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Most times it’s difficult to access job vacancies. According to, most job adverts stay up for just 30 days before they get filled up. However, other times, companies do not even run adverts for opening roles. How then do you stay informed and work your dream job?

Consequently, in situations like this, you need someone to stand in the gap in other to stay updated whenever these opportunities are let out. Hence the need for recruitment agencies.  

Recruitment agencies serve as bridges between job seekers, companies, and organizations with open roles. They make the process of jobs seamless for job seekers and hiring companies. However, you must be careful of Fake Recruitment Agencies in the USA and other regions seeking whom to devour.

Therefore, this explains why recruitment agencies like Mondo Staffing pride themselves in offering relief to job seekers seeking better staffing opportunities. 

Mondo Staffing Agency is a global staffing agency that specializes in placing talents in tech, creativity, and digital marketing roles. They help both job seekers and organizations seeking to hire qualified talents.

In this article review, we discuss the core duties of Mondo Staffing Agency, what the company is all about, the industries it serves, and its online reputation via reviews and ratings. At the end of this company review, you should know how best to make your decision.

About Mondo Staffing Agency

Mondo Staffing is a national workforce solutions company that is focused on providing staffing solutions for industries in tech, creative, and digital marketing spheres to job seekers and organizations hiring qualified talents within its industrial reach. 

More so, for over two decades, Mondo through its structured values and strategy has changed the approach of hiring acrose different roles such as contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time Tech and Digital Marketing talent. 

As a result of this unique mindset tailored to every solution it creates, Mondo staffing boosts an “unmatched fulfillment rate of 75% and an average placement time of 3-5 days for contract roles and 5-10 days for full-time roles” as reported by the Rocket reach website. 

Additionally, over the years, Mondo staffing has accumulated a network of over 1.4M + tech professionals acrose vast industries, 100+ industry-specific recruiters serving acrose its 10+ offices acrose the globe

Unlike other generic agencies, the company’s ethos revolves around a personalized approach that prioritizes the cultural fit and long-term relationships of both parties before any matching is done. 


Named one of “America’s Best Recruiting and Staffing Firms for 2023 by Forbes and ranked #45 out of all Staffing and Recruiting organizations.

Industrial Expertise Covered by Mondo

Mondo services three industries that cover a broad reach. These include:

  • Digital marketing staffing 
  • Creative staffing and 
  • IT and Tech staffing

1. Digital Marketing Staffing 

Mondo understands the importance of digital marketing in the online space and with the advancement of technological knowledge, the need for digital marketing talents is consistently on the increase. 

Hence, to match companies’ needs for skilled talents, Mondo boasts an exclusive network Of top-tire digital marketing talents acquainted with the use of over 140+ tools that can boost sales, enhance website traffic, and generate revenue 

Hence, whatever digital talent you see, AI specialist, graphics designer, or marketer, Mondo Is the best resort.

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Core Digital marketing services offered are 

  • Analytics and strategy
  • Customer experience
  • Digital Marketing quality assurance
  • eCommerce
  • Executive
  • Marketing automation & demand gen
  • MarTech
  • Media planning & buying
  • Project Management
  • UX/UI

2. Creative Hiring 

More than ever, every organization needs talented creatives as part of their team to boost efficiency and generate more revenue and traction. Monda understands these needs and thus offers staffing services to organizations in need of creative services. 

Some of the most common roles under this category as handled by Monda include the following:

  • Content and Social
  • Creative Design and Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design and videography

3. IT and Tech Staffing:

Working with Monda staffing agency to hire your tech talents allows you to work with professional techies with vast knowledge of over 180+ latest technologies and programming languages. Also, if you desire to get a job in tech, Mondo list of 100+ Jobs across different tech industries.

Below are some of the core IT and Tech jobs handled or offered by Mondo Staffing Agency:

  • AR, VR & IoT
  • BI, Big Data & Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Database Administrators (DBA)
  • DevOps
  • eCommerce Tech
  • Hire IT Executives | Mondo Staffing
  • Infrastructure & Support
  • Machine Learning
  • PMO Consultants
  • Salesforce
  • Software Development
  • Tech Quality Assurance
  • Web & Mobile Development
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Core Services Offered By Mondo Staffing 

Mondo caters to both sides of the talent equation, offering specialized services for both companies and individuals:

1. For Clients:

  • Talent Acquisition: As a busy executive, Mondo staffing helps you  Identify and attract top-tier talent through their extensive network and deep understanding of specific industries. They bridge the gap so you don’t have to worry about the selection process
  • Strategic Recruitment: The team at Mondo Work excels in recruiting talents because they craft customized solutions aligned with your long-term business goals. Hence, they save companies time-to-hire while maximizing efficiency
  • Cultural Fit Assessment: Mondo doesn’t just stop at sourcing skilled talents, they also ensure seamless integration of new hires into company culture, fostering a productive and thriving environment.
  • Project-Based Staffing: You get planned flexible solutions for short-term or specialized project needs, which offer agility and cost-effectiveness.

How It Works:

Hiring for your company with Mondo staffing agency is seamless and follows just four approaches, they are:

  • Discuss your hiring needs.
    Meet Your Candidates
  • Timeline Check-In
  • Hire Talent

2. For Candidates

Searching for jobs with the Mondo Staffing job search portal is easy. You can search by typing in the keywords. Location or job title. If you don’t find a perfect fit, you can choose to sign in for daily notification when a job offer that matches your portfolio is listed you will be notified. Other services offered are stated below:

  • Career Coaching & Mentoring: Get  Personalized guidance and support for career development and advancement, via the the blog section of the website.
  • Job Market Analysis: Expert insights into industry trends, salary expectations, and interview preparation, and stand a better chance at securing your next job

Top Competitors of Mondo Staffing Agency

Mondo is not the only thriving staffing agency in the United States and other countries of presence. Below are top competitors in the recruitment space contending with Mondo staffing agency.

  • Agile Resources,
  • The InSource Group
  • Creatis
  • GTN Technical Staffing and consulting 
  • Kavaliro

Pros and Cons of Collaborating with Mondo Staffing 

Every collaboration has its challenges, and Mondo is no exception. Let’s consider the potential benefits and drawbacks for both clients and candidates based on popular reviews 

Pros and Cons For Clients:


  • Access to a curated pool of exceptional talent through in-depth industry knowledge and personalized selection processes.
  • Streamlined recruiting process with reduced time-to-hire, increasing efficiency and maximizing ROI.
  • Minimized hiring risks through rigorous candidate vetting and cultural fit assessments.
  • Enhanced team diversity and creativity through Mondo’s commitment to inclusion.


  • Potentially higher fees compared to generalist agencies, demanding investment in quality.
  • Slower turnaround time for highly specialized positions due to stringent selection criteria.
  • Limited flexibility in candidate profiles due to a focus on cultural fit and specific skillsets.

Pros and Cons For Candidates:


  • Access to exclusive, highly relevant job opportunities not readily available on public platforms.
  • Personalized career coaching and guidance from experienced professionals, empowering informed decision-making.
  • Increased market visibility and access to top decision-makers, putting your skills in front of the right people.


  • Stringent eligibility criteria and rigorous interview processes demand a high level of preparation and readiness.
  • Potentially longer interview cycles due to a focus on finding the perfect fit for both candidate and company needs.
  • Limited flexibility in terms of job locations or work styles due to cultural fit prioritization.

Reviews and Ratings for Mondo Staffing Agency

According to the reviews available on the internet as published by different reputable sites, here is an overview of the ratings and reviews for Mondo Staffing Agency.

  • Glassdoor: According to Glassdoor reviews and ratings, Mondo has an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5, based on over 884 reviews left anonymously by employees
  • CareerBliss: According to CareerBliss reviews and ratings, Mondo has an overall rating of 3.7 Average Rating out of 5, based on over 7 Mondo Review Ratings left anonymously by Mondo employees, which is 5% lower than the 
  • RepVue: According to RepVue, Mondo has an overall employee rating of 2.5 out of 5 and a RepVue score of 66.94. 

Mondo Staffing Agency Company Summary 

Company NameMondo Staffing Agency
Employees654 on RocketReach
Year Founded2000
Address102 Madison Ave 7th Floor, New York, New York 10016, US
Category Staffing and Recruiting, Human Resources & Staffing
Phone 212) 257-5111
Mondo Staffing Agency Review – Company Profile

Conclusion: Our Final Verdict on Mondo Staffing Agency Review

If you’re a company seeking exceptional talent or a candidate hungry for your dream career, Mondo Staffing Agency offers a personalized path forward. As revealed in this article, they bridge the gap between resumes and reality, while focusing on the human connections that drive sustainable success. 

While their tailored approach demands a higher investment and stricter vetting process, the potential for a perfect fit and long-term growth makes them a compelling choice for those seeking quality over quantity.

Although, the decision to walk alongside Mondo rests with you. If you value personalized guidance, cultural fit, and exclusive opportunities, they might be the bridge you need to navigate the job search market and hunt the best talent. But, if your priority is immediate placement or maximum flexibility, alternative solutions might be a better fit.

Disclaimer: This review only attempts to illuminate the strengths and potential drawbacks of partnering with Mondo. Remember, the most important factor is your own needs and aspirations. Choose wisely and explore thoroughly.

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