Part-time Data Entry Jobs from Home

part-time data entry jobs

Data entry jobs can be done either as a part-time or full-time job. It can also be done either from home or in the office, whether full-time or part-time. Whatever your choice may be, this article is focused on part-time data entry jobs from home.

This article takes the approach of frequently asked questions while providing other information relevant to our topic. As much as I can, I will do my best to answer your questions. I will also bring to your notice some things you had no idea you need. 

What is Data?

Data, in this context, simply means information. Data can be any information needed to make a decision. When research is being carried out, the information gotten from the research is called data. Scientists rely on the information (data) gotten from their experiments to draw up a conclusion.

What is a Data Entry Job?

A data entry job is simply a job where you enter information into software or organize already available information. It also entails updating a server or file or software or a list with information relevant to the course of the company.

For example, a data entry clerk’s job at a supermarket or pharmacy is to enter the drugs or items bought into a tracking system. At the hospital, they update patient records and even keep track of the use of items in the hospital. 

Therefore, data entry jobs are simply about dealing with information present and even including new ones.

Who Can Work as a Data Entry Clerk?

Anyone who decides to work as a data entry clerk can work as one. It is not restricted to age or gender or race or religion. The most important thing is to have the right attitude and the willingness to learn. Therefore, anyone can work as a data entry clerk.

Does a Data Entry Clerk Need Certification?

Yes, a data entry clerk needs a certificate. This is because most employers prefer that their data entry clerks possess at least a high school diploma. This gives them the impression that you understand the basics of the language you will be working with. It also assures them of your reading, writing, and assimilation of information ability.

What do I need to work as a Data Entry Clerk?

To work as a data entry clerk, you need the following;

  • A high school diploma 
  • Training
  • Soft skills, e.g attention to details
  • Knowledge of software packages used for data entry

Is it Possible to Work Part-time Data Entry Jobs from Home?

In a digital world, such as the one we are in now, it is very possible. People can work from their homes either part-time or full-time. The most important thing is that they deliver on their job and with accuracy.

What are the Soft Skills Needed to Function Effectively as a Data Entry Clerk?

To function effectively as a data entry clerk, the following are the soft skills that you need to possess and even more;

  • Attention to details
  • Time management
  • Discipline
  • Flexibility
  • Readiness to learn
  • Good written and oral communication
  • Ability to type fast

Is There a Software for Data Entry?

Yes, there is. There is software designed specifically for data entry. These tools make it easier to execute your job as a data entry clerk.

What is the Most Common Software used for Data Entry?

The most common and widely used software for data entry is Microsoft Office Excel. Excel is the primary tool created by MS Office for the entry of data. It has functions in it that help automate responses, organize, and filter information too. There are other data entry software available on the internet either as apps or as web pages. 

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What is the Average Salary of a Data Entry Clerk?

The salary of a data entry clerk depends on different factors. These factors are;

  1. Expertise:  Your level of expertise determines the salary you will receive. 
  2. Years of experience: A senior data entry specialist is going to earn the same salary as an entry-level data entry specialist.
  3. Education: While this plays a role, it is not that important. However, it can still serve as a factor.

Regardless of the above-listed factors, the average data entry job salary is £23,969/yr or ₦182,000/year

What are the Websites where I can find  Part-time Data Entry Jobs?

You can find both full-time and part-time data entry jobs on any of these websites;

How to Become a Data Entry Clerk

To become a data entry clerk, you need to 

  • Get a high school diploma 
  • Go for a computer training
  • Acquire soft skills
  • Gain experience and mastery

Get a High School Diploma

Most employers prefer to hire individuals who have a high school diploma. This doesn’t mean that without it you can’t get a job as a data entry clerk. However, it puts you in a better position to be gainfully employed and faster too.

Go for Computer Training

The data entry job is all about the use of computers. Therefore, it is important that you go for computer training. This will sharpen your knowledge of computers and the use of the software for data entry. You will also learn how to type fast.

Acquire Soft Skills

Acquiring soft skills like attention to detail, written and oral communication, fast typing, discipline, ability to work with minimal or no supervision, and accuracy will go a long way to help you on the job. These skills are paramount to succeed as a data entry clerk.

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Gain Experience and Mastery

You gain experience by working for someone, even if it’s free service. Offering volunteer service can improve your skills, give you experience, and then subsequently, mastery.


Data entry jobs can be found online on the websites listed in the article. These jobs are listed with whether it’s a full-time job or part-time in the description. Feel free to visit these websites to check out and apply for these jobs.

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