Employment Reference Letter for Australian Immigration Sample (Revised)

Employment Reference Letter for Australian

An employment reference letter is written to attest to someone’s (usually an employee) skills and expertise (experience and abilities). A reference letter can also be written for educational purposes, but as the title of this write-up states “Employment Reference Letter for Australian Immigration,” this article will stay in the terrain of employment and careers.

Asides from having to see samples of good reference letters, you’ll also get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about reference letters like what is the ideal length of a reference letter, correct formatting for a reference letter, what should an employment reference letter for Australian immigration contain etc.

What is a good employment reference letter?

A good reference letter is a letter that is written to contain all the necessary details needed to testify for someone’s skills, experience and qualities. It maintains a level of professionalism, with the right formatting, and is neither too long nor too short.

Going forward

Now, from the definition of a good reference letter, note the key points;

  1. The reference letter contains all the necessary information to testify for a candidate.
  2. It maintains a level of professionalism especially in the choice of words, and tone.
  3. A reference letter is neither too short nor too long.

What should a good employment reference letter for Australian immigration include?

  • Full name of the candidate.
  • Name of company and company address.
  • Date of employment.
  • Period of employment.
  • Positions held in the company.
  • Employment type i.e. full time, part-time, permanent, contract etc.
  • Company letterhead.
  • The highlight of responsibilities and competencies.
  • Referee name and contact information.
  • Signature.

How long should an employment reference letter for Australian immigration be?

There’s no hard rule for the length of a reference letter. However, the letter should provide enough insight about a candidate, prove that the candidate has been an active employer, and they have what it takes to do the required job.  A referee shouldn’t pass the idea that they don’t have much to say about an employee with a very short reference letter.  Similarly, though an employment reference letter should cover key information, it should be simple, and sincere. Only the information that will help make a good case for a candidate should be included.

With that said, what is the ideal length for a good employment reference letter for Australian immigration?

Because employment reference falls under the category of attestation, and we want to imagine that the person reading it also has other things to do with their time asides from reading about your friend or colleague, a 1 page or 1 ½ page max is ideal. This may prove difficult especially if you have a lot to write about the candidate, but using this as a rule of thumb will ensure that you keep your writing concise and focused on the most relevant information.

Who can write a reference letter?

Because of the level of knowledge needed to write a reference letter, they are best written by people who know you and can attest to a candidate.

  • Supervisor.
  • Employer.
  • Manager.
  • Client.
  • Colleague.
  • Advisor.

Why are employment reference letters important?

  • To verify an applicant’s job skills.
  • Gives an employer an insight into character and workplace behaviour (especially with character reference letters).
  • It vouches for character and capacity.
  • Gives facts of the achievements that an employee has made.
  • It provides a third party link between an employer and employee.

What is another name for a reference letter?

A reference letter is some countries or companies can also be called;

  • Recommendation letter.
  • Statement of service.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Character reference letter.
  • Work experience letter.
  • Employment reference.

Formatting and font for employment reference letter

  • Format: Single-spaced, 1″ margins, justify.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, 10-12 font size, blank font colour.
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Employment reference letter sample

Company letterhead →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→

Name of Referee,

The Managing Director,

Name of Company,



To whom it may concern

I write to recommend Ikemefuna Ezekie for the position of Computer Engineer in your company ………..{name of company}. After serving as I.T Technician in one of our subsidiary outlets at xxx {name of company}, in Lagos, Nigeria, I believe he has gained relevant skills and experiences to execute his assigned tasks at your company.

He has been a full-time permanent staff since 2nd June 2017 garnering a combined 3 years of working experience in this role. Through his years of service, he has been an important part of the decision-making process regarding I.T projects, data system backup, systems upgrade, and installation of hardware, and software.

I hereby recommend Ikemefuna Ezieke as a trained Computer Engineer with good work ethics who is always ready to promote organizational growth and client satisfaction.

I am available during working hours to provide additional information about his skills, expertise, and work ethic.

Yours truly,

Name of Referee,

Managing Director {Name of Company}

Company letterhead →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→

Employment reference letter sample with job responsibilities

Sender’s Address


Receivers Address

To whom this may concern

I wish to use this letter to confirm that Barack Obama has been a full-time permanent staff of the USA Parliament, first as a Client Service Manager, and then Project Coordinator. He was promoted to Project Coordinator effective 1st January 2002 and garnered 25 months of working experience in that position.

As Project Coordinator, he was the second in the command chain behind the Project Manager. Together with the Project Manager, he coordinated projects, schedules, budgets, and reported the current state of projects to the company’s Senior Management. Details of his employment with the company are outlined below;

Name: Barack Obama

Employment Type: Permanent (Full time)

Date/Period of Employment:

Position: Project Coordinator

Working Hours: Full-time (38 hours per week)

Obama’s Responsibilities:

  • Working with project managers, architects, engineering professionals to execute projects.
  • Managing project contracts including negotiations, work schedules, budgets and personnel.
  • Strategizing with senior management on issues and implementing the collective decisions.
  • Recruiting, training and mentoring new employees and guiding them to build their expertise on how to use core systems like XXXX within the company.
  • Creating effective client service procedures, policies and standards, and following up with clients to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Maintaining accurate records and documenting all client service activities and discussions.

Both of Obama’s positions were paid positions. Throughout his period of employment, he has displayed proficiency in;

  • Organization and planning
  • Multitasking
  • Reporting
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Effective communication
  • Use of IT tools

Kindly contact us if you require any additional information or details about Obama’s employment at USA Parliament.


Employer/Supervisor Signature:Company:
Employer/Supervisor Name:Contact:

Editors Recommendation

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