Best International Teaching Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

best international teaching recruitment agencies in Dubai

Dubai has gone from being a desert to a major city of the world at large. As a result, It is one of the most visited destinations famed for its ultramodern buildings that fascinate the eyes of men. Dubai is known for its luxurious shopping malls and pleasure sites.  Teaching in Dubai can be an excellent opportunity for you to experience a vibrant city and culture while earning a good salary and enjoying other great benefits attached.

In this article, we would be giving you and overview of how a foreign teacher can get a job in Dubai with the help of Dubai international teaching recruitment agencies and the services they offer.

Are teachers in Demand in Dubai

Due to the rapid development and increasing rate of residents in Dubai, there is an ever-increasing demand for teachers as the number of students keeps increasing. In Dubai, education is important and compulsory according to KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority). In Dubai, it is important that all children between the ages of 5-15 must attend school and so schools are filled up with students. Parents also have the option of hiring teachers to teach their wards privately at home.

How Much do International Teachers Make in Dubai?

International teachers in Dubai earn great salaries attached with others perks offered by the country and the school of employment. International teachers earn 9,000-21,000 AED per month which is approximately $2,400-$4,600 as this can vary based on the different school of employment. Furthermore, this isn’t the end of the good news as there are other benefits attached to this bounty salary. Unlike the UK and USA systems, in Dubai, you aren’t required to pay any income tax. Though the benefits offered to the international teacher may vary depending on the institution of employment, below are some of the popular benefits enjoyed by the international teachers

  1. Institutions tend to pay for your flight tickets during school holidays so you can visit your home countries.
  2. Institutions provide them with convenient accommodation.
  3. They provide them with health insurance that covers them throughout their teaching contract.
  4. If you are teaching at a public school, then you receive an all-expense-paid vacation trip during the annual school break.
  5. You get to work 35-40 hours per week (Sunday to Thursday)

What Qualifications do I need to Teach in Dubai?

To be an international teacher in Dubai, you would need a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree. This rule applies to both government and privately owned schools in Dubai.

Other requirements include

  1. A criminal clearance record
  2. A medical fitness report
  3. Educational certificates
  4. 2-3 years of teaching experience
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How do I Get an International Teaching Job in Dubai

The best way to get a teaching job in Dubai is through the help of recruitment agencies. They are frequently in touch with the schools. However, they will help you through the application and reviewing process. They also help match you with a school that best suits you.

Best Teaching Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

With Dubai’s fast-growing economy, top teaching recruitment agencies are the best options for employers to source international teachers. Also, these teaching recruitment agencies render help and support to teachers searching for jobs in a foreign country. Below are the best teaching recruitment agencies in Dubai.

1. Michael Page

Michael Page is an international teaching recruitment agency with several locations around the world. Also, they have access to a large database of candidates making it easier for different candidates to apply through them. The agency is located in three cities in Dubai which are Al Khatem, Abu Dhabi, and United Arab Emirates. You can reach them through the following means below

Official website: HERE

Phone number:  +97147090300

Email address:

Address: Office No 202, Al Fattan Currency House tower-1 DIFC

2. International Teacher Plus

International teacher plus is an international teacher recruitment agency that can help you find teaching jobs in Dubai. You can contact them with the information below

Official website: HERE

Phone number: +1-613-592-5858

Email address:

3. The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is an international recruitment agency in Dubai known as the worlds largest human resources provider. You can contact them through the information below

Official website:  Here

Address: Adecco middle east HQ- Dubai, marina plaza, Dubai marina road, office 1206, Dubai, UAE

Address 02: Adecco Abu Dhabi branch, addax tower, 5711 office, Reem island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971521558290

Email address:

4. Decision Management Consultant

This teaching recruitment agency was established in 1990 and they have helped in recruiting a lot of teachers for Dubai. Additionally, it is their philosophy that each client is a unique business entity that must be offered professional services and innovative management solutions. You can contact them via the information below

Official website: HERE

Phone number: +97142624023

Address: Hamid bin Soughat Building, opp, Crown Plaza, 601 Salahuddin Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Email address:

5. Agile Consultants

They are known as a talent solutions company that focuses on tapping into the potential of individuals to get the best result. You can contact them via the information below

Official website: Here

Address: Jumeirah lake towers, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97145801837

Email address:

6. ANOC Management Consultants

This is a revolutionary international career development company that takes pride in assisting local businesses to hire skilled talent from outside the country. Their main goal is to create value for businesses and build lasting careers for talented individuals. You can contact them via the information below

Official website: HERE

Phone number: +97144449599

Address: Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1- Downtown Dubai, UAE

Email address:

7. BAC Middle East

 With them being the longest established professional international recruitment agency in Dubai, they can assist you with all your recruitment needs and processes. You can contact them via the information below

Official website: HERE

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Boulevard, Downtown, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97144018970, +971585934993

Email address:,

8. Charterhouse Consultancy

Charterhouse consultancy is an award-winning international recruitment agency in Dubai launched in 2004. They represent the most sought-after jobs in Dubai. Furthermore, this recruitment agency is designed to assist professionals in transitioning their career into a higher stage in Dubai and you can contact them via the information below

Official website: HERE

Address: Maze Tower, suite 903, sheikh Zayed road, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97143723500

9. Cooper Fitch

Cooper Fitch is committed to delivering success to both job seekers and clients. Also, they ensure quality service to every client and applicant whereby attracting the best talents in the job markets for applicants. You can contact them via the information below

Official website: HERE

Phone number: +97143522506

Address: JBC 1, 15th floor, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

Email address:

10. Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance recruitment agency has been able to establish itself as an international agency by fulfilling all international workforce in Dubai. They are aware of the requirement of the companies as well as the candidates and they try to bridge a gap between them to create a win-win solution for both parties. You can reach them via:

Official website: HERE

Address: Al Seef, Marina, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +971523090313

Email address:


Dubai is a city endowed with distinguished international recruitment agencies whose only goal is to give you the best result possible. As a foreign teacher looking to expand your coast in Dubai, this overview would be of help to you as we have carefully outlined all necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do teachers in Dubai make?

Teachers in Dubai make 9000-15000 AED per month.

How can I get a job as an international teacher in dubai?

With the help of a recruitment agency as stated in the article above.

Is it worth teaching in Dubai?

Yes! Because there are other benefits attached aside the salary.

Does Dubai need foreign teachers?

Dubai continually expands it’s educational system making high demand for professional teachers which they need from outside the country.

Can I study and teach in Dubai as a foreigner?

Yes, you can. You only need to agree with your employer so it can work with your schooling time.

What are the requirements to be a teacher in Dubai?

In the article above, we explained the requirements.

Do recruitment agencies in Dubai charge any fees from foreigners?

They are to be paid a 15-25% fee of the hired candidate one-year salary.

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