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Teaching is one of the most beneficial professions which helps in increasing growth, skills, experience, and understanding. The role of a teacher is to help provide instructions and information that assist students to understand and learn more. However, most people claim that teaching is a challenging profession, and it demands lots of dedication, which isn’t false at all because most times teachers have anxiety about being effective enough because of their student’s behaviour.

The conviction to become a teacher comes differently, but once you get into the profession, you can easily create a successful career for yourself. As a teacher, you will have lots of opportunities to collaborate, and also you get the chance to witness real growth.

If you have decided to become a teacher and have gained the necessary qualifications to work as one, you can either job-hunt personally or work with trusted organizations that aid candidates to secure job opportunities. Whichever method you apply has its pros and cons, but this post will focus on using teaching recruitment agencies. But, first things first, you need to understand why teaching recruitment agencies are important.

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Why Education Recruitment Agencies Are Important

Having agencies in a teaching career is a headline in the educational settings, but exactly what is an agency?

A recruitment agency is an organization that provides services and assists people in getting jobs. Unlike other professions, to become a teacher in Canada, you need a good recruitment agency because agencies are important in the educational system. Teachers who hire recruitment agencies in their teaching careers usually get the best jobs.

The advantages of using educational recruitment agencies as a teacher are that you get new certifications, and they also give you access to students’ growth. It also makes you educate students constructively and purposefully.

It’s no secret that education agencies give teachers the benefits to inspire and motivate students, and help students learn activities that are relevant and useful in their education system and their future. More so, education agencies are approved to monitor and oversee the education system and services of students.

Advantages of Using Recruitment Agencies to Apply for Teaching Jobs

One of the main reasons for you to apply for a teaching job in Canada through an education agency is the benefits you will get and also, you’ll be provided with job satisfaction and experience. Working with an agency means the schools are covering the bases, and schools only advertise vacancies through a recruitment agency, so it can only be easy for you to get a job through an agency.

In addition, if you have a recruitment agency that has it right and is also good at their job, they will provide you with support in questions or problems you may have right from the second you registered with their agency. Working with a recruitment agency provides you with knowledge, experience, support, time-saving, and benefits. All of which will enable you to work as a teacher in Canada.

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Do Recruitment Agencies in Canada Require Fees?

Yes, and no. Some Recruitment agencies do not require payment. The fee they receive is a retainer fee (the fees paid to someone or an organization to make them available or ready to do work for you). Why some recruitment agencies are just like any other businesses, they charge you about 10-35%. Most recruitment agencies that receive payment are to connect people with employers or companies.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada 

Here is the of best teaching recruitment agencies in Canada that are always available to work for you.

  1. GEPSI consultancy 
  2. Engage education teaching agency Canada 
  3. merit services ltd education agent
  4. Prospero teaching 
  5. Adventure teaching 
  6. international teachers plus 

1. GEPSI Consultancy

GEPSI Consultancy is one of the best education agencies in Canada that have provided thousands of students and teachers visa. We also know GEPSI consultancy as a renowned visa consultant in Canada that takes care of all the questions or problems you might undergo while getting a visa.

Contact: +919909955949 

2. Engage Education Teaching Agency Canada

Engage education agency is among the Best Canadian overseas teaching recruitment agencies that help international teachers move, and also, they partners with schools to place excellent and experienced teachers. Visit Engage education Teaching Agency Canada official Page HERE.

Phone: 855 636 4243

Address:18 King Street East, Suite 1400 Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

3. Merit Services Education Agent 

Merit services is an education agency that provides expert and excellent services in migration and education. They provide staffing solutions in teaching, information technology, and staffing services in transportation.  Visit Merit Services Education Agency HERE.


Address:7880 Keele St. Unit 206, Concord, ON L4K 4G7.

Phone: +1 289-378-5341, +1 289-378-5345

4. Prospero Teaching 

Prospero Teaching is also one of the Best Canadian overseas teaching recruitment agencies. They supply international teachers’ jobs in Canada for various applicants. In addition, Prospero teaching offers lots of benefits (they include guaranteed pay, accommodation, help, relocation cash bonus, and social events) Prospero teaching is in Toronto, Canada. Contact Prospero teaching via their official page.

Address: 401 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5H2Y4


Phone: 416-646-6611

5. Adventure Teaching

Adventure teaching is a great recruitment agency that offers you a life-changing opportunity to teach abroad. They might not be in control of everything but they are 100% legit. Adventure teaching involves (travel, teaching, and earning). They are in Vancouver, Canada. Visit Adventure Teaching official page HERE.

Phone: 778-379-6133

Toll free number: 1-844-597-3064


Address: 2-228 west 5thavenue Vancouver BC, V5Y 1J4

6. International Teachers Plus

International teachers plus are an employment agency in Ottawa, Canada. They are one of the Best Canadian overseas teaching recruitment agencies. They base on placing teachers and helping them connect with top international schools in Canada. Visit international teachers plus’ official website HERE.

Address: KANATA RESEARCH PARK 300 March Road Suite 201, Ottawa, Ontairo, Canada K2k 2E2.

Phone: +1-613-592-5858


How Canada Recruits Overseas Teachers

Here are means in which teachers are recruited into Canada:

1. Express Entry 

Express entry is an online system used by the Canadian government, it is one of the fastest and most reliable ways for you to go to Canada. This system allows immigration to Canada, and it is free to create an express entry profile.

2. Economic immigration 

If you wish to become a permanent resident in Canada, then economic immigration is for you. Economic immigration, also known as the permanent resident program, involves professional or skilled workers who have Canadian skills or work experience to immigrate easily to Canada.

3. Business immigration

business immigration is also an easy way for you to migrate to Canada. If you’re an investor or an entrepreneur, then this program is for you because business immigration is for experienced investors and entrepreneurs.

4. Sponsorship 

to receive sponsorship to come to Canada, you must be married or sponsored by your boyfriend, girlfriend, employer, or your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are teachers recruited in Canada? 

As a teacher, you can teach in Canada if you have a Bachelor’s degree in education and also if you have earned your teaching license.

Is it hard to find a teaching job in Canada? 

Yes, finding a job in Canada as an immigrant is hard because most Canadian schools or employers prefer workers who have Canadian skills and experience, but if you have strong references, it can be easy for you to get a job in Canada.

Is certification required before you’re recruited as a teacher in Canada?

Yes, a bachelor’s degree, a teaching license, and a provincial certificate are required.

What does a teacher recruitment agency do? 

A teacher recruitment agency provides offers of complete service recruitment to vacant schools. They also provide support and help teachers with lessons and exams.

What are the Best Canada overseas teaching recruitment agencies?

We have listed some of the best Canada overseas teaching recruitment agencies in this overview.


Many teaching recruitment agencies in Canada allow international teachers to fulfill their dreams. Recruitment agencies will help you get the best placements in Canada. We hope this overview of the Best Canada overseas teaching recruitment agencies answers some of your questions.

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