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Sample: Personal Statement for MSc in Financial Technology (FinTech)

No other time in history has the finance sector been proffered a better solution for financial inclusion, as in the 21st century. Financial technology has moved beyond the technology employed at the back-end systems of big financial institutions. It’s now at the core of financial operations and processes, and is proving to be the best way to bridge the age-long institutional gaps in underdeveloped communities. With my 18+ years of banking experience, I understand the importance of Fintech in the financial sector. With advantages like; payment transparency, reduced cost, reduced running cost, and accessibility, Fintech is the new bride of the finance world.

Consequently, In the face of global events, including the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not a secret that corporate institutions are in search of innovations and solutions that will enable them to maintain relevance, and reduce activities that are surplus to requirements. These actions mean that professionals are faced with the decision to grow or be left behind. Coupled with the ever-increasing competition in the corporate world, there’s the need for a professional like me to position myself as a thought leader in my industry by acquiring higher education.

Although , aside from working in the banking sector, I and my spouse have been successfully operating a mobile catering business, together with a barbecue restaurant and bar, for over XX years and XX years respectively. These businesses are growing, and will gain more with the infusion of technology-enabled ideas. Hence, obtaining a master’s degree in Fintech would complement my banking and entrepreneurial career.

Also, My years of working have allowed me to gain professional knowledge of insurance, retail and business enterprise, liability product management, portfolio management, amongst others. From professional training and certification, I have broadened my understanding of big data analysis and international retail banking. These experiences have provided me with the interest, and fundamental knowledge, needed to excel in any academic or career choice that highlights; insurance, trading, utility payment, lending and credit. More so, I believe I’ll excel in my academic pursuit with the mentorship of my husband who was once a Chief Digital Officer in a financial institution, and currently a consultant for Fintechs, banks, and OFIs. 

I have chosen to study in this school; firstly, because it allows me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Secondly, …………………….. Thirdly……….. 

Additionally, My attributes include; critical thinking, empathy, interpersonal relationship, and trust. When I am not working, I take out time to read, study history, or watch talent shows. These activities give me the chance to relax, have some solemn discovery about life, and also meditate.

Hence, I am prepared to take up this study, and I am confident that I’ll meet the academic requirements needed to excel in this program. Upon completion of my master’s degree, I hope to use the knowledge acquired to consult for financial institutions, while growing my business ventures. I believe my technical expertise, coupled with the professional skills gained in my years of banking, will enable me to make significant progress in Fintech, and tackle any challenges that come along the way.

Lastly, It’ll be an honour to pursue my masters’ degree in this great institution. I’ll greatly appreciate your considerations.

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