Best Korean Recruitment Agencies That Recruit Foreign Workers

Best Recruitment Agencies in Korea

Korean Recruitment Agencies are agencies that help foreign workers gain employment in Korea.

A better standard of living,  change of environment, and schooling are some of the reasons people migrate to Korea. South Korea has opportunities for foreigners in different sectors.  These opportunities are what attract foreign workers to seek employment in the country.

Job search in Korea can be done through different channels. Some of these channels are newspapers, recruitment agencies, consular services, bi-national chambers of commerce, internet research, and word-of-mouth from friends or relatives in the country.

This article explains how to approach a potential employer in Korea, the types of work visas and what they are meant for, and lists some of the Korea recruitment agencies. 

Approaching A Potential Employer

In Korea, having your business card is quite a common practice. The aim of this card is for easy identification and access. This card can have just your name, contact email, and phone number on it.  You must print your details in the Korean alphabet. To do this, you can print on both sides of the card; one side in English and the other in the Korean alphabet This’ll boost your chances of getting gainful employment. 

While giving the card to your potential employer, give the card with two hands and bow slightly to show respect. This Is because Koreans have high regard for respect. While receiving a handshake or a card from an older person, do so with two hands. 

Work Visa Requirements For Korea

Korea’s a country with no interaction between the two parts. South Korea has nothing to do with North Korea and vice versa. This means that they have nothing in common with each other.

North Korea Visa (DPRK)

North Korea’s a country where you can’t just enter alone. To enter North Korea, you’ve to be a tourist or a diplomat. A foreigner is not allowed to move freely in the country without a tour guide.

North Korea’s a country highly regimented by the Government. The Government monitors what a foreigner sees or hears in the country. This high level of restriction leads to low foreign visitation.

North Korean Visas are printed on a separate piece of paper and aren’t attached to your passport. To apply for your visa, you need a filled-out DPRK visa application form (online), a photocopy of your passport, and a passport-style photo. When entering the country you are to have on you: your printed copy of your flight or train tickets, your passport, and your North Korean Visa.

South Korean Work Visa

South Korean Work Visas and permits are applied for by the employer. On confirmation of the visa, the Ministry of Justice issues a Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI). This certificate, alongside the relevant visa application form, is submitted to the South Korean Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country.

Types of Work Visas

Work visas are valid for 1 year and then renewed every year. There are different types of work visas in South Korea:

E-1 Professor Visa:

This is for expats who want to give lectures or carry out research in their field at a college-level education facility. It’s a multiple-entry option valid for one year and employees can renew it at 1-year intervals.

E-2 Foreign Language Instructor:

This is for expats who want to teach a foreign language at a company, broadcast station-owned school, elementary school, middle school, or high school. It’s a multiple-entry visa valid for 2 years and has a 2 years interval renewal.

E-3 Research Visa:

This is for expats researching natural sciences or advanced technology through an invitation by a public or private institution. It is a multiple-entry visa with 1-year validity and can be renewed every year.

E-4 Technological Guidance Visa:

This is for expats with unmatched experience in science and technology when invited by a public or private organization. It has a multiple-entry version that’s valid for 1 year and has a yearly renewal interval. It also has a single entry which has 3 months validity and a yearly interval renewal.

E-5 Special Profession Visa:

This is for architects, lawyers, physicians, accountants, and more who are internationally licensed and have permission from the South Korean Government to practice in their chosen field. It has the option of a multiple-entry visa valid for 1 year and 1-year renewal intervals or a single-entry visa to stay for 3 months.

E-6 Culture and Art Visa:

This is for expats with musical, artistic, or literary backgrounds. It is a multiple-entry visa valid for 1 year and has a yearly renewal interval.

E-7 Specially Designed Activities Visa:

Expats use this visa when they participate in activities the Korean Ministry of Justice designed through a public or private organization. It has the option of a multiple-entry visa valid for 1-3years and can be renewed at 1-3 years intervals or a single-entry visa valid for 3 months and can be renewed yearly.

D-5 Long Term News Coverage Visa:

This is meant specially for reporters working in foreign media such as broadcasting, newspapers, etc. It is valid for 3 months and can be renewed yearly.

Visa Application Requirements 

The requirements to be used for the applications are:

  • Completed application form
  • Original passport and copies
  • Coloured passport-style photo
  • Copy of the employment contract
  • Educational and Professional Certificates
  • Criminal record
  • Recommendation Letter
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South Korea Recruitment Agencies Recruiting Foreign Workers

Here, we have listed the top Korean recruitment agencies recruiting foreign workers with good track record and efficiency.. 

  1. Energy Recruiting
  2. OK Recruiting
  3. Reed Specialist Recruitment
  4. AirSwift
  5. HRnetOne
  6. JAC Recruitment Korea
  7. Robert Walters

1. Energy Recruiting

About: Energy Resourcing Is a leading supplier of specialist,   professional, and engineering resources. They provide staffing services to the Oil and Gas, Power & Renewable Energy, and Resource & Construction sectors. They are located in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the USA. Therefore Energy recruiting is the top Korean Recruitment Agencies recruiting foreigners.

Location: Starhills Oceancity, 11 Sodong 8-gil, Irum-Myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 53326, South Korea.

Contact: +821028687650


2. OK Recruiting

2nd on our list as the top Korean Recruitment Agencies is Ok Recruiting. This agency is a TEFL Job Placement /Recruiting Agency established in 2006. We specialize in placing qualified English teachers in various educational institutes in Korea and China. We believe in the accuracy of the information we provide and the straightforward approach to job placement.

Location: #2606, 85 Gwangnaru Ro 56 gil, Gwangjin gu, Seoul, South Korea/05116

Contact: +82.2.415.6743


3. Reed Specialist Recruitment Agency

About: The teams in Reed Korea recruit for a wide variety of jobs in Seoul and across Korea. We specialize in accounting and finance, engineering, human resources, procurement & supply chain, sales & marketing, and technology. Reed Specialist Recruitment Agency is the 3rd top Korean Recruitment Agencies recruiting foreigners.

Location: 6F, 458, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: +82 (0) 221872000


4. AirSwift Recruitment Agency

About: Airswift is a global workforce solutions provider to the energy, process, infrastructure, mining, and technology industries. For over 40 years, AirSwift has been transforming lives through the provision of international workforce solutions.


a) 1F 30 Okposeongan-ro Gyeongsangnam-do 53233, Geoje, South Korea

b) 6F & 9F 109 Munhyeon-ro Dong-gu Ulsan 44107, South Korea


a) +82556812680

b) +82(0)522922680


5. HRnetOne Recruitment Agency

About: HRnetOne was founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Singapore. HRnetOne has teams specializing in a wide spectrum of industries including Healthcare and Life Science, Retail and Sourcing, Consumer, Industrial & Chemical, Food Science, Automotive, Real Estate and Construction, Technology, and Communications. They also have functional practices in HR, Finance & Accounting, and Legal & Compliance.

Location: 22nd Floor, Morae Asset Center 1, East Tower, Euljin 5-Gil 26 Jung-gu, Seoul 04539, South Korea

Contact: +82-2-6030-8100


6. JAC Recruitment Korea

About: Founded in London in 1975, JAC Recruitment’s network now spans across 11 countries worldwide. With more than 1200 professional consultants globally, we specialize in placing high-caliber professionals with major multinational companies throughout Asia and beyond. As recruitment experts in our industries of operation, we offer 360º consulting for companies and job-seekers seeking new development opportunities.

Location: 615, East Wing Hanshin Intervalley 24 Teheran-ro 322, Gangnam-gu

Contact: +82(0)221830511


7. Robert Walters Recruitment Agency

About: Founded in Seoul in 2010, Robert Walters Korea employs full-time professionals in all industries including Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Information Technology, Human Resources, Retail & Consumer Goods, Medical Devices, Logistics & Purchasing, etc. We are expanding our business through rapid growth every year, and in recognition of our achievements, we received awards. 

Location: 21st Floor East Center, Center 1 Building 26 Euljiro 5 gil Jung-gu, Seoul 04539, Korea

Contact: +82(0)264547000


Conclusion on Korean Recruitment Agencies that Recruit Foreign Workers

Recruitment Agencies help make job applications faster. These agents, having been in the business of recruiting, get job opening updates. They also know how to apply for jobs in that country to position you properly. It is, therefore, advisable that you go through recruitment agencies when applying for jobs to improve your success rate.  

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