Best Recruitment Agencies in Cayman Islands.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Cayman Islands
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A lot of people have dreams of traveling to the Cayman Islands. Its beaches, cocktails, carnivals, and no direct tax have made it a dream destination for travelers and tourists. It gets better as its booming economy and little to no manufacturing companies have made it an ideal location for people to not just visit but stay permanently.

For those who wish to stay permanently, getting a job is important. Getting a job in the Cayman Islands isn’t very difficult. With an indigenous population of about 15,000, most of the jobs are filled in by outsiders who are mostly highly qualified with their 22,000 strong population.

One way of getting the job you’re interested in is by consulting one of the top recruitment agencies in the Cayman Islands. In this article, we are going to highlight the best Recruitment Agencies in Cayman Islands.

Common Industries in Cayman Islands

Well, before we get to the Best Recruitment agencies, we have to talk about the common industries on the Island. 

The Cayman is a small island but it is the fifth-largest financial center in the world.

This easily implies that the financial sector employs the most, alongside tourism and other smaller industries.

Let’s get into details of some of these industries.

a. Finance: 

With over 600 licensed banks and trust companies holding about US$750 billion in deposits. Handling funds of that amount would require a large educated workforce. The banks, legal firms, and accountancies, therefore, are always on the lookout for highly qualified professionals. Firms like KPMG, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, and even small and medium-sized capable companies. So, if you’re into banking, accounting, or any other financial profession, Cayman is just the right place for you.

b. Legal services: 

As a British overseas territory, Cayman island operates with the British Common Law System. Law firms are constantly in search of qualified lawyers, especially to match the financial sector’s need for the legal aspects of the business.

c. Infrastructure: 

While the Cayman finance industry has been and is still experiencing immense growth, the infrastructure and construction industry is also at its peak in the island’s history. This can be partly attributed to the Hurricane in 2004. Nevertheless, architects, construction project managers, and other construction-based professionals have been highly sought after.

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d. Hospitality and Tourism: 

Infrastructure and Construction might be on the up in the Cayman, but nothing brings more money to the island than Finance and Tourism. The high season (late November to April) produced lots of tourists. All the big hostels are also well represented, not just on the Cayman Islands but across the Caribbean. Not just hotels, restaurants are also rampant and you can choose to work in either. Wages though from research might not be very lucrative but tips are going to more than make up for it.

e. Spa and Beauty: 

Spas are constantly hiring. While it’s a British state, it’s still an extension of North America where the Spa industry generates more money than motion pictures. It’s a great market for therapists and specialists.

Medical practitioners are also in high demand, so are office assistants, administrative supports. 

If you’re into any of these fields, the more reason you should be eager with your job search on the Island. 

A lot of these companies in the various industries like to employ individuals using Recruitment agencies, especially the financial industry. 

Now we get into the Best Recruitment agencies in Cayman Island.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Cayman Islands

1.    Affinity Recruitment

Founded in 2003, they offer both permanent and temporary contract roles. Their enthusiasm for finding the perfect employees for the perfect employer is what has led to their long-term and consistent client list that ranges from small and medium businesses to multinational cooperations. They specialize in the recruitment of accounting, banking, finance, marketing, legal, human resources, sales, and even office support. Affinity Cayman 

2.    Personal 2000

They offer permanent recruitment, temporary recruitment, corporate immigration services, payroll, and benefits administration. Personal 2000

3.    Highbury

They are deliberate about their specialties. They offer IT and tech services as a way of supporting the technology that connects us all, legal to connect Caribbean lawyers with all the right cases and jobs, and finance to make sure the UK and its offshore jurisdictions have the most talented lawyers.  Highbury.

4.    Acumen group

They are a financial outsourcing services and recruitment solutions company. Some of their services include interim and secondary staffing, international recruitment, outsourced accounting and payroll, insurance management, corporate services, and run-off acquisition. Also, they aim to provide reliable, independent, and expert services to the selective International marketplace. Acumen Group

5.    Stepping Stones

They are a professional service organization created in 2005. Recently named the World’s top employer, while they are still building a solid reputation as a respectable service provider in the Cayman Islands. They are committed to identifying and securing the right opportunities for their candidates while securing the best talents for their clients. More so, they offer services like office managers, corporate administrations, back-office specialists, and so on. Stepping Stone

6.    The Agency

They provide permanent, executive, and temporary recruitment across a range of industries. Also, they emphasize honesty for their reputation. They like to keep to their words and not create illusions. The Agency

7.    Nova

According to their website, recruitment is more than just a job for them. They are enthusiastic about developing, growing, and thinking on behalf of candidates in a bid to bring their dream to reality. Since they were founded in 2017, they have been synonymous with recruitment in the Cayman Islands. They’ve also taken the Gender Equality Cayman pledge. They are recruitment specialists with an acumen for career advice while also strengthening your skills. Nova


For almost any favorable career path in the Cayman Islands, recruitment agencies are the best way to go about it. 

You can try a six-month contract with one of these recruitment agencies to see what it’s like. Also, you can make an informed decision with the experience.

Cayman is a tax haven, with almost 100% employment. If you somehow can’t find a job here, then you need to revise your CV properly, and we at Fasthire can help with that.

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