teachers Brisbane by phone: at +61 7 3112 8566, Email: at, or through their official website.

Physical Address: Level 3/127 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia 

3. Engage in Education:

Engage Education is an education award-winning recruitment agency that connects with schools to place quality teachers and support staff. They support teachers and staff in finding jobs in schools across Australia. Contact Engage Education by phone: 0333 800 7800, Email:, or through their official website.

Physical Address: Watford Meridian House. 69-71 Clarendon Road. Watford. WD17 1DS. 

4. Murdock Education Recruitment 

Murdock Education Recruitment specializes in providing permanent and contract professionals to school care/day care. This agency is into creating employment opportunities for teachers who enjoy taking care of young children. Learn more about Murdock education recruitment by phone: (08) 9227 8084, Email Address, or via their official website.

 Address: 526 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010. Australia.

5. Nurture Education Australia

Nurture Education is a recruitment agency that specializes in placing teachers and supporting staff to secure CRT, contract work, and permanent roles in secondary and primary schools or universities. They are one of the best Australian overseas teaching recruitment agencies. You can find out more about them by phone: at +61 401 553 696, Email address, or their official website.

Address: 36-38 Gipps St, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066.

6. Pure Teach

Pure Teach is an international education recruitment and consultancy that finds qualified teachers with a teaching license or registration and partners with established international schools. They are one of the best Australia overseas teaching recruitment agencies. Learn more about Pure Teach recruitment through phone: +61 468 949 651, or via their official website.

Address: Level 2/41 Montana RD, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218 Australia 

7. Trade Wind International 

Trade Wind International is one of the best Australian overseas teaching recruitment agencies. This recruitment agency specializes in finding permanent teaching jobs in an international school for teachers. They match teachers and support staff by placing them in the right role. Learn more about Trade Wind International by phone: at +61 1800 192 195, Email Address, or via their official website.

Address: Trade Wind Australia level 20, 303 Collins St, Melbourne Vic, 3000.

8. SeekTeachers 

SeekTeachers is an international education recruitment consultancy that provides teaching jobs for professionals in nurseries, colleges, secondary, and universities. You can find out more about them by phone: +971 72 212 613, or their official website.

Address: 26 York Street, London W1U 6PZ United Kingdom.

9. Anzuk Education 

Anzuk Education is a recruitment agency that specializes in placing educators and supporting staff in different Education settings across Australia and the UK. They are one of the best Australian overseas recruitment agencies. They usually match their profile with the job and find them the best placements. You can find out more about them by phone: +61 3 9249 2444, Email, or their official website.

Address: 2 – 4 Down Street, Collingwood, Vic. Australia 3066.

10. Frontline Recruitment Education 

Frontline Recruitment Education is a recruitment group that specializes in providing valuable information to their clients by finding purposeful roles for them in daycare, university, or health.

Learn more about Frontline recruitment education through phone: +61 410 819 431, Email Address, or via their official website.

Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a teacher in Australia?

The average salary of teachers is $89,836.

Can recruitment agencies help get jobs in Australia?

Yes, they can. You can find out how in the overview above.

Are recruitment agencies in Australia free?

Depending on the agency, some are non-profit organizations created to help teachers.

Do I need to process a work visa to work in Australia?


Do I need to pass an English proficiency test?

English tests are the requirements for teaching in Australia.


Recruitment agencies make securing jobs easier. Teaching jobs in Australia are reputable, and hiring the best agency will get you a teaching job faster. We hope this overview gives you the best answers to your questions. 


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