Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in the UK

Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies
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The less expensive way to relocate to the UK is through companies that offer visa sponsorship. It is a cheaper but difficult-to-secure means of relocating to the UK. This is because the companies that offer visa sponsorship are very few, approximately 5%.

Are you looking for companies in the UK that offer visa sponsorship? I bet your answer is Yes. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the meaning of visa sponsorship, the companies that provide it, and the agencies through which it is processed. Let’s get started!

What is a Visa Sponsorship?

Visa Sponsorship is a term made up of two words: visa and sponsorship. We will look at them separately.

Visa is a legal document that grants the bearer access to a foreign country. It is either stamped or pasted on the international passport of the bearer. In other words, a visa means the legal right to enter a country. Sponsorship means being able to provide for someone financially. In simple terms, it means that someone else is paying for your bills.

Visa Sponsorship, therefore, means a type of support, aimed at providing funds needed to obtain a visa. When offered a job with visa sponsorship, it simply means that the cost of obtaining your visa and the process will be taken care of by your employer.

Visa sponsorship is usually offered by the employing organization. The company sponsors the individual to relocate to the country and location where it is located. To qualify for visa sponsorship, you have to be highly skilled. If your skill is the same as someone in the country, the company won’t go that extra mile of paying for your expenses.

Who is Eligible for Visa Sponsorship?

To be eligible for visa sponsorship, you have to meet the requirements stipulated by your potential employer. This is because your employer is the one sponsoring your visa. Therefore, those who meet the requirements of the potential employer are eligible for visa sponsorship.

Industries with the Most Visa Sponsorship Jobs

The industry with the most visa sponsorship jobs is technology. Being that technology keeps advancing, there is a continuous need for specialized hands. Also, the vast fields under the name ‘Technology’ make it more common. It also has the highest work-from-home jobs. Technology is a  huge industry and one that keeps expanding daily.

In addition to technology, there are other fields that offer visa sponsorship. They are:

  • Medicine/ Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Engineering

These industries all have a lot of specialized areas that need specialized hands. Asides from the need for specialized hands, the need for more workers can also cause companies to offer visa sponsorship to their potential employees. So, if you have a degree or skill in any of the industries listed above, then you can seek jobs with visa sponsorship and apply.        

Types of UK Visa

There are different types of visas in the UK, namely;

  • Business visa
  • Work visa
  • Study visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Family visa
  • Settlement visa
  • Transit visa

For this article, our focus is the work visa. However, to read up about UK visas, you can visit this website.

Work Visa

This type of visa gives the holder the legal right to work in the UK. It has about 3 types with different sub-categories under each one. The different types of work visas are:

  1. Short-term work visa
  2. Long-term work visa
  3. Entrepreneur, Business-startup, and talent visas 

Short-term Work Visa

This visa only grants its holder the right to work in the UK for a short period. They last around six months to one year and are only issued for certain work purposes. Part of the sub-categories of UK short-term work visas are religious worker visas, seasonal worker visas, charity worker temporary visas, etc.   


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Long-term Work Visa

This work visa type grants its holder working rights in the UK for a longer period. The visa lasts for about 2-5years and gives its holder the right and chance to apply for permanent citizenship if they so desire. Skilled worker visas, Minister of religion visas, health and care worker visas, etc are all under the long-term work visa.

Entrepreneur, Business Start-up, and Talent Visa            

There is no particular work visa that covers all. However, there are different sub-categories that make up this type of work visa. They are UK innovator visa, UK start-up visa, UK investor visa, etc.

To read up about these visa types, the requirements for applying, and how to apply, you can visit this website. You can also find more information here. Now, let’s look at visa sponsorship recruitment agencies in the UK.

Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in the UK

  1. Nouveau Care
  2. Vira International
  3. Medacs Healthcare
  4. Williams Allan

Nouveau Care

This is an agency in charge of delivering care to the elderly. Their services include dementia care, companionship, palliative care, companionship, personal care, medication support, etc. They also recruit overseas nurses and caregivers.       

Vira International

Vira International was founded in 1970 and has been providing a niche service while focusing on the hospitality sector. Their services include UK Immigration, Internships, Recruitment, and sponsorship and compliance.                

Medacs Healthcare

This is a leading healthcare staffing agency. They source staff for both private and public sectors internationally and locally.  They are located in different countries like the US, UK, Ireland, etc.      

Williams Allan

This is a business consultancy that helps businesses recruit the best talent for their businesses both locally and internationally. They bring a talented pool of individuals to their clients through the skilled worker visa. It is through this visa that companies sponsor their potential employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Visa Sponsorship

What is Visa Sponsorship?

In simple terms, visa sponsorship is all about your employer sponsoring your visa and possibly, the relocation into the country.

Who initiates the process?

The employer is the one who initiates the process of securing a visa for the employee. Your employer goes through the rigors of filing for your visa and proving that there is no other better person for that position.

Who is eligible for Visa Sponsorship?

Eligibility depends on how skilled you are. If you have mastery of the skills or services you are bringing to the table, then you are eligible. This is because your employer has to prove that no one else in the United Kingdom is capable of rendering such service.

Con of Visa Sponsorship

Visa Sponsorship, though good has a downside. One of which is the potential of employers working the employee harder than normal, leading to burnout. Companies spend a lot to sponsor individuals to come into the country. Therefore, when the employee resumes work, they are first interested in raising back the money spent.

Conclusion: Visa Sponsorship Recruitment Agencies in the UK

Companies offer visa sponsorship to their potential employees found worthy. Usually, the applications these companies receive for visa sponsorship jobs are many. Therefore, you have to be exceptional to get the offer. While these companies may recruit for their visa sponsorship themselves, some others may choose to use the services of recruitment agencies.                              

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