Healthcare Jobs: Top Recruitment Agencies in the USA that Recruit Foreigners 2021-2022

Top Recruitment Agencies in USA Recruiting Foreigners
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According to a report, the market size of the healthcare staff recruitment agencies industry in the USA is $24.2bn in 2021, when measured by revenue. Irrespective of skin colour, nationality, age or race, quality healthcare is of utmost importance to all humans. If you are a healthcare professional who is looking for employment opportunities in the USA, this article would help you identify the top recruitment agencies in the USA that recruit foreigners.

The importance of quality, affordable and accessible healthcare in any clime cannot be overemphasized; hence, several countries and states invest heavily to ensure that their healthcare system, infrastructure and personnel are top-notch. This investment is reflected in the quality of policies and regulations that are enacted to guide the healthcare industry, the quality of education expected of interested professionals and the conditions of service for healthcare workers.

What is a Healthcare Job?

A healthcare job facilitates the prevention, treatmentand management of health-related issues. The job role covers areas such as the safeguarding of mental and physical wellness through the services of medical practitioners. These practitioners include physicians, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, surgeons, dieticians, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, opticians and so on.

To be clear, not every healthcare job involves direct dealings with patients. This means that some healthcare jobs serve as support to aid those who carry outcore healthcare duties. Such health care jobs include auxiliary duties like medical lab scientists, auxiliary nurses, cleaners, radiologists and the likes.

Stethoscope: Top Recruitment Agencies in the USA that Recruit Foreigners
Stethoscope: Top Recruitment Agencies in the USA that Recruit Foreigners

What are Recruitment Agencies?

According to RMS Recruitment, recruitment agencies are external firms that exist to help employers find suitable candidates for vacant job roles. In other words, recruitment agencies are institutions that specialize in helping organizations get qualified candidates for vacant positions.

Recruitment agencies serve two people: the employer and the employee. The services of recruitment agencies come at a cost, usually agreed on by the involved parties or a fixed amount put forward by the agency.

A recruitment agency typically facilitates the job huntingprocess as well as simplifies the interview process by exposing a prospective employee to the nitty-gritty of the recruitment process, interview best practices and other details a prospect would need to get their dream job.

Why the USA needs foreign healthcare workers

Over the years, the need for more healthcare service providers/workers (especially nurses) in the United States has been on a rapid increase as a result of her ageing population, the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to send more health workers to less-privileged third world nations. This philanthropic act by the country has led to an implosion in the number of healthcare workers in the United States; creating a vacancy for skilled healthcare workers from other nations.

It is common knowledge that the United States is home to all and sundry – visitors/tourists, investors, students and labour of all sorts – skilled and unskilled. They welcome qualified foreigners into her healthcare system with open arms, as supported by relevant laws.

Her civilization and the extent of it creates room for aged members of her society to receive quality care in well-organized homes manned by trained professionals.

These needs and more createjob opportunities for foreigners who are currently residents as well as those seeking to migrate to the USA to work temporarily or permanently.

The next part of this article will reveal top healthcare recruitment agencies in the USA that recruit foreigners.

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Top Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in USA Recruiting Foreigners

If you are a healthcare worker and a foreigner, resident in the United States of America or planning to migrate in search of healthcare jobs, the following recruitment agencies are recommended.

1) O’ Grady Peyton International

This agency has set a standard, having placed thousands of nurses into healthcare jobs across the 50 states of the United States. O’Grady is an international nurse recruitment agency with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

This recruitment agency specializes in the licensure of nurses and immigration. It is the industry’s most experienced international nurse recruitment agency.

Check O’Grady Peyton International for more information.

2) Global Nursing Recruiters

This nursing agency is registered and located in the state of Georgia, United States. They create unique opportunities for foreign-trained nurses to become registered nurses in the United States and subsequently relocate to the United States to live and work permanently as registered nurses.

For more information check Global Nursing Recruiters.

3) Westways Staffing Services

This agency prides itself as the premier leader in both per diem and travel nursing everywhere in the United States. They have over 30 years of nursing experience. It is one of the few privately held, fully functional and nurse-owned nursing agencies in the United States.

Check Westways Staffing Services for more information.

4) MedPro International

This recruitment agency has been running for 34 years with thousands of foreign-trained healthcare professionals placed in rewarding assignments within the United States.

This agency has successfully prepared and deployed to the United States, more health professionals than any other staffing company.

To learn more about them check MedPro International.

5) CareerKnacks International Nurse Recruiters

With many years of experience under her sleeves, CareerKnacksare experts in navigating their way through the NCLEX exam, licensing, immigration and relocation processes. They’re qualified and dedicated to guiding one through their move to the United States. They are known for being nurse advocates and are very proud of their reputation in the nursing community.

If you want to learn more about them check CareerKnacks International Nurse Recruiters.

6) Medliant

Medliant is an International Healthcare Staffing agency. They are a direct Green Card sponsor and employ directly, able to pay all salaries and benefits. Their industry experience allows them to place nurses in hospital locations that best compliments their professional background.

However, they don’t place in-home care, long term care, per diem, or travel assignments. Check Medliant for more information.


In the United States today, several foreigners and foreign-trained healthcare providers aregainfully employed. Most of them have even moved on to become citizens, enabling them to work permanently in the US. For many of them, it all started from engaging a top healthcare recruitment agency.

Take advantage of the information contained in this article to land your dream healthcare job. See our other blog posts for opportunities in other industries and countries. Cheers to your career growth and giant strides.

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