Best Websites for Teaching Jobs in the Cayman Islands

Best Websites for Teaching Jobs in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Island is a preferred location for both tourists and people looking for a new permanent residence. The economy has recorded consistent growth in the past few years, and as their industries and economy continue to grow, so is the population. The increase in population will and is already leading to an increase in the number of children to be educated. Thus, this brought us to dig through the best websites for teaching jobs in the Cayman Islands.

The increase in children that need education is causing more demand for qualified professionals to take up teaching jobs. As a teacher or a skilled professional in the education business, this is a good time to consider moving to Cayman Island to practice. This article will help anyone interested in working as a teacher in this country.

What is the Demand for Teachers in Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands has a large number of foreigners holding jobs in public schools. This and many other reasons make the country an ideal location for teachers with the laid-back nature of the island and the abundance of teaching jobs.

The Cayman is also home to a decent number of international private schools, which are constantly in search of teachers with experience in teaching the English curriculum. 

With the demand in place, these schools prefer to work with recruitment agencies to find new employees. These agencies and their websites assist the schools in the searching, sorting, recruitment, and on-boarding of professionals.

Licences Needed to Work as a Teacher in the Cayman Island

Speaking of scrutiny, with the Cayman having a range of private and government schools utilizing a UK-based curriculum system, the US educational system as well as a wide range of other teaching methods, this leads to schools looking for highly qualified individuals. This is one of the few downsides; for a start, you would need a teaching license from your home country with at least a few years of teaching experience. 

In the case where you don’t have a teaching license from your home country, you would need to get that and a work permit as a non-resident. Before you arrive, your employer would need to apply to the Cayman Islands Government Department of Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC).

In other words, the demand for teachers in the Cayman Islands is high, but so is the competition for these jobs. With most of the competition being expatriates like yourself.

Cayman School Year

You also need to know that the Cayman school year runs from September through June. Recruitment most times takes place between February and March for the upcoming school year. You might want to keep those dates top of mind if you are going to search for a teaching job in Cayman.

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Teachers Salary in the Cayman Islands

Salary is an important factor to consider when taking a job. You also can’t ask about salary and not compare how it holds up against the cost of living. 

Cayman teacher salaries on an average range from $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Depending on the employer’s discretion, other benefits like a partial contribution to the pension funds and healthcare plan may vary. 

Also, note that the cost of living in the Cayman Islands is considerably higher than in a lot of other places. When you consider the price of feeding and accommodation; with a monthly salary of $4,129, prospective teachers would have to learn to work with a not-so-fat budget.

Here are some of the things we’ve covered thus far;

  • Demand for teachers in Cayman Island.
  • Requirements to teach in Cayman Island.
  • Payment expectations for prospective teachers in Cayman Island.

Knowing the above, it is time we finally look at the best websites for teaching jobs in the Cayman Islands. 

Best Websites for Teaching Jobs in the Cayman Islands

These websites should be your favourite companion in your search for a teaching job in the Cayman Islands.

1. Teachaway: 

This is a US website with a strong presence in the Cayman Islands. They offer a range of services, beyond just helping you find jobs. They offer certifications that can and would help your teaching career. Teachaway is also very proficient in finding your dream teaching job, not just in Cayman Island. From Europe to the Americas and even Asia, they have links to the best teaching jobs for you. Their TEFL certification helps you stay ahead of the competition, while some other programs enable you to teach online. They do all these intending to curb the decline in the teacher population.

2. Teacher Horizons

They work with a good number of International Schools in the Cayman Islands and worldwide.  On their website, you can find a lot of information about what it takes to be a teacher in the Cayman Islands and also the current teaching jobs available.

3. Affinity Cayman

They are already known for their other clients, it would be easy to forget that they offer teaching professionals as well. They understand the teaching business as well as any competitor on the island. Also, they have a full range of job listings ranging from temporary to permanent teaching positions. 

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4. Teaching Abroad:

They work in tandem with a lot of prestigious schools in the Cayman Islands and abroad. For this reason, their website has access to a lot of jobs for TEFL certified teachers. Many of the jobs they are offering include fully paid travel and accommodation. They are dedicated to finding the perfect International teaching job for their clients, even for new teachers with minimal experience. 

5. Higher Ed Jobs

This website mainly has access to University and higher education Jobs.  Not all of them are teaching jobs, but they are just on the list for those interested in university and higher education jobs. 


While reading this article, you came across TEFL certification. This is a certification for those teaching English as a foreign language.  If you are interested in teaching English abroad, you must get it. Finally, Cayman is a slowly growing environment for teachers and with the help of these websites, you can reach your dream job as a teacher living on the Island.

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