MA in English Statement of Purpose Sample: Accepted

MA in English Statement of Purpose: Accepted

This MA in English statement of purpose was submitted to the Northwest Missouri State University’s Department of Language, Literature and Writing. And the applicant was found worthy of a place in their MA in English program for 2022. This sample is made available for educational purposes; try not to copy this work.

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MA in English Statement of Purpose Sample

Personal Statement for MA in English Northwest Missouri State University, USA

I am xxxx a Communication Specialist with over 5 years of experience providing communication counsel and support to corporate bodies and individuals. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature from the University of xxxx. Studying English and literature during my first degree exposed me to the science and art of communication. I began to appreciate the roles that communication has played in the advancement of mankind. However, questions like; how the early men coined their languages, how man invented sign language for the deaf, how ancient men were able to preserve their languages even in the midst of other languages kept running through my mind.

While I may not have the answers to all these questions about the subject of communication, I can’t deny my love for the study of language and communication, especially English language. You may ask, Over 6,500 estimated languages in the world, why the English language? Well, for one, I grew with siblings who had excellent use of English. They initiated me to activities like writing a diary and keeping a vocabulary from a young age. The result was that I got ahead of my peers in written and spoken English. I was easily one of the best pupils in English language during my primary education. My exceptional performance continued in secondary school where I represented my class and school during inter-class and inter-school debates. This marked the highlights of my secondary school days. With that level of exposure, it was easy to pick English and Literature when it came time to choose a course for my undergraduate studies.

Also, whilst studying for my undergraduate degree, it was fascinating to learn how languages shaped our perception of life. I took a keen interest in courses such as ………, ……………, and…… Taking these courses was exciting and gave me a level of inner satisfaction. Initially, I didn’t envision that I would one day enroll for a Master’s degree in English. However, since after my graduation, I have found myself in job roles that entail the application of spoken and written communication at an advanced level. While I have been able to strive career-wise with the knowledge from my first degree, future career advancement will demand enhanced qualification in English communication.

Additionally, through work experiences, I have developed strong work ethics, skills, collaboration, a sense of responsibility and initiative. Furthermore, I have been able to define my career plans and what success will look like for me in the corporate setting. This degree is a key component if I am to achieve my plans. In the next 5 years, I wish to …………………… This course not only suits my needs and interests aptly but also builds on my already gained academic and career competencies.

I have chosen to study at the North-west Missouri State University because my research shows that I won’t only have extensive academic experience, But I will be having a complete career preparatory experience studying at Northwest Missouri State University. As a professional in the corporate communication terrain, I am fascinated by your profession-based learning approach. In my current employment, part of my job responsibilities includes publishing official speech, managing the company’s corporate image, overseeing all online publications, managing press conferences, and planning corporate events. So, I was excited to learn that by studying this course, I will have the opportunity to gain publishing experience working with Greentower Press, managed by two of the faculty members. This will be an added advantage for me to gain special technical skills. This would have cost me a lot of money and time to learn. More so, the English faculty boast of a student organization that I am excited to be a part of. I look forward to become a part of a professional larger society of forward-thinking and like-minded professionals.

Outside of the corporate environment, I try to follow my interest which includes voluntary support. My most recent volunteer work was with the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. As a Volunteer Health Speaker in drug abuse and misuse. These volunteer and work experiences put together have helped me to develop the needed interpersonal skills to relate well with teachers and colleagues during my studies.

I hope that the combination of my experience, academic background, and future goals will qualify me to join the next class of students for MA in English at Northwest Missouri State University.

Yours faithfully,

Name Name

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