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Armstrong Relocation is one of the top moving companies in Memphis, USA. For decades, the company has been providing some of the best moving services to large and small-scale businesses, as well as individuals in need of their services. 

Undoubtedly, Armstrong Relocation is among the top ten moving companies in the country and Memphis. They provide local and international moving services at an affordable rate. According to the reviews made available on the platform, Armstrong Relocation is a remarkable company that provides better services with top-notch delivery services. 

Also, Armstrong relocation provides interstate moving. The company is equipped with well-trained employees who offer potential customers their top services. 

Armstrong Relocation offers local, international, and long-distance moving. However, international moving and long-distance moving will require engaging with their partner companies (Mayflower Movers, United Van Lines). 

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Armstrong’s relocation and why you should use their services.

Armstrong Relocation History

Armstrong Relocation is a moving company that was founded in 1922. The company’s headquarters is in Memphis, United States. Also, Armstrong Relocation has over 31 locations in the country and over 19 states in the U.S.

While Armstrong Relocation is a moving company, it is also in partnership with other global and local moving companies, such as the

  • Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage
  • British Association of Removers
  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)
  • Mayflower Movers, United Van Lines
  • Commercial Relocation Network
  • Federation of International Moving Companies
  • American Library Association
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)
  • Claims Prevention and 
  • Procedure Council Indirect Air Carriers

Hence, the company is considered a moving company that offers international and domestic moving services. Some of the major missions of Armstrong relocation are expressed through Unity, Integrity, Attitude, Value, Relationships, Communication, and Generosity. 

What services do these companies offer in particular? Let’s find out more.

Armstrong Relocation Services

Armstrong Relocation is one of the best moving services with remarkable customer support. They provide some of the best services, which include:

1. Art Transport:

one service provided by Armstrong Relocation is art transport. They help customers to transport their artwork from their current location to their desired location.

2. Antique Transport:

Also, Armstrong offers antiques moving to desired destinations at an affordable fee. This moving is usually covered by an insurance policy provided by the company.

3. Packing Services:

Packing services are also one service provided by the company. This service is provided to individuals and companies. 

4. Unpacking:

They also offer unpacking services to individuals who are relocating to another destination at an affordable rate. Reviews on this service indicate that Armstrong Relocation is reliable and secure.

5. Piano Transport:

Valuable properties, such as pianos, can be easily moved by the company to your desired destination.

6. Storage Services:

Storage services are one service offered by the Armstrong Relocation Company Memphis Armstrong Relocation Company Memphis. Individuals and companies can store their valuables at the Armstrong Relocation storehouses. Services include short and long-term storage.

7. Fragile Only Packing:

This is another interesting service provided by Armstrong Relocation. Fragile Only Packing helps customers transport their fragile goods from their current location to their desired location.

8. Full-Service

If you ever need a full service for your products, guess what? Armstrong Relocation offers full service. They help move people who plan to relocate to another building at an affordable rate. Also, they ensure the safe arrival of your luggage and on time too. 

Other Services By Armstrong Relocation Company 

  • Debris Removal:
  • Cross Country:
  • Furniture And Equipment Installation:
  • Logistics And Warehousing:

Armstrong Relocation Contact

Here is Armstrong Relocation’s official address info:

Is Armstrong Relocation a Licensed Company?

Armstrong Relocation is a licensed moving company. It is headquarters is in Memphis, United States. The company is registered as Armstrong Transfer & Storage Company Inc., which is also known as Armstrong Relocation. It is registered with USD.O.T (1170867), and it is licensed for moving household items, motor vehicles, general freight, and metals.

Also, Armstrong is equipped with a Satisfactory SAFER safety rating, as well as a zero percent out-of-service rate. They also have $1 million in bodily injury and property damage coverage, and this makes them one of the best moving companies in the country. The company also has a Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Armstrong Relocation is licensed to make interstate moving, and they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA ).

What Are Armstrong Relocation Prices?

Armstrong Relocation offers commitment pricing that keeps up with the prices at the market. They offer competitive market price and ensures that their clients get the best of their services at an affordable rate. So, for a local move, expect an average cost of $1,393. However, for a longer distance move, aside from a city, expect an average cost of $6,017. Please note that your actual location, specific service, and moving date affect your Armstrong quote.

Furthermore, the prices for each of their services vary from one another. The prices for interstate moving vary from local or global moving. To get the utmost price for the service(s). Please visit the official website for Armstrong Relocation Companies or call the official customer service line above.

What Does Amstrong Relocation Insurance Cover?

Armstrong Relocation offers insurance coverage for all of the services it provides. This includes insurance for highly valued goods, which are protected by a high-value inventory form. You can request a quote for insurance coverage on the Armstrong Relocation website.

The average cost of a move with Armstrong Relocation is $6,806 for domestic moves and $5,266 for long-distance moves. International and interstate moves can be more expensive due to additional fees, which can go as high as 26%, depending on the location and size of the items.

Other factors that can affect the cost of your move include the size of your move, the distance traveled, the type of items you are moving (fragile items may cost more to move), and any supplemental services you choose to purchase.

It is important to contact Armstrong Relocation directly to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your move.

Why You Should Consider Armstrong Relocation?

Armstrong Relocation is one of the best moving companies in the United States. They help customers ease the stress of doing it all alone by providing them with the option of paying a token for outstanding services.

Furthermore, Armstrong Relocation provides users with several services ranging from: 

  • Delivery services
  • Art Transport
  • Antiques Transport
  • Packing services
  • Unpacking, Piano Transport
  • Storage services
  • Fragile Only Packing
  • Full Service
  • Debris Removal
  • Cross country
  • Furniture and equipment installation, to Logistics and warehousing

Armstrong Relocation provides top services at an affordable rate. They also enable easy access to their services by providing a platform where potential customers can reach them through their website, telephone, email, and others. The company also offers full services and 24/7 customer support for clients who want to make complaints or suggestions.

How Is Armstrong Relocation’s Customer Support?

Armstrong Relocation is a reputable organization that highly regards reviews from customers. The customer support at this company is top-notch, and they regard each review, complaint, and suggestion with importance.

The customer support at Amstrong Relocation is available 24/7. customers can easily access their official platforms to request their services at an affordable rate or make complaints and get attended to. 

Furthermore, Customers who are interested in finding more information on estimates or quote can access their site any time of the day. There is a ballpark moving quote for users who hope for a rough estimate on their items.

In addition, customers can also track their items through ( They offer seamless services to business owners and individuals.

Conclusion on Armstrong Relocation Company

Armstrong Relocation is one of the best moving companies in Memphis, Canada. They provide a wide range of services at a lower price. Customer support in this company is 24/7 with happy people to respond to your needs. This article featured some services offered by the company and insight into the company



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