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Student Housing Agency Amsterdam – If you are privileged to school in the Netherlands, one thing you must settle for an enjoyable stay is finding a good apartment close to your institution. Due to high demand in student housing in the Netherlands, acquiring a pleasant apartment is not only tedious but also expensive. Hence, you will need to hire the services of Amsterdam’s finest student housing agency so you don’t go through the stress all alone.

Although, there are many other means of securing student housing in Amsterdam, like the student housing corporations, Facebook groups and some nice websites. Working with a housing agency in Amsterdam helps bridge the gap between students and landlords. More so, a good housing agency makes searching out budget-friendly student housing in Amsterdam easier.

In Amsterdam, there are several student housing agencies committed to the service of securing student accommodation, onboarding and rental procedures. Agencies like this make it possible for students to bypass the stress and dangers of scammers while navigating the Netherlands housing market.

In this article, we will discuss the leading Amsterdam agency for student housing, then move a little further to compare their ratings, reviews, pros and cons. But first, before you begin your search, these are the things you should know before looking for a place in Amsterdam.

What You Need to Know Before you start your House Hunting in Amsterdam

Finding a place to stay in Amsterdam is a challenging process due to the high demand for student housing. According to Erasmus magazine, a student housing publication out of the twenty largest student cities in the Netherlands, there is a shortage of 27 thousand student houses. 

Although some universities in Amsterdam offer student housing options, usually on-campus accommodation for international students, these slots are hardly available due to the number of applicants each year. For this reason,  many students result in private housing options owned and managed by different housing companies and corporations.

Therefore, many international students in Dutch universities go for private housing such as  shared flats or  studio rooms. 

1. Private Room in a Shared Apartment 

In a shared apartment, four to five students stay in the same flats, sharing common facilities like bathroom, kitchen, dining space and, most times, living room, while having a room to themselves. Shared flats are a cheaper accommodation option for students because the monthly bills including rents are paid collectively. 

Furthermore, depending on the agency, some shared flats come unfurnished. So students are required to buy their furniture. However, some others come already furnished and cost more than the former. The average monthly rent in Amsterdam for a shared student  flat ranges between 500 and €1000.

2. Studio Room

A studio room is a large room designed in such a way as to fit in a room, a dining space, and a kitchen. Most studio rooms come with dining paces as well. This type of student housing is usually rented by housing agencies and trusted student corporations.

Now, let’s look at the top student housing agencies in Amsterdam and review 

Top 5 Student Housing Agencies in Amsterdam Review 

Finding a house in Amsterdam is not a walk in the park. However, with the help of a student housing agency, you can  navigate the application process with ease.

The top student housing agency in Amsterdam are:

  1. DUWO
  2. Student Experience – AmstelHome
  3. Kamernet
  4. Xior
  5. Student Housing Holland

Student Housing Agency Amsterdam – DUWO Review 

ADDRESS1097 JR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Duwo is one of the biggest student housing agencies in the Netherlands, with over 33,000 rooms and houses in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Delft, Deventer, The Hague, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Leiden and Wageningen. They offer different student accommodation ranging from furnished and unfurnished rooms, to private and studio apartments. Not only are the rooms spacious, they provide top-notch customer service with high maintenance.

Also, DUWO offers a variety of student housing options, including furnished and unfurnished rooms, apartments, and studios. Its housing is ‌located in convenient areas, close to public transportation and universities. DUWO also offers a variety of services to help students find and move into their new homes, such as viewings, applications, and contracts.

Make applications easier with DWO, you can download the DUWO housing app. The app offers a smooth interface and easy to navigate feature. 

Here is what to expect from the app:

  • Practical and timely housing information of your residential complex or neighborhood
  • Overview of your invoices and record of all your payment before and after payment of your first rent.
  • No need to need for a third party app, make direct payment with the DUWO app
  • Contact DUWO directly with the contact details provide in the app

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Affordable rent Shared living space 
Convenient locationLess privacy 
Opportunities to SocializeLess control over your living space  
Access to amenitiesLess flexibility in terms of move-in and move-out dates
Pros and Cons 

Student Housing Agency Amsterdam – Student Experience – AmstelHome

Best for Studio Rooms 

ADDRESSJoan Muyskenweg 15-16-17, 1096 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
CONTACT DETAILS+31 20 235 2159
Rating by Google Reviews4.0

AmstelHome, also known as Student Experience Amsterdam,  is also one of the student housing agencies present in four different locations in Amsterdam: Zuidas, Minervahaven, IJburg, and Diemen. They provide fully furnished studios in these areas. Hence, students don’t have to come in with their furniture because it will be provided by the agency. 

Also, all students experience residences located in convenient locations, close to public transformation, the university, and other basic amenities. More so, they offer easy access to facilities like the gym, laundromats and study room.

Application process for accommodation in the Student Experience residence is seamless. However, the waiting time may last for a long time. But if you are selected, you will be invited for an interview, after which, you will need to sign the lease and pay a deposit for the rent. Some order documents you would need to present are proof of student enrollment and proof of income. 

Furthermore, the cost of living here can be expensive, however, if you wish to save some cost, you can opt for a shared studio room. The average cost of a studio room in the Student Experience residence is €650 to €1,000 per month.


  • Presence of a laundry room
  • A study room 
  • Fitness center 
  • Common TV
  • A bicycle storage room and a parking garage

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Fully furnished studios High cost 
Easily Access to amenities Long waiting list
Convenient LocationNo privacy, restricted movement, start set time
Opportunity to socializeShared living space
Pros and Cons 

Student Housing Agency Amsterdam – Kamernet


Kamernet is another wonderful housing agency in the Netherlands, receiving over 200 thousand students all over the world in search of accommodations. According to research, Kamernet has the largest housing platform for rental properties, connecting landlords, real estate agents to students and international travelers. Kamernet

Hence, they offer different student housing options, ranging from private apartments to studio rooms. The services of Kamernet are not only for new international students in Amsterdam, it also include professionals seeking higher educational pursuit. 

More so, one reason Kamernet attracts thousands of students in Amsterdam is due to the uniqueness of their facilities, top-notch maintenance, customer care and transparency in finance. In addition ,Kamernet also conducts manual checks to all listed properties on the platform, providing users with a clear overview of the site.

And if you are not satisfied, you can hop on a virtual interview call where you get to explore the said property, real life. Hence, based on Google reviews, and online rating, Kamernet is one of the best student housing agencies you should work with for you.

Pros and Cons  

Pros Cons 
Affordable Rooms are usually small 
Close to the major city areas High cost of living 
Flexibility in rent paymentLittle privacy
Pros and Cons  

Xior Student Housing

WEBSITE https://corporate.xior.
ADDRESSFrankrijklei 64-68, 2000 Antwerp
CONTACT DETAILS OR +32 3 257 04 89
Xior Student Housing
student housing agency, amsterdam review

Source: Website (A screenshot Xiox’s review )

Xior student housing is yet another great body that enhances and facilitates student housing in the Netherlands. With over 10,000 rooms across 17 cities, xior’s residence offering provides absolute comfort with high-quality apartments and facilities which promote a student-friendly atmosphere. 

More so, the rooms in Xiors are fully furnished and contain everything students need including bed, desks, chairs and wardrobe. The rooms in Xiors are studios to apartments and shared flats. 

If you are interested in renting a room in Xiors, you need a passcode to login for your application. Send an email to, you will receive directions on what to do next. However, you contact Xior’s customer care directly with the contact details listed above for  better directions.

What to stand to get at Xioxs:

  • 24 – hours reception
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Gym and much more 

Student Housing Holland

ADDRESSWillem II Straat 6A, 5038 BG Tilburg, Netherlands
CONTACT DETAILS+31 13 204 0149
OPERATING HOUSEMonday – friday (9am – 3:30pm)
Student Housing Holland

The student Housing Holland is considered one of the best student housing company in the Netherlands for international student and is rated #15 out of 61 halls at University of Exeter. Founded in 2013, they have offered over 1000+ international students in their facilities, with great reviews from partnered students. 

More so, the rooms/ apartments in student housing Holland are fully furnished and the kitchens come fully equipped. According to reviews , the maintenance service and customer services offer full support to residents from arrival to when they check-out. 

Also, student room housing offers an inclusive rent payment which covers everything you need for a comfortable stay. For example, when you pay your rent in this company, you are paying for the following

  • Equipped Kitchen 
  • Fully furnished apartment 
  • All utilities (including electricity bills, water, etc)
  • Airport Pickup
  • 24/7 security 
  • Public transport card
  • And jobs if you are interested.

Furthermore, the student housing Holland offers different student accommodation suitable for both fresh and postgraduate students. You can find private apartments, shared flats and studio rooms at average cost. On average, a room in the student housing holland residence costs about €550 – €1000 a month. 

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Modern styling apartmentSmall Rooms 
24 hours reception, social events, WhatsApp support community Can be noisy especially if you have many roommates
Convenient location, close to the university and other facilities Shared common space
Pros and Cons 

Conclusion: Student Housing Agency Amsterdam Review

You need a good place to stay to enjoy the beautiful culture and life in the Netherlands. This is possible. With the help of a student housing agency, you can save yourself the trouble of searching the internet for suitable listings. These agencies, do the sourcing, present you with a list of different apartments. All you have to do is choose one and proceed with payment.

In this article, we have outlined and discussed the top five housing agencies / companies in the Netherlands. Do well to make your pick and have an incredible stay in Amsterdam, Netherland.

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