How to Write Visa Sponsorship Letter for Canada and UK Study

visa sponsorship letter

Everything concerning education is important. It is even more serious when you or your child want to study in another country. During the process of your visa approval, you will need to write a Visa Sponsorship Letter to the embassy together with other necessary files/documents.

We often see things like letter writing difficult, especially when we do not know where to start and how to round it up. As a student looking forward to learning how to how to write visa sponsorship letter, this article is for you. 

What is a sponsorship letter?

You should not panic when you hear the word sponsorship letter. A sponsorship letter is an important document required for the process of visa application. You may wonder why a sponsorship letter is essential for your visa processing as a student.

Well, the embassy has a keen interest in knowing who will sponsor your education (could be your family or friends). A sponsorship letter will state that the sponsor will take responsibility for your finances, and it must be signed and collected from the “sponsor”.

A sponsorship letter is a crucial document for international students who are planning to study in their designated country. A sponsorship letter is not the only document that will be requested. you will need to provide other documents as well as a visa interview at the embassy.

3 Key Questions About Visa Sponsorship Letter and Answers

Who is a sponsor and why do I need a sponsor?

Sponsorship is important in every study life. You may be curious to find out why you need someone/an organization to sponsor your education. Here are a few reasons: 

Studying is difficult on its own, and catering to your finances can let you lose focus on your goal of learning, and therefore you need a sponsor for your education.

When you find it hard to pay your tuition and other expenses, you can as well rely on your sponsor for assistance. The embassy requests sponsorship letters so they can find out who your primary or secondary supporter is. This supporter will be the one to help with housing, food, tuition, books, and other expenses while you study.

While writing the sponsorship letter, your relationship with the sponsor should be indicated in the letter for clarity and the costs they wish to cover during the time of studies.

It is advisable to ensure that your sponsor is someone you can reach out to at any time and be certain they can meet up with the necessity required by the country you wish to study in.

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What documents does my sponsor need to provide?

As a sponsor, you have to provide some of these documents to validate your letter. Although, some other documents may/may not be needed. Here is a list of documents sponsors need to provide:

1. Residency Status:

This document will entail your permanent and temporary address(s). This has to be in the Sponsorship letter.

2. Affidavit Letter:

An affidavit letter is also referring to as form 1-864. sponsors will be required to signify by signing a document that would the support he/she is rendering to the student. This is more like a legal promise letter. 

3. Financial Documents:

The financial documents are important in the sponsorship letter. To convince the embassy that you are capable of covering your child/guardian’s fees, you will need to provide sustainable evidence of your finances. This evidence should come in a recent bank statement of your account.

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How to write support letter for study

A sponsorship letter is quite easy to write and pretty straightforward. To make your sponsorship letter unique, you must add the necessary information about the purpose of the letter, duration of stay, and other valuable detail. Writing a letter of sponsorship for your study visa will become easier if you follow our guide on things to include and things to avoid when writing.

What to include when writing a support letter?

Here are a few things to include when writing a sponsorship letter:

1. Write in the English language: 

When writing the letter of sponsorship you must write in English language or hire a professional interpreter to help you translate the language. 

2. Residency status:

You must include your country and resident address in the letter of sponsorship.

3. Purpose of the letter:

You must include a valid reason for writing the letter of sponsorship.

4. Relationship with the applicant:

You must indicate your relationship with the applicant, whether he/she is your child, friend, or family.

5. Include the details of the sponsor:

Details like contact (email and/or phone) should be included when writing the letter of sponsorship. You must also include your full name (not nicknames) in the letter, and the name of the students.

What to avoid when writing a support letter?

1. Avoid making the letter too lengthy:

A letter of sponsorship is meant to be easy to read and straightforward, avoid making it too long. 

2. Re-read the letter before sending:

You must check for errors and typos before sending the letter. To make things easier, you can seek an opinion from friends/family who has experienced something similar. You should create a checklist for information that can be easily forgotten.

Sample Canada support letter for study


The Immigration Officer,

(Name of Embassy/Consulate)

(Address of embassy/Consulate)

(Contact of Embassy/Consulate)

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is in favor of the student visa application of (student name)who has shown interest in Studying in (country’s name). He/she wants to study (degree type and name of course) at the (name of University). this is to affirm that I, (name of parent/guardian)am the (mother/father/guardian)of (name of student) and I will be financially responsible for my child/guardian’s educational finances tuition, accommodation, and health during his/her studies.

I have included a bank statement to indicate that I am capable of sponsoring (name of student). You can contact me at (Mobile Number Or Email Addressif there are any questions.


(Signature of sponsor)

Name of Sponsor 

Street Address

City, State, Postal Code


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Sample UK support letter for study

(sponsor’s address)





To: The Immigration Officer, (name of Embassy)

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is in favor of the student visa application of (student name)who is interested in Studying in (country’s name). He/She wants to study (degree type and name of course) at the (name of University/college). this is to affirm that I, (name of parent/guardian)am the (mother/father/guardian)of (name of student) and I will be financially responsible for His/Her educational finances(tuition, accommodation, and health)during his/her studies.

I am glad to provide funding to my child/guardian in the amount of (amount in currency on the bank statement). I give my approval to the funds being available to my (child/guardian) for study in the UK. 

Yours faithfully, 

(Sponsor’s signature)

(Sponsor’s full name)

Frequently asked questions

Can I write a sponsorship letter for visa in another language?

It is advisable to write a sponsorship letter in English language.

Who can sponsor my visa?

Your family/relatives or friends.

Who do I submit the sponsorship letter to?

To the embassy of the country of study.

Can I write a sponsorship letter myself?

Yes, you can.

Are sponsorship letter for visa important?

Yes. It is an important document for the process of your study visa.

Do you need assistance writing your support letter?

If you need assistance writing your sponsorship letter, click on this link and contact us today.


When you follow the right steps in this overview, you will realize that sponsorship letters are quite easy to write. Avoid making it too lengthy and do not make it too personal either. We hope with this overview you gain more understanding on How to Write Visa Sponsorship Letter for Student.


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