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This MBA Personal Statement example for Canada University is for guidelines only, and to help you understand how to write yours. Do not copy it verbatim; use it as a source of knowledge. 

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MBA Personal Statement Example Canada

The increase in global trade has significantly affected the major departments that are enablers of these activities; including supply chain and business development departments. With the latest improvements in business logistics, it is no news that supply chain managers are required to rise to the challenge of rebuilding and configuring reliable systems, for supply, management, and distribution of goods and services. I wish to apply for this Master’s in Business Administration, to master advanced business management skills that will be relevant to my career development.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; and before that, I had obtained a Diploma in Accountancy. I’m currently putting my skills and expertise to work, as xxxxx at xxxxx – a company positioned to provide maritime solutions to high-risk security concerns in xxxxx waters.

After serving shortly as xxxxx at xxxxx, I was promoted to the position of Acting Manager Supply Chain. For the last six (6) years as a supply chain manager, I have spent more time dealing with core business management functions, and I have developed a strong interest in business administration. As one of the first employees of this company, and after buying into the company vision and mission, I have resolved to help champion growth in this company from my capacity, to become one of the leading companies in maritime security in Europe in the next 10 years.

As a Supply Chain Manager, I don’t restrict myself to a department; I see myself as an important piece in fulfilling the corporate goals of this organization. As a result, I need to develop advanced business administration skills, which will help me lead growth from any department I find myself in. More so, with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, I won’t only be restricted to my paid employment, I could also render my services as a consultant, combining my Business Administration knowledge and experience in supply chain management.

After series of research and enquiry for a suitable institution that is innovative with its course modules, while acknowledging the recent changes in the business world in their modules; I have decided to undertake the MSc in Business Administration offered by xxxxx University, Vancouver. More so, I am drawn to the provision for grants and/or scholarships being offered by the university.

At xxxxx, the Business Administration program has been designed to cover core modules, including (include the key courses you like from their modules), so that students will be prepared to navigate the new business environment. The school also has a high graduation ratio for each graduating year, which I find interesting, because it doesn’t only indicate the standard of learning, but also explains the level of exposure and support, students receive during their studies to ensure that they succeed in their chosen fields.

I already have a good foundation from my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; and I believe this program will provide the hallmark skills for my next level of growth. Additionally, I’ll strengthen my negotiation, leadership, teamwork, critical and creative thinking skills, during this program.

My career goal revolves around the Maritime Industry, and there’s also the option of exploring consultancy opportunities after graduation. I plan on utilizing Managerial opportunities in my current place of work. Additionally, I’ll be open to any new opportunity that comes with my acquired knowledge. I look forward to the rewarding experience of joining your Master’s program. Thank you for your consideration.

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