Personal Statement Sample Business Management and Entrepreneurship UCAS

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Find below Personal Statement Sample Business Management and Entrepreneurship UCAS

About UCAS:

UCAC International aims to provide quality education at both local and foreign levels to its valued students. So far, UCAC International has passed the market in providing higher education UCAC International has been on top amongst others. The professional & experienced UCAC International staff members deal with valued students, providing accurate information to its valued students.

UCAC International team comprises well-educated staff members who guide the valued students to the best of their knowledge. This is called students “Counselling”, the counselling is provided free of charge to the valued students. UCAC International has accomplished this objective.

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Personal Statement Sample Business Management and Entrepreneurship UCAS

Nigeria is a highly entrepreneurial country. Businesses stand to leverage Nigeria’s population and position in Africa to render services and products that cut across multiple industries to consumers. In 2020 alone, the government offered business registrations to 250,000 new businesses. This gives us an idea of the enterprising nature of the Nigerian state.

My entrepreneurship journey began in 2003 when I started my clothing and accessory brand- Nirito Clothing. Through my over 2 years running Nirito Clothing and Accessories, I have serviced over 10,000 customers across different southern states in Nigeria. I have also generated approximately ——— in sales and trained ——- people in the business of clothing and accessories. These experiences have helped me appreciate the importance of management and administration.

As a result of my time spent managing my brand, I’ve gained refined skills in training, coaching, administration, management, marketing, amongst others. More so, I’ve been equipped with interpersonal skills such as; conflict management, people relations, customer care, and teamwork.

Due to the unanswered questions I still have about administration, running a business, handling growing demands, and the rapid changes being caused by technology, there’s a need for higher education that’ll arm me with practical knowledge to navigate my path.

Currently, my brand operation cuts across 4 states in southern Nigeria, and we wish to expand our reach to service other regions of the country. As part of the continuous development encouraged by my brand to achieve optimal growth, all workers are encouraged to seek higher education both in formal and informal education.

Hence, I wish to pursue a post-graduate study in a course that highlights; business management and administration. I hold a B.Sc in Management from the University of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, and a Diploma in Marketing from the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. Also, I’ve had corporate experiences working with Prenda International Limited and Research and Marketing Services Enugu as an administrative assistant and research assistant respectively.

I believe I am qualified for this study because, firstly, my career and academic background align with this course. Secondly, there’s high demand for business leaders and coaches who can guide the large pool of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that are striving for survival in the African market.

Studying in this school, I hope to acquire knowledge that is not just based on theory but reflects practical application. After completing my studies, I hope to use the knowledge acquired to ………………………………. I will also stand to represent this great institution as a proud alumnus wherever I find myself. It’ll be a privilege to pursue my post-graduate in this great institution.

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