Top International Companies in Stockholm Sweden

Statistics record Sweden as the largest country in Northern Europe and the fifth largest country in Europe. This places it as one of the centers of attraction for investors, immigrants, and tourists. Sweden has a total population of about 10.4 million people and a nominal GDP of $528.929 billion. This makes Sweden fertile ground for investments, work, or business. 

From research, Sweden receives about 110,000 immigrants every year. These are people that come for different reasons which can include employment, business meetings, or even vacations. Interestingly, most of these people reside in the urban parts of the country. This includes cities like Gothenburg, Malmo, Lund, and the country’s capital, Stockholm.

Stockholm as the capital of Sweden is the largest city in Sweden. From statistics, Stockholm has a large number of both Swedish companies and international companies. These companies are there to serve the needs of both foreigners and citizens of the country.

In general, there are a lot of international companies in Sweden, but we have chosen to create this list of the top 10 international companies in Stockholm, Sweden. This article will cover the basic information you need to know about these companies and equally how to contact them.

We believe that whatever your reason is for looking for international companies in Stockholm Sweden, this article will provide you with great help.

But before you proceed, let’s look at some of the most sort after professionals and the highest-paying jobs in Sweden.

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The most sort after professionals in Sweden

Certain professionals would always find it easy to find jobs in Sweden than others. Most employers and recruitment agencies have a very specific interest in these professionals because of their high demand for them. 

  1. Architects 
  2. Engineers
  3. Construction workers
  4. Pharmacists
  5. Surveyors
  6. Healthcare assistants 
  7. Teachers
  8. Mid-wives
  9. Medical secretaries
  10. Interpreters
  11. Lawyers
  12. Dentists
  13. Firefighters
  14. Psychologists
  15. Prison officers
  16. Software developers
  17. Personal assistants 
  18. Carpenters
  19. Electricians
  20. Chefs

Highest paid professionals in Sweden

  1. Surgeons/Doctors:

Their monthly salary range is about $19.900 (168,000 SEK). There is so much risk involved in this job as these people have to deal with human lives.

  1. Judges:

They receive an average monthly salary of about $16,700 (141,000 SEK). This is another profession that is sort after in Sweden. It requires years of experience and training before anyone can be employed as a judge. These people determine what happens in the courtroom, and who goes free or not.

  1. Lawyers:

Their average monthly salary is about $13,500 (114,000 SEK). This falls under the most sort after professions in Sweden. Lawyers have a huge responsibility in representing people in the courts including preparing legal documents. 

  1. Bank Managers:

The average bank manager in Sweden earns about $12,600 (107,000 SEK) monthly. These people are responsible for both bank branches and the management of staff. Generally, their jobs are quite risky, as they have to oversee the management of finance.

  1. Chief Executive Officers (CEO): 

On average, the CEO earns about $12,000 (101,000 SEK) monthly. This is so because working as a CEO of an organization can be quite demanding. You have to manage and supervise both the leadership and administration of the organization.

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 Top 10 International Companies in Stockholm Sweden

1. Accenture PLC:

Accenture is a multinational company that offers professional services in IT and consulting. Founded in 1989 as Anderson Consulting, their name was later changed to Accenture in 2000. With about 624,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of $50.53 billion, Accenture has served the needs of millions of people all over the world. The headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, but they also have offices in other parts of the world and are considered a top international company located in Stockholm Sweden.



Number: +4684513000, +46442199889

Address: Alsotromergatan 12, Stockholm, Sweden, 112 47 

2. Google LLC: 

This is a very popular American-based multinational technology company with a specialty in cloud computing, advertising, artificial intelligence, internet, computer hardware/software, etc. Google was founded in 1998 as Google Inc but has since changed to Google LLC in 2017. Along with Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, they’re referred to as one of the five big information technology companies in America. Currently, with a staff strength of 139,995, Google is one of the top international companies with an office in Stockholm Sweden.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area

3. Bain and Company:

This is a reputable firm with over 48 years of active practice and expertise in management consulting.  Their expertise covers solving challenges in marketing, information technology, corporate finance, etc. With revenue of $4.5 billion, the staff strength of Bain and Company has grown to over 10,500 people. Bain and Company is an American company with over 59 branches all over the world. From our research, they are considered as one of the top international companies that are resident in Stockholm Sweden.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area

Number: +442079696480 (Aliza Medina)


4. Salesforce: 

Salesforce has over 22 years of experience/expertise in providing customer relationship management (CRM) services. They achieve this through cloud computing, IT consulting, and enterprise software. They also provide a platform for companies to make use of technologies such as social, voice, mobile, cloud, and artificial intelligence to interact with their clients and build trusted relationships. The integrated CRM platform by Salesforce: Salesforce 360 powered by AI, allows units like marketing, sales, IT, and analytics to stay united. Salesforce has its headquarters in California USA but is also regarded as one of the reputable firms located in Stockholm Sweden.



Location: SFDC Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +46 (0) 850573100

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5. Henkel: 

Henkel was founded in 1876 as a chemicals and consumer goods company with headquarters in Germany. They also have offices in different locations in Sweden including the country’s capital, Stockholm. In 2020, statistics showed that the company had a total of over 52,950 employees and a revenue of 19.250 euros. Henkel has various products to its credit such as laundry and cleaning products, sealants, adhesives, beauty care products, etc.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area.

Number: +46104807500, +46104807767

6. Procter and Gamble (P&G): 

This is a consumer goods multinational corporation. P&G has its headquarters in the USA and a host of other offices in other cities of the world including Stockholm Sweden. Their products cover cleaning agents, skincare, and personal care products. Founded in 1837, the company boasts a staff strength of over 101,000 and a revenue of $76.120 billion.



Location: Hangovagen 20 10254 Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: 46852808100, 46852808364

7. Valtech:

Valtech is a reputable company with a focus on the advertising and marketing industry. As a business transformation agency, its revenue has risen to $50million and the staff strength to about 4000 since it was founded in 1993. They have offices in over 17 countries, including Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, etc. The company’s office in Sweden is located in the country’s capital, Stockholm.



Location: Kungliga Myntet Hantverkargatan 5 112 21, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +46856223300


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8. Microsoft: 

Microsoft is a technology corporation that produces computer software, personal computers consumer electronics, etc. They are renowned for their products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suites, Internet Explorer, etc. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, with current revenue of $161 billion. 



Location: Microsoft Regeringsgatan 25 111 53 Stockholm, Sweden. 

Postbox Address: Microsoft AB, Box 3386 103 68, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number: +4687525600

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9. Schibsted:

Schibsted is an international media group with headquarters in Oslo Norway. It began as a publishing company but has since grown into a community of digital brands. Founded in 1839, Schibsted has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. With revenue of  NOK 16.9 billion and a staff strength of about 8000, they’re leading in online marketplaces, media, and technology ventures.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area

Number: +4723106600

10. Unilever PLC:

This British company with headquarters in London England is a consumer goods company. Unilever is renowned for its products like foods, ice creams, teas, cereals, cleaning agents, supplements, condiments, vitamins, toothpaste, etc. The company was founded in 1929 and has current revenue of 50,724 billion euros. With offices all over the globe, they have a total of over 155,000 employees nationwide.



Location: Stockholm, Sweden Area

Number: +46020780044   


We carefully created this list of the top 10 international companies in Stockholm Sweden to make your search easier. More so, If you make any investments or even work with these companies, you would be working with experienced experts in their fields. These companies have solid track records of delivering effective and efficient services to their customers around the globe. 

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