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In this list which is by far not exhaustive, we’ll be recommending some of the best letter of recommendation writing services online.

When seeking admission or employment, some schools or employers request to see a letter of recommendation from a referee. While most of these referees would be willing to give you a recommendation, they are most times limited by time, so, they ask you to draft the letter of recommendation yourself while they do the signing. Hence, the responsibilities of writing and editing the recommendation fall on you. When this happens most times, you may become confused about a couple of things including;

  • What to include or not include.
  • Length of the recommendation.
  • How to connect your relationship with the referrer.
  • Ways to properly highlight your competencies.

If you’re faced with the responsibility of composing a letter of recommendation and you’re in dire need of assistance either in writing or editing, these letter of recommendation writers will be willing to work for you when you hire their service.

Whatever perspective you want your recommendation written from e.g. employer, manager, professor, lecture, supervisor, or colleagues, these professional letter of recommendation writers will help you stand out among the crowd.

Before we outline the best letter of recommendation writing services, let’s take a look at some of the most asked questions about recommendation letters.

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What are the Types of Recommendation Letters?

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of recommendation letters;

1. Academic recommendation letter

This type of recommendation is what you submit to a university admission committee. An academic letter of recommendation is best written by professors, lecturers, teachers etc, and it should come with the school’s letterhead or the teacher’s official letterhead.

2. Employment recommendation Letter

Before confirming your employment status, some employers request an employment reference either from your previous employer, supervisor, or colleague. Employers depend on this to assess your work ethics.

See: Sample letter of recommendation for Australian immigration

3. Character recommendation letter

This type of recommendation letter is less formal and can be written by a family member or friend. Clubs, societies, NGOs, sometimes require this type of recommendation before inducting you into their group.

What are the Components of a Standard Letter of Recommendation?

A standard letter of recommendation should have the following core components to stand out:

  1. Sender’s address
  2. Recipient’s address
  3. Salutation
  4. Title
  5. Body of letter
  6. Closing remark
  7. Signature

Best Letter of Recommendation Writing and Editing Services:

In no particular order here are some of the best LOR writers;

1. Fasthire Services

Fasthire is a career brand that offers executive CV writing, LinkedIn optimization, personal statement and letter of recommendation writing services. Founded in 2019, they’ve so far helped clients from countries such as the USA, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Australia, and Nigeria prepare for employment and admission.

Features: Plagiarism-free, authentic, 100% customer support, preview copy before final copy, requests a video meeting with the writer.

Delivery Period: 2-7 working days

Fees: $30

Contact: /+2348160625230


2. Statement Writing Services

Statements Writing Services is a leading custom writing service with a global presence and numerous contented clients. They help clients with all kinds of custom-made personal and professional documents including statements of purpose, personal statements, resumes/C.Vs, cover letters, and letter of recommendation writing services.

Features: Authentic, customer support, free revision

Delivery: 3-10 days (max)

Fee: $30.08 per page

Contact: (US) +1-213-325-6710, (UK) +44-203-051-4821


3. LOR Service

LOR service is a professional writing agency with a focus on letters of recommendation. They offer 10 years of experience writing recommendations. If you don’t want to spend hours writing, editing and proofreading your document, you can trust them to lift the burden for you and deliver on time.

Features: One-on-one interaction with writer, free revision within 2 weeks of completion

Delivery: Regular (3-14 days), express (48 hours)

Fee: $34.01 per page

Contact: +13463004015


4. Panoply Statement Writing

Panoply is an online platform with expert writers that edit university admission documents.

Delivery: 6 hours to 24 hours (Express), 3 days – 4 weeks (Regular)

Fee: $48 per page regular, $88 per page express



5. Essay Smith

This is a two-person team of full-time writers, including a University Professor with a PhD in Linguistics and an experienced ESL teacher with a degree in communication. They write and edit all kinds of academic essays including Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose (SOPs), College Application Essays, Scholarship Letters, GTE Statements, Letters of Recommendation, and CVs.

Fee: $50



6. Statement Writing Help

Statement Writing Help is a personal brand of Dr Robert Edinger who specializing in helping university applicants for whom English is not their native language or first language. His services are mainly channelled to students in the Health Sciences. 

Features: one man, 25+ years of experience, the focus is on health sciences.

Fee: $150



When researching university application processes online, you’ll come across this platform. They host some helpful admission applications such as SOP, personal statements, recommendation letters, CVs, IELTS tips and sample tests. They have been in service for years now, and have found a way to make their clients happy with their services. Whether employment or academic reference letter, they’re on standby to give you the best value for your money.

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