How to Get a Job as a Copywriter For Beginners 2024

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Copywriting is a lucrative job in the realm of freelance writing. It’s also a rewarding small business concept for great content writers who want to advance their professions.

However, no matter how well-informed you are or how good you are at copywriting, you can’t call yourself a copywriter until you get your first client.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide that will help you secure jobs as a copywriter. With these essential steps, you will set yourself on the path of career progress.

About Copywriting

A copywriter is someone who writes to educate, persuade, or influence their audience, frequently with the objective of selling a product or service. Copywriters understand their audience and know how to influence decisions with words and recommendations.

Billboards, brochures, catalogs, jingle lyrics, magazine and newspaper adverts, sales letters and other direct mail, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines and white paper, and website posts are all created by copywriters. Copywriters are also responsible for social media marketing.

The copywriter allows all these correspond with the expectations of the target audience while keeping the content and copy current, relevant, and effective.

How to Get a Job as a Copywriter

1. Job Boards

If you’re new to copywriting, internet job boards can be a good place to start.

The disadvantage of job boards is that many content mills and other low-paying firms advertise for copywriters. However, these aren’t the only companies advertising on copywriting employment boards. 

Job boards have helped many new copywriters find high-paying clients. Even those who took lower-paying occupations when they initially started out got significant experience from this employment. Some of these also resulted in additional referrals, writing samples, and client testimonials, as well as long-term work.

To find quality jobs all you have to do is, learn the fundamentals of copywriting, identify the niche you’ll serve, and create your marketing USP. Then, while applying for online job advertisements, combine all of these features. Some job boards to check out include, and

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2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as an excellent online job search platform, functioning as a business-oriented social media site dedicated to professional networking. Users, both employers and job seekers, can establish profiles, peruse job postings, and connect directly with professionals. Follow these steps for effective use:

Set Up Your Profile: Craft a compelling online resume by incorporating a clear photo, a headline or title, a background image, contact details, and a summary of your expertise and work experience.

Search for Potential Clients: Utilize LinkedIn’s search functionality to identify professionals based on industry, company, job title, or name. For instance, target marketing managers in your niche or individuals likely in need of your services.

Contact Potential Clients: Reach out to identified individuals by sending a connection invitation. Use the “Connect” button, accompanied by a brief, friendly note introducing yourself and expressing your interest. Remember, building social relationships is key on LinkedIn.

While immediate job opportunities might not arise, maintaining connections and engaging with your LinkedIn network can yield long-term benefits in your pursuit of a copywriting gig.

3. Networking

Developing ties with other copywriters and professionals in your niche has numerous personal and professional advantages.

One of these advantages is the possibility of finding work. In fact, the majority of people would agree that networking has been the most efficient way for them to find great copywriting employment.

If you’re not particularly social, don’t worry: you don’t have to go to networking events and talk to random people to build an effective network.

Knowing a small group of fellow copywriters and experts can lead to great opportunities.

To begin establishing your network as a copywriter, try the methods below.

Become Involved: Where do you go to meet new people? These are several venues to start meeting people, depending on how outgoing you are: 

  • Meetings at your neighborhood Chamber of Commerce.
  • Copywriting events and conferences.
  • Local social groups, such as sports teams or volunteer organizations.
  • Copywriting classes or subjects relating to your niche.
  • Professional organizations.
  • Social media and online forums.

If you join an online or in-person group, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and will enjoy being a part of. If you’re only there to market yourself, it will be obvious, and no one will enjoy the experience.

Inform People About What You Do: Here you can apply the unique selling proposition (USP) statement about what you do and who you serve. If you’re networking with people who aren’t familiar with copywriting, you should have a few words prepared to describe what it is. However, if you chat with other copywriters, they will immediately understand your USP and will be delighted to discuss theirs as well. Informing others about what you do is useful for general conversation, but it is also useful for cultivating referrals. If someone knows exactly what you do, they will be able to suggest you to related work in the future.

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4. Inbound Marketing

The copywriting job-hunting approaches we’ve covered fall into “outbound marketing,” where you actively reach out to potential clients. Another method is “inbound marketing,” where you attract clients without initial outreach. This involves strategies such as building a website, regular blogging, SEO optimization, guest posts, speaking at events, creating relevant books, and engaging in social media.

Inbound marketing positions you as an expert, especially if you consistently provide valuable content in your niche.

While it takes time, it establishes a powerful reputation, allowing you to negotiate fees confidently. For optimal results, especially if you’re new, combining outbound and inbound strategies ensures a steady flow of high-quality clients over the long term.


You’ve discovered that a side hustle or a full-time copywriting business is available to you.

It’s not easy or simple, but getting your first freelancing work will make you feel fantastic and lead to many more.

Do your research and practice your talents. There is a client out there who requires what you have to offer.

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