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A sponsorship letter is an important document required for the process of visa application. You may wonder why a sponsorship letter is essential for your visa processing as a student.

Well, the embassy has a keen interest in knowing who will sponsor your education (could be your family or friends). A sponsorship letter will state that the sponsor will take responsibility for your finances, and it must be signed and collected from the “sponsor”.

A sponsorship letter is a crucial document for international students who are planning to study in their designated country. A sponsorship letter is not the only document that will be requested. you will need to provide other documents as well as a visa interview at the embassy.

Who is a sponsor and why do I need a sponsor?

Sponsorship is important in every study life. You may be curious to find out why you need someone/an organization to sponsor your education. Here are a few reasons: 

Studying is difficult on its own, and catering to your finances can let you lose focus on your goal of learning, and therefore you need a sponsor for your education.

When you find it hard to pay your tuition and other expenses, you can as well rely on your sponsor for assistance. The embassy requests sponsorship letters so they can find out who your primary or secondary supporter is. This supporter will be the one to help with housing, food, tuition, books, and other expenses while you study.

While writing the sponsorship letter, your relationship with the sponsor should be indicated in the letter for clarity and the costs they wish to cover during the time of studies.

It is advisable to ensure that your sponsor is someone you can reach out to at any time and be certain they can meet up with the necessity required by the country you wish to study in.

3 Key Questions About Visa Sponsorship Letter and Answers

What documents does my sponsor need to provide?

As a sponsor, you have to provide some of these documents to validate your letter. Although, some other documents may/may not be needed. Here is a list of documents sponsors need to provide:

1. Residency Status:

This document will entail your permanent and temporary address(s). This has to be in the Sponsorship letter.

2. Affidavit Letter:

An affidavit letter is also referring to as form 1-864. sponsors will be required to signify by signing a document that would the support he/she is rendering to the student. This is more like a legal promise letter. 

3. Financial Documents:

The financial documents are important in the sponsorship letter. To convince the embassy that you are capable of covering your child/guardian’s fees, you will need to provide sustainable evidence of your finances. This evidence should come in a recent bank statement of your account.

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How to write sponsorship letter for study

A sponsorship letter is quite easy to write and pretty straightforward. To make your sponsorship letter unique, you must add the necessary information about the purpose of the letter, duration of stay, and other valuable detail. Writing a letter of sponsorship for your study visa will become easier if you follow our guide on things to include and things to avoid when writing.

What to include when writing a sponsorship letter?

Here are a few things to include when writing a sponsorship letter:

1. Write in the English language: 

When writing the letter of sponsorship you must write in English language or hire a professional interpreter to help you translate the language. 

2. Residency status:

You must include your country and resident address in the letter of sponsorship.

3. Purpose of the letter:

You must include a valid reason for writing the letter of sponsorship.

4. Relationship with the applicant:

You must indicate your relationship with the applicant, whether he/she is your child, friend, or family.

5. Include the details of the sponsor:

Details like contact (email and/or phone) should be included when writing the letter of sponsorship. You must also include your full name (not nicknames) in the letter, and the name of the students.

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Study Sponsorship Letter From Uncle Sample

The Visa Officer,

Canadian Embassy,


Dear Sir/Ma,


I am John Stones, a British Citizen and currently resident in Canada. I am writing in favor of the student visa application of Meghan Philips who has expressed profound interest in studying in Canada. She plans to obtain a post graduate certificate at Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada.

Through this letter, I wish to inform you that I will be sponsoring her second semester’s tuition and living expenses during this program.

Meghan is my niece and my mentee; I have watched her grow from a toddler to a vibrant and diligent lady. From a tender age, she has always shown her creative side by taking pictures, drawing and making art from scraps. Hence, it was no surprise when she decided to start a creative media company after her first degree. As her mentor, I realized her business could do better than it is currently doing, and she needs to acquire the requisite skills and exposure to handle projects better and manage a business on a larger scale. Therefore, I encouraged him to get formal training in Project Management. To further motivate her, I have set aside funds to sponsor her second semester’s tuition and living expenses.

Meghan has been admitted to study Project Management at Conestoga College, Ontario, Canada. I understand that the cost of tuition is about $9,000 CAD per semester and the program is estimated to run from 2nd of September 2021 through April 2022. I am a senior management staff of xxxx in Canada. I attest to you that I have the financial capability to provide for her financial needs while studying abroad for this program. I have included my bank statement from _______ bank, __________________(address). To prove that I have adequate funds to support her until she graduates.

Please I will appreciate it if she is given all the necessary support that she needs, do not hesitate to contact me with regards to her application.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. John Stones

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