MCK Global Recruitment Review: All You Need to Know

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MCK Global Recruitment was founded in 2012, and today is known as an international recruitment agency that serves the largest engineering and construction firms in the world. This agency has a unique operation model that has sharpened its growth for years. 

More so, MCK Global recruitment agency helps companies struggling with a shortage of skilled workers by connecting them with qualified candidates who not only meet the skill demand but also have what it takes to fit into the company culture.

Furthermore, MCK Global started its service 24 years ago by fulfilling the pressing need in Canada for skilled trade people from Europe. The agency comprises a group of professionals who are vast in the knowledge of recruitment. Therefore, they know where to find the right talent, and the process it takes to relocate them arose the board. 

Also, MCK Group grew popular amongst other agencies in Europe with the priorities of quality and optimum delivery for every service.

If you are looking for the best place to hire skilled tradespeople from Europe and talents in the Construction and engineering industry, MCK Global is a good place to start your search. 

Also, for a job seeker looking to work in a place where you find professional opportunities for growth and satisfaction, you can consider registering their name with the job search or recruitment section to get started with your tailored job search. Let’s get started.

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More About MCK Global Recruitment

Besides the details mentioned above, MCK Global operates across the UK, Ireland, and Canada, focusing especially on skilled trades and professional placements. Their mission is to improve lives through tailored career approaches and workforce solutions. 

MCK  Global Recruitment Homepage

MCK Global stands to tell amongst others because of its special approach to sourcing talents to fill up vacant spaces. They understand the science behind sourcing and know how to identify the right talent for your roles. 

Therefore, to ensure enlisted talents are qualified and fitted for the proposed role, MCK Global ensures these candidates are tested and tried to meet the set requirements before onboarding begins. This explains the claim of 92% retainment of employed candidates by the companies even after employment. 

Hence, over the years, the agency has recorded a high percentage of client retention, which through its reviews reports the professionalism of talents assigned to the company.

Core Areas of Expertise for MCK Global Recruitment 

MCK Global works with companies in the engineering and construction industry to source local quality workforces for companies facing skill shortage challenges when there is a need for hiring.  

In addition, MCK Global claims to have successfully placed over 3000+ personnel across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, reducing the cases of skill shortage in these regions. 

MCK Global Recruitment focuses on three key areas where they have specialized knowledge and experience:

1. Skilled Trades

  • Construction: This includes positions like welders, pipefitters, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, and concrete finishers.
  • Maintenance: They source technicians for industrial, oil and gas, and other technical sectors.
  • Infrastructure: MCK Global helps fill vital roles for projects like roads, bridges, and utilities.

2. Engineering

  • Civil Engineering: They connect qualified individuals with opportunities in structural, geotechnical, and transportation engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Their expertise covers areas like design, manufacturing, and plant operations.
  • Electrical Engineering: They source talent for projects involving power distribution, control systems, and renewable energy.
  • Chemical Engineering: MCK Global assists companies in finding specialists for process design, production, and quality control.

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3. Professional

  • Accountancy and Finance: They place qualified accountants, auditors, and financial analysts.
  • Information Technology: MCK Global connects businesses with IT professionals like developers, network engineers, and security specialists.
  • Project Management: They source experienced project managers across various industries.
  • Consultancy: MCK Global helps companies find consultants in areas like engineering, management, and human resources.

How MCK Global Serves Its Clients

MCK Global assists clients (Employers) in solving specific skill shortage challenges by sourcing locally for skilled professionals who match the company’s needs

Therefore, if you are an employer seeking to raise the standards of your company by recruiting the next best talents to keep you on the edge of the competitive advantage and safeguard you against losing work to competitors, MCK Global recruitment is one lifesaver you should work with. 

Its key services to employers include the following: 

  • Recruitment: Finding qualified candidates for skilled trades, engineering, and professional roles.
  • Manpower Planning: Analyzing workforce needs and developing strategic hiring solutions.
  • Immigration Support: Assisting with visas and relocation for international talents.

How MCK Global Serves its Candidates (Job Seekers)

If you are a skilled trade person or professional in your field yearning for a better opportunity to improve your standard of living and that of your family with a trusted agency, you should consider working with MCK Global.

As earlier mentioned, MCK Global assists skilled personnel from different parts of the world to enhance their career, by sourcing credible job vacancies with reputable brands in different locations. 

Therefore, to make your dreams come through, this agency partners with international companies to facilitate the hiring of talented professionals, including relocation needs.

Hence, online other agencies, MCK Global Recruitment, not only provide job listings but also ensure the right positioning of candidates to improve their chances of getting employed in the desired company:

Hence, MCK Global’s core services to candidates are outlined below:

  • Job Search: Matching candidates with suitable vacancies in their desired locations.
  • Career Coaching: Guiding with resume writing, interview preparation, and career development.
  • Relocation Support: Simplifying moving to a new country for work.

How to collaborate with MCK Global Recruitment

1. Employers

Contact their team to discuss your hiring needs and receive a customized recruitment plan.

call UK: +44 (0) 141 280 0144

2. Job Seekers

Register on their website or connect with them on LinkedIn to access open positions and career support.

To contact the team call;  +44 (0)141 280 0144 or send your CV to

Advantages and Disadvantages of Collaborating with MCK Global Recruitment

In this section, we identify some advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with MCK Global Recruitment based on research and reviews online.


  • Personalized Service: Unlike faceless online platforms, MCK Global takes the time to understand your individual needs and goals, ensuring a tailored approach that yields better results.
  • International Reach: MCK Global has access to construction and engineering jobs in Europe, Ireland, and Canada, hence, offers great opportunities for local talents to access better standards.
  • Specialist Expertise: MCK Global recruitment focus on key areas (Engineering and Construction) allows them to match candidates with roles that truly resonate with their skills and aspirations, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced turnover.
  • Immigration Support: For international talents, the prospect of relocating is always a stressful process. However, MCK Global alleviates these anxieties by providing comprehensive support, that eases the transition into a new country and career.
  • Strong Testimonials: Positive reviews from satisfied clients on platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn speak volumes about their effectiveness.


  • Focus on Specific Industries: If your needs fall outside their core areas of skilled trades, engineering, and professional roles, other agencies with broader industry coverage might be more suitable.
  • Limited Information on Fees: Although MCK Global mentions competitive fees on its website, a clearer fee structure outlining its pricing model for different services would further enhance transparency and allow for more informed decision-making.

Reviews and Ratings 

Here is an overview of the ratings and reviews for the MCK Global recruitment agency.

1. Ratings 

  • Glassdoor Reviews: MCK Group has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 35 reviews left anonymously by employees. 
  • Indeed Reviews: MCK Group has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on over 18 reviews left anonymously by employees. 

2. Reviews from MCK Global Recruitment 

Testimonial from MCK Global Recruitment
Testimonial from MCK Global Recruitment

MCK Global Recrutiemnt Contact Address 

Compan Name MCK Global Recruitment 
Address Company Name 
Phone: +44 (0) 141 280 0144
Contact Address 


MCK Global Recruitment offers a well-rounded recruitment solution, particularly for employers and candidates seeking skilled trades and professional talent in their core areas. 

More so, the agency offers a personalized approach to sourcing talents for companies with specific skill shortages. For over 24 years MCK Global has successfully placed 3000+ candidates across Europe, Ireland, and Canada and they continue to make strides in the industry.

If you’re looking for a dedicated recruitment partner with a human-centric approach, to fill the needs of your company with 98% retention possibilities, and job satisfaction that guarantees satisfaction, MCK Global is worth considering.

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