Top 10 Recruiting Companies in USA for Job Seekers

Popular Recruitment Agencies in the USA for International Jobs
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As the United States economy continues to make advancements in this evolving technology age, there is an increasing need to fill up the talent gap and employment competition. Read on for the best recruiting companies in USA for job seekers.

According to data published by the Statistics Research Department, September 2023, in the last reviewed business day, there are over 8.8 million job openings in the USA.

More so, as revealed by the Standout CV website,  about 12.4 million Americans search for job every month and it takes about 4 to 5 months to find a suitable job in the US. This can not even be compared to the number of foreign-born in and outside the US seeking job placement monthly.

With the high rate of job search, it becomes difficult for hiring managers to search out and filter the best candidate to fill a specific role. A survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in 2022, revealed that about 47% had open roles they could not fill. You can imagine how much cost and trouble this would create for any organization. 

Hence, what better way can companies bridge the gap of hiring the right staff for the job, and how can job seekers secure the right suiting job? 

Companies can bridge the gap of hiring the right staff for the job by working in synergy with recruitment companies or agencies. This will save companies both time and money and help job seekers find the right job.

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 recruiting companies in USA. To achieve this, we shall consider the top reviews for these agencies and the benefits hiring managers and job seekers stand to get working with recruiting companies in USA

Why work with a Recruitment Company?

The process of procuring new staff is not only time-consuming but also draining, in terms of finances. According to popular research, the average cost most companies spend per hire is around US$4,000, the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) gave a similar review. 

Here are ways your company benefits from the services of a proficient Recruitment company:

  • Extensive knowledge in the field of Talent Acquisition
  • Streamlined hiring 
  • Access to a wider pool of candidate 
  • Expert in employment law and regulations 
  • High level of trust
  • Save job seekers from fack jobs and recruitment advert
  • Help companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace by diversifying employment catchment areas

Best Recruiting Companies in USA for Foreigners

Now we know the importance of working with a recruitment agency in the US, how do you search? This is a major concern because there are so many HR, and recruitment firms operating in the USA. However, according to the report from Forbes in partnership with Statista on the recent market research survey, the survey listed the top 200 staffing agencies in the USA.

In this section, we have listed the top  10 and we will identify what makes them the top and the best recruitment company in the USA.

The Top 10 Recruitment Companies in USA for job seekers and organizations are: 

  1. Robert Half
  2. Kelly
  3. Randstad
  4. Manpower
  5. Korn Ferry
  6. MRINetwork
  7. Adecco
  8. Aerotek
  9. Express Employment
  10. Insight Global

Let’s take a look at these companies, their reviews, ratings and what makes them top best.

Robert Half

Ranking: #1

Agency Name Robert Half
Menlo Park, California
FounderBob Half

According to the Forbes ranking, Robert Half is by far the world’s largest and best staffing agency. They make up the best recruitment agency for foreign workers in the US. Over the years of its existence in the recruitment industry, they have successfully placed over 100,000 job seekers, this is not a record for 5 or 6 years,  but one year. Their credibility and exclusive customer-friendly approach are a testament to this claim. 

Furthermore, the Robert Half agency owns over 325 offices across 42 states. They provide staffing services in five major categories: 

  • Accounting and finance
  • Creative and marketing
  • Legal sector 
  • Administration 
  • Technology 

Mode of Interaction: working with Robert Half’s company is very easy, you can either visit the nearest office for a one-on-one discussion with an expert or simply log in to the office SL website and book a session. Or simply follow the prompts to get started.

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Rank: #2

Name of Company Kelly Services 
Headquarters Troy, Michigan
Founder Mathew Kelly
Industry Business Services & Supplies

As per Forbes release, Kelly Services immersed 2nd among the top-ranked recruitment firms in the USA. The Kelly services work in synergy with over 100 companies and 70,000 hiring managers worldwide. They have positive reviews with years of delivering quality services. 

Over the years, Kelly Services has successfully placed over  440,000 individuals in a year. They provide services across different industries such as education, science, government, engineering, and light industry. 

Working with Kelly services: On your browser log in to the website and search for your desired job or simply fill in the five-minute questionnaire for more personalized job suggestions.


Ranked #3

Company NameRandstad
Headquarter Atlanta, Georgia

CEO North America
Tracie Fiatte 

Karen Fichuk
Industry Business Services & Supplies

Randstad has been around since 1960, founded by Tracie Fiatte. According to Forbes, Randstad is the 3rd ranked best recruiting companies in USA. They offer staffing services to different sectors within the Engineering sectors, it, finance and the accounting sector. 

Randstad occupies about 38 global markets with an impressive reach of over 4700 offices. Hence, with dedicated and committed service to humanity and the progress of both private and government institutions, Readsted has placed over 500,000 job seekers all over the world.

How to work with the team: First, you can visit any of the outlet offices if you live in the US. However, whether you live within or far away you can access their services via the official site. 

As per making your first contact. Once you are signed in and have created an account, you could be required to upload your resume. After which a recruiter will be assigned to you. The recruiter reviews your resume to know your background checks. If there is an open role and you are a good fit, you will be contacted by the firm.

However, if there are lapses in your resume, you would also be contacted and placed on some interviews like skills examination, cultural assessment or behavioral interview. 


Ranked #4

Company NameManpower Group
Milwaukee, Minnesota
Founder Jonas Prising
Chief Executive OfficerJonas Prising
Industry Business Services & Supplies

ManpowerGroup is ranked 4th best recruitment firm in the USA. They are a body of excellent and committed human resource workers providing career opportunities in different industries and job functions.

Also, in addition to this, they offer free access to career and educational resources to help you better sharpen your skills while you wait for your next job placement. 

Over the years, the ManpowerGroup has partnered with over 400,000 companies and has successfully placed over 600,000 job seekers in their dream job roles. These aren’t just huge numbers but a testament to the credibility of this staffing agency. 

More so, with over 80 offices across the state working with the ManpowerGroup is a seamless process. Either you work via online services or visit on-site offices.

CV writing services
CV writing services

Korn Ferry

Ranked #5

Company NameKorn Ferry
Headquarters Milwaukee, Minnesota
Founder Lester B. Korn and Richard M. Ferry.
Industry organizational consulting firm.
Employees 11,000

According to the Forbes 2023 rating, Korn Ferry ranked 4th as the best recruiting companies in USA. They are a global organizational consultancy firm, specializing in executive hiring that spans different industries, job levers and organizational areas. 

The  Korn Ferry agency houses over 7 million candidates’ profiles with more making the number daily. They have over 11, 000 employers (an aggregate figure) across 50 countries. Furthermore, the Korn Ferry agency takes up a strategic approach in its staffing exercise. 

For example, they carry out comprehensive executive assessments to identify your character traits, competence and experiences. This data helps them select and identify roles aligned with your skills.

MRINetwork Company

Ranked #6

Company Name MRINetwork Company
HeadquartersGoose Creek, South Carolina
Founder Late Alan R. Schonberg 
Industry Employment agency company

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The  MRINetwork established in 1963 has taken the recruitment game to a dynamic ground. With a presence in 40+ countries, over the years, with a consistent track record of exceeding clients’ expectations, MRINetwork has placed over 17,000 contract roles, and 800,000+ general roles across multiple fields.  

More so, the MRINetwork company with its massive presence boost of over 200+ offices across 5 continents with over 1600+ recruitment professionals worldwide. They are known as one of the biggest employment agencies in the United States. 


Ranked #7

Company Name The Adecco Group
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida
FoundersKlaus Johann Jacobs, Philippe Foriel-Destezet, Henri-Ferdinand Lavanchy
Employeesapproximately 39,000 
Industry Recruitment Company 

Adecco is one of the largest recruiting agencies in the world with over 5400 offices across 60 countries. They offer career and education services to improve client acquisition and a wide range of in-demand job placements across different industries. Such as in the hospitality and catering sectors and legal, technical, and industrial sectors. 

The ultimate goal of Adecco is to provide both temporary and permanent placement to job seekers. Recent records show that over 70,000 workers receive placement daily with this agency. 

To start up your application with Adecco, simply sign in to the website, and create your profile, this is optional. Then proceed to fill out the short-minute application for customized updates on preferred job roles. More so, you can search for available job roles using the job listing feature on the website.


Ranking #8

Company Name Aerotek
Headquarters Hanover, Maryland
Founder Steve Bisciotti
IndustryBusiness Services & Supplies

Aerotek is another globally recognized company offering both recruitment and career services. They started up as the engineering recruitment agency for specific aerospace and defence sectors. 

However, over the years, the Aerotek company now provides both career and education services across different sectors in electronics, industrial equipment,  food and beverage, distribution and chemical manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, the Aerotek staffing company boost of over 200 offices across the US, connecting over 50,000 job seekers with different companies, approximately 13,000 weekly 

To work with the company, simply sign up and create an account then upload your resume indicating your desired job choice.  If there is an opening and you make a good fit, a recruiter will reach out to you for further negotiations.

Express Employment Professionals Company

Ranking #9

Company name Express Employment Professionals Company
Headquarters Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FounderWilliams Stoller

Insight Global

Ranking #10 

Ranking at number 10 is Insight Global, one of the fastest-growing recruiting companies in USA. With over 62 regional offices throughout the US and Canada. Their services span accounting and finance jobs, to IT and engineering job opportunities. With an overall rating of 4 on Glassdoor, over the years Insight Global has successfully placed 33, 000 job seekers.

No doubt, working with them is a sure bet considering the reviews and endorsement by Glassdoor. In fact, in 2021, they received the Best Staffing Clients Diamond Award. No doubt, working with Instant Global is one choice you would be glad you made


Job hunting is a tedious process for both employers and job seekers, but imagine someone doing the hard work for you. How soothing.

Hopefully, with the help.o Of these best recruitment companies in the USA, you can expect a seamless job search/recruitment process. 

However, I would advise that, before you settle for any, always research further to clear all doubts. Also, while signing up or creating your profile, ensure you send in the right documents. 

For example, make sure your CV is well tailored to the job and you have a great cover letter. This will help you secure a good position in no time. 

Do you need help writing or revamping your  CV? contact Fasthire today. A professional CV writer will be assigned to you. 

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