Best UK Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies

Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies

Overseas teaching recruitment agencies, also known as international teacher recruitment agencies, are conversant with schools from around the world. They match skilled and adventurous candidates to their desired jobs. 

They are trained professionals who provide support and guidance to experienced candidates who are searching for long-term and permanent jobs. One benefit of hiring a recruiter is they talk with the school or employers about providing health insurance and allowances for food, flights, and housing.

Overseas teacher recruiters provide the link between schools that have vacancies for qualified candidates and teachers who are interested in searching for a new teaching role. These recruiters provide skills and guidance to candidates for travelling/relocation and faster hiring. They assist teachers with support by helping them apply for a visa and the important documents they need. 

The recruitment agency also provide necessary information about the school, country, and area to teachers. Having discussed overseas agencies, we have to know that recruitment agencies specialize in providing suitable candidates for employers who have a certain vacant position.

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How to become an international teacher in UK

To become an international teacher in the UK, you need to own a teaching license, gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by applying to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), and have a sponsor license or a graduate visa. The graduate visa is only eligible for people who completed their degree in the UK.  Teachers on a graduate visa will secure work easily at any experience or skill level in the UK. 

To teach in the UK, you need to prove yourself in speaking, writing, and reading in English. Pass an English proficiency test; this could be an IELTS, TOEFL, or other relevant tests. Although the requirement may vary, you need to understand the terms and conditions that come with teaching in the UK.

How recruitment agencies work in the UK

The UK is home to many recruitment agencies whereas not all provide great and reliable services. Looking for a teaching job internationally can be strength and time consuming and that is when recruitment agencies come into the spotlight. A recruitment agency will check out your profile, experiences, skills, and abilities, and match them with placements. You have the choice of saying no to the offer they provide. Usually, schools always have their needs for experienced teachers and that is why you need to update your resume occasionally.

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Skills needed to become a teacher in the UK

To be an outstanding teacher, you should have some of these qualities and skills:

  1. Patience and approachable 
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Disciplined 
  4. Enthusiastic and professional 
  5. Adaptable 
  6. Good listener 
  7. understanding 
  8. Leadership 
  9. Respectfulness 
  10. Interpersonal skills.

What foreign teachers earn in the UK

Teachers working in the United Kingdom enjoy significant benefits (benefits like accommodation, generous holidays, allowance, pension, health insurance, and a competitive salary). In England and Wales, their salary ranges from £25,714 and £32,157, in Northern Ireland, the minimum wage is £24,137 to £41,094 in Scotland the salary ranges from £32,994 to £41,412, in Northern Ireland the salary is between £24,137 to £41,094.

Best Overseas teaching recruitment agencies in the UK 

Here is a list of the Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies:

1. eTeach

eTeach is one of the Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies and also a leading agency in the UK. Unlike other agencies, they specifically created eTeach for teachers who are looking for jobs. They provide support for teachers/staff by helping them look for the latest jobs. You can reach them through their email, phone: 0845 226 1906, or via their official website.

Address: 1 Arlington Square Bracknell, England RG12 1, GB

2. Trade Wind Recruitment

Trade Wind Recruitment is one of the best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies. They offer foreigners looking for teaching jobs the opportunity to teach in the UK. It specializes in providing primary and secondary teachers and school support staff. Learn more about Trade Wind Recruitment through their email, phone:44 203 920 9344, and official website.

Address: 40 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3UD.

3. Engage Education

Engage education is one of the Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies. There are offices in the UK, Canada, and other countries. It is focused on helping teachers globally. They upload vacancies for teaching jobs on their web and you can easily contact them on their official website.

4. Vibe Teacher Recruitment:

With positive reviews on their website, we consider vibe teacher recruitment one of the Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies. They are keen on finding you the best placement that matches your profile. You can reach them by phone (+44203665000) or apply on their official website.

5. Approach people recruitment:

Approach people recruitment is one of the best international recruitment agencies. They recruit foreign teachers into the UK and also get them the best jobs that suit their careers. They recruit through social media like LinkedIn. Learn more about this agency through its official website.

6. iCAN

iCAN is a reputable recruitment agency in the UK. They specialize in helping teachers from other countries gain employment in the UK. Through their official page, you will get to find recent job opportunities for international teachers. Visit their official page today.

7. MAS recruiting

Mas recruiting is known for providing the best services in the UK. Individuals looking forward to teaching in the UK can consider using the services of MAS recruiting. They are reliable. You can contact them via phone at +441189588383 or through their official website.

Address: 114 London St, Reading RG1 4SJ, United Kingdom

8. Uteach Recruitment

Uteach is one of the Best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies. They pride themselves on delivering one of the best services in the UK. Uteach offers foreigners the opportunity to get the jobs they seek and indulge them in training related to their jobs. You can contact Uteach by phone at +441236442380 or through their official website. Address: N caldeen rd, Coatbridge ML5 4EF, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary of a teacher in the UK?

The average salary of teachers in the UK is £45,673.

Can recruitment agencies help get jobs in the UK?


Are recruitment agencies in the UK free?

Depending on the agency, some are non-profit organizations created to help teachers.

Do I need to process a work visa to work in the UK?


Do I need to pass an English proficiency test?



International teachers can now get jobs in the UK with the help of the best UK overseas teaching recruitment agencies. The listed recruitment agencies are easy to access and are quite reliable. We hope our overview is a guide to your questions.


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