SOP for Canada Study Visa: Supply Chain Management

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We have provided this sample SOP for Canada Study Visa to give you an idea of how to structure yours. The statement was written to cover relevant areas of concern to the visa officer; do not copy this, only use it as a guide.

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How to Write Canada Visa SOP to Avoid Rejection with Approved Sample

SOP for Canada Study Visa: Supply Chain Management


The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,


Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for Canadian Student Visa

I am a young accounting and business management professional with over 5 years of working experience in the Nigeria finance sector. I recently gained admission into the one-year Supply Chain Management and Logistics Post-Graduate Diploma Program of Atlantic Business College slated to start in May 2022. I wish to use this letter to support my application for a student visa and aid your decision making.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the (…), where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Having gained my first degree, I entered the professional domain as an Accounting Intern at (…). Afterwards, I have gone ahead to occupy other sensitive accounting positions and I am currently working as a Digital Product Sales Executive in one of the leading banks in Nigeria. As a Digital Product Sales Executive, I am responsible for marketing and prospecting the bank’s digital products to customers across different communication and marketing channels. More so, my responsibilities involve the interaction between marketing, accounting, human resources, and supply chain teams.

My reason for studying supply chain management stems from my interest to integrate my accounting knowledge with another key management function, and supply chain management is my ideal choice. In the past, accounting was merely seen as a financial tool, but advancement in information technology has brought improvements both in the theory and practices of account management. This has caused forward-thinking organizations to create organizational structures that have moved accounting practices from a separate operation to a key activity seen throughout the organization including demand and supply operations.

Studying this course will enable me to extend my accounting knowledge to connect with supply chain resource allocation, management, and decision-making thereby giving me a corporate advantage in my field. This program will help scale my career by leveraging the advantages of knowledge diversification. I will be equipped with dynamic knowledge in transportation, project management, customs relations, procurement strategy and execution, leadership and critical thinking.

After achieving my bachelor’s degree from my home country, I wish to embark on this academic pursuit in a different clime with reputable institutions in the field of Supply-Chain and Logistics. Out of the abundance of options, I chose the program of Atlantic Business College because of the flexibility of its Supply Chain Management and Logistics Program. The program covers course modules that meet my expectations.

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Consequently, judging from the cost of living in other cities across English speaking countries like the USA, the UK, and Australia, the city of New Brunswick is an affordable study destination. Hence, I admit that studying in Fredericton, New Brunswick will be a good financial investment for me.

Throughout the period of this program, xxx has agreed to be my sponsor. He will handle my tuition, travel expenses, and welfare within the period of my study. The total fee payable for this program is $xxx CAD which will cover the processing fee, tuition, textbooks and student fee. I have already made a xx% payment ($xx CAD) to the school through my sponsor. More so, I will be funding my dollar account with an additional $xx CAD which will cover for my welfare and other expenses during my studies. I have attached the necessary proof of funds and assets to show my sponsor’s capacity to fund my stay during this program.

I am already enjoying a promising career in (…) and with a degree in this course; I stand the chance of improving my career prospects. I already have my expectation to work for one of the multinational companies offering financial consulting services like KPMG, Ernest and Young, or Deloitte, and a degree from Canada will go a long way to boost my chances when I return to (…) after my study since Canadian degrees are highly respected in (…).

Conclusively, I attest that the information provided above is correct, and I am confident that I would utilize this opportunity wisely and prove myself to be an asset to Atlantic Business College. I understand that there are rules and regulations guiding the students that come to study in Canada, and I am committed to obeying those rules while maintaining law and order from the very first day of my arrival.

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