Best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies

USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies.

Although looking for a teaching job in USA as a foreigner can be exhausting and time-consuming, teaching recruitment agencies in USA has taken it upon themselves to be of help to this cause. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best USA teaching recruitment agencies and providing you with more insight on all.

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Why teaching recruitment agencies are important in USA?

As said earlier, job hunting can be tiring. However, as a teacher with a busy schedule, you can easily use the help of a recruitment agency. Some of these agencies will help match your resume with available offers. 

Recruitment agencies help you find the best job suitable for you unlike some online platforms that post job placements for different industries. Using recruitment agencies you get direct access to teaching jobs in the USA.

Here are few reasons recruiting agencies are important:

  1. They save time.
  2. You can easily rest knowing you will get the job.
  3. They cover a lot of legal risks.

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Requirement agency fee

Hiring a recruitment agency to get you a job does not come freely, although the required fee may vary from one agency to another.

Before signing up with a recruitment agency for a teaching job in the USA, understand the terms and conditions that come with it. While some agencies will charge you 5 to 15% of your salary/wages after hire, some recruitment agencies may charge you more. Although not all recruitment will charge you directly, some might charge you from the school you work with.

How recruitment agencies work

You might wonder how recruitment agencies work. Well, it is nothing to be concerned about. Recruitment agencies are available to persons looking for jobs. They are not to be mistaken for other job platforms. Because recruitment agencies use their resources to match your profile with what the school is looking for. And that is why getting a job through recruitment agencies is faster than others. 

As a teacher, looking out to study in the USA, consider hiring a recruitment agency for a faster process of getting a job.

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Best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies make getting a job easier. Here are the best USA overseas teaching recruitment agencies.

1. International School Services (ISS):

International schools services are one of the best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies. ISS has been helpful for the past 60 years. This recruitment agency is in the USA but helps thousands of people secure teaching jobs in the USA. 

They are a non-profit organization with connections to over 800 schools in different countries. Not only are they specialized in recruiting teachers from different countries, but they also invest their time in getting you the best offer. 

You have nothing to be afraid of when you decide to use the international schools services; they are reliable, with a high possibility of getting the best.

You can contact ISS through their Address: 15 Roszel Road, PO Box 5910, Princeton, NJ 08543. Phone: (609) 452-0990. Or visit their official page HERE.

2. Educational partners international (EPI):

Educational partners international is one of the Best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies. EPI is into recruiting teachers for k-12 placements in various schools across the USA. 

They are open to various subjects, so whether you are good at maths or other subjects, they will ask for your services. Their service is best for teachers who will share their knowledge and impact students with their culture.

If you are seeking a teaching job in the USA, consider the EPI recruitment agency. They are reliable and you can get the best placement through their services. 

Learn more about their service through their official website.

3. Search Associates

Search associate is one of the best international recruitment agencies. This agency is popular for its help to job seekers all over the world. Search associate came into the spotlight in 1990 and has been one of the best organizations that recruit teachers for the past 30 years. They are reliable and trustworthy. 

They’ll save you from wasting time and get you informed on the details to get you the best placement in the USA. Search associate is partnering with over 700 schools in the world and they are one of the largest staffing agencies in the USA. They have 20 offices in various countries. Learn more about their service through their official website.

4. Educational Directions, Inc

Educational Directions is a recruitment agency in Portsmouth. This agency helps teachers secure the best placements in the USA. They are in partnership with over 400 schools in the United States. 

You can contact this agency by phone at (401) 647-2794 or visit their official website.

5. The Education Group

The education group, pride themself as one of the best recruitment agencies for international teachers. Katherine Stuart established this agency in 1988. Not only has this agency helped teachers in the USA, but it has also helped international get the best jobs.

You can contact the education group by phone at (800) 369-9102 or through their official website.

6. eTeach

eTeach is an international recruitment agency that is best for recruiting teachers from different countries to the USA. Their platform offers unique access to teaching jobs, and they are free. Their platform will enable you to apply for jobs directly. You can reach them through their email:, phone: 01276674150, or via their official website.

How international teachers are recruited in the USA

Every year, thousands of teachers are being recruited into the USA, mostly through the use of overseas recruitment agencies. You need to understand some of these few details about how teachers are being recruited into the USA:

1. Get relevant skills needed for teaching

Having relevant skills for a job will increase your chances of being selected for a job. The skills required may be like the ones you are already familiar with.

2. Teaching certification/qualifications

Every job has its requirements, and teaching in the USA will also require earning a relevant certification. You need to earn a degree and get certified by the relevant teacher’s board that is recognized internationally.

3. J-1 cultural exchange visa

Once you get the job, you need to get a J-1 cultural exchange visa that will last for three years.

4. English language test

You also need to pass a recognized English proficiency test. Regardless of the subject/course, you will teach in the USA, and pass tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or any other related test.

5. Be available for an interview

Don’t limit the process that comes with securing a job to one phase as you will be required to be available for interview(s). The interview may be virtual or physical, depending on what the school asks for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a teaching job in the USA through recruitment agencies?

Yes, you can get a teaching job in the USA through recruitment agencies.

Are recruitment agencies in the USA free?

Depending on the agency, some are non-profit organizations created to help teachers.

Are recruitment agencies in the USA expensive?

No. They are not. You only have to understand their terms and conditions.

What are the Best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies?

We listed some of the best teaching recruitment agencies in this overview.

Do I need a work visa to teach in the USA?

Yes, you need a work visa to teach in the USA.


We hope this article has helped you understand how you can work in the USA as a teacher. Some of these recruitment agencies made things a lot easier for aspiring teachers, who wish to share their culture and knowledge with the students in the USA.


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