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If you wish to write a Public Health personal statement and you have no prior experience in the career either because you’re fresh from undergraduate studies or because you want a career change, you’ll find our Public Health Personal Statement without experience helpful.

We have provided this sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim because it has already been used. And fortunately for the applicant, he was accepted for the Public Health program.

Racism is a public health crisis.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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  7. Sheffield Hallam University
  8. Birmingham City University
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Sample Public Health Personal Statement Without Experience

Reflecting on the state of health in my country, I am forced to question if our people have the basic knowledge of public health, or if it’s just the societal issues like poverty, lack of government intervention that limit the application of proper public health principles in our communities. Coming from an xxxx background where we are faced with different types of diseases that are even unpopular in other xxxx, I believe we should be taking public health more seriously and dedicate more human and financial capital to strengthening this sector. I am a graduate of Microbiology from xxxx University, but as I take into consideration the future of my country and the profession which will give me the opportunity for more impact, I am now inclined to move towards the public health profession. Though a tough decision to choose between the science and art of disease prevention and the scientific study of micro-organism, I however draw strength from the understanding that public health is the field with more need of my contribution at this point.

My first introduction to public health came through a course in public health and epidemiology during my undergraduate studies. During the 6 weeks of this course, I was punctual and took keen interest as I listened to my lecturers expand on the importance of public health and the importance of primary care. I also got to learn about some of the major problems that public health practitioners were trying to solve and the challenges affecting the sector. In my fourth year in the university, I engaged in a 6 months undergraduate internship in a privately owned laboratory. Through this internship, I was able to gain knowledge of Haematology, patient management, sampling in the laboratory, and disease progression. More so, I developed research, teamwork, documentation, effective communication, proactive thinking, and time management skills. And, at the end of my training, I was able to identify gap areas in the laboratory services which I documented with suggestions for improvement and increased efficiency.

Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, I embarked on a personal study about the healthcare system in xxxx. Some of the problems I discovered that were affecting the effectiveness of this sector were, the lack of access to a good healthcare system, poor or devastating situation of healthcare services, lack of good resources management, poor hygiene and sanitation, and lack of necessary equipment or resources needed. Along with attending seminars and symposiums where I had networking opportunities to learn about the future of healthcare in xxxx from the views of professionals who have gone ahead of me, I developed a strong resolve to pursue a career in public health.

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I have decided to acquire the knowledge that will qualify me to work in this industry through a Masters degree. Fortunately for me, the University of Sunderland would help me achieve my goals of furthering a career in public health with the specialized education offered in your public health program. The program is ideal for someone like me because I am interested in health promotion and improving the health status of my community. One of my main attractions was the challenges I identified that was affecting public health effectiveness in xxxx and across xxxx, so learning from the University of Sunderland curriculum that takes into consideration the complexities of national and international public health is ideal for me. Course modules such as Applied Public Health Practice, Health Research Methods and Critical Appraisal, are of interest to me.

I have been opportune to be in positions that have helped me develop strong skill sets that will help me relate well with teachers and fellow students. Since I have picked public health over microbiology as a career possibility, I look forward to putting in my best to attain high academic performance. My academic record from my previous degree suggests my potentials. Conclusively, I understand that this course is highly sought for, but despite the number of people that will be applying, I want to believe that my zeal and academic prospects will be enough to deem me worthy of a place in this program. I look forward to your consideration.

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