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When applying for admission into a Canadian institution, you’re often required to submit a statement of purpose also known as SOP to the school. This SOP is an essay that tells the admission committee your intention to study in the school and why you’ll make a good addition to their program.

serves as an essay to convince the embassy that you’re legit and a good fit to study in Canada.

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Sample Environmental Engineering SOP

Recently, the agricultural sectors globally have been faced with the dual responsibility of catering for the nutritional needs of a rapidly growing population, while also reducing the environmental footprint of its activities. I have always had an interest in Agriculture which prompted my decision to enrol for a 5 years undergraduate degree in Crop Science, this study gave me adequate knowledge of crops, vegetation and how to enhance productivity while settling the impacts of climate, pest, plant pathology and treatment. It was also during this undergraduate study that I gained my first exposure to the study of environmental science; learning about different avenues to maintain our environment (air, water, and land) from contamination.

After my undergraduate studies, I could not find an application for my knowledge in Crop Science, so I had to adjust to the realities of the xxxx economy and took up paid employment in a different field. Since then, I have been actively employed and have enjoyed relative success during this period. However, after over 7 years of active work, I felt a need for the higher academic pursuit to augment my current Bachelor’s Degree. As I considered the options for my post-graduate studies, I wanted to ensure I was gaining a certification that met the current needs of the global employment trends while also aligning with my first degree, Environmental Engineering emerged as a good option considering the ease of transferring some of the knowledge I already have from modules in crop science.

For a start, sustainable agriculture has been a topic of interest around the world as more governments and individuals are committed to utilizing production methods that will not rely heavily on toxic chemicals which can damage our environment. Secondly, exploration activities in my home country xxx have caused serious environmental issues in different communities. As someone from an oil-producing region, these damages are seen even in our lands and waters which has affected the health and well being of older and younger indigenes. Hence, I believe that this is not only the right programme for me, but, this is also the right time for me to join the professionals who are committed to protecting our environment from further damage.

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Though I have been involved in formal education for a while, I believe that I still have the intellectual capacity to carry on this diploma, plus the knowledge and skills that I have gained through my years of active work will give me the leverage to excel in this programme. More so, with the advantage of having a science background in my first degree, I am confident that I will excel in my programme.

With the nature of problems that Environmental Engineers have to solve in our current age, I need to study in a country and institution that will give me the required exposure and novel advantage for my future career. Getting this degree in my home country is possible, but, the exposure and privileges that will come from studying in Canada far exceed the investment that I will make to study in Canada. Firstly, Canadian certificates are highly regarded in this part of the world and by the time I add the benefits of adaptation to study life as a foreign student, and the affordable fees, Canada tops the other countries that could have been good have also been good options for this academic pursuit.

I admire Red River College Polytechnic because it has a high graduate employment ratio, and hosts a strong international student community from over 60 countries. This gives me the impression that I will find the schooling environment easy to adapt to, and it has also boosted my confidence that I will graduate with the skills and knowledge that will make me desirable to employers. More so, Red River College Polytechnic leverages a student-lecturer teaching approach and is quite affordable.

It is no news that many African countries are still behind in the area of sustainable development, environmental health, etc. But in the past couple of years, some countries like Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria have shown increasing interest and support for this sector which is a big boost for me going for this programme. Upon completion of my studies, I wish to return home with the knowledge I have gained where I can pursue a career in the environmental science sector.

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