Guide To Securing A Job In Sweden For Foreign Students

Guide To Securing A Job In Sweden For Foreign Students

Life as a foreign student in Sweden can be a dream come true. The weather, the culture, the education system all try to make things as comfortable as possible for foreign students to thrive but not without its challenges. Ranging from finding a suitable place to stay to adjusting to the climate conditions can be a very tricky task to navigate.

These challenges however are usually easy to get past, especially over time. One particular challenge that won’t go overtime without a proper guide is the challenge of finding a job. If that’s your current predicament then, worry less because this article would guide you on the process of securing a job in Sweden.  

Before we start, you have to understand certain technicalities and advice of some sort to help you cope and not get into trouble in the process of securing a job.

Understanding Your Situation

Before applying to school in Sweden, you must have first carried out your research. This research should have a part that focuses on the industry of your course choice. It’s important to know if Sweden has a standard industry or enough jobs in your area of specialization.

Work permits are important as they allow foreigners to work in a foreign land. While it is important, you can by-pass it with your student visa (residence permit). This allows you to study and work in the country. There is a catch though as you can’t neglect school work which takes about 40 hours a week.

Some courses are more tasking than some. In a situation where it is, it would be wise to reconsider getting a job. You have to give your maximum concentration to your studies. If at some point you still want to get a job, ensure that your school schedule has been cleared up a bit.

You won’t want to struggle with school and add the rigors of a job and for some the pressure of having an active social life.

In a situation where you have decided to get a job, calculate your wage or salary. It is necessary to know the cost of living where you reside in order to evaluate what you’re getting out of the job. It is estimated that the living cost in Sweden for a student is about SEK 8568, which is about $1015.

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These guides would help secure a job as a foreign student. 

1. Look for a job in your field: 

Earlier, we talked about you researching your industry of specialization in Sweden. Getting a job in your area of study gives you work experience. For example, those who are studying courses related to oil and gas, you’d be at a huge disadvantage looking for a job in Stockholm, Sweden. The oil and gas industry there is almost non-existent and with it being one of the cleanest cities in the world. They have very few heavy factories. However, if you’re interested in the Tech and IT sector, Stockholm is just the place for you.

2. Learn the language: 

Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, etc have a high amount of English speakers. This makes communication a lot easier but learning the local language can create opportunities for you to find a job. Moreover, most part-time jobs require you to speak the local language. This isn’t the case all the time and there are jobs for those who don’t speak Swedish. Beyond job seeking, learning the local language can help you bond with natives. This good personal relationships can help you not just get but also keep these jobs while you build a decent social life.

3. Look for employers:

It’s a common practice in Sweden to actually search for and find employers directly and apply or display why they deserve the job. So don’t be afraid to meet an employer and attempt to carefully advertise yourself. Others choose to apply for internships. This is a smart option for so many reasons including the fact that after schooling, companies would employ you because of your experience from the internship. 

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4. Apply online:

It is harder than applying in person but that should not stop you from trying. Sweden has a decent number of job search engines that would help you find a place to show your hard work or in some cases the lack of it. Some of these search engines include arbetsformedlingenAcademic workEURES, and so on.

5. Build a network:  

A strong professional network would go a long way in helping you secure a job as quickly as possible. You can build one by going to as many professional events as you can make out time for. Trainee Dagen for instance brings students and young professionals together to build skills and meet companies. Startup Lulea hosts informal gatherings for professionals and entrepreneurs to meet. 

6. Have a good work ethic: 

This doesn’t have to be said but a good work ethic and lack of tardiness would go a long way in securing the job after getting it. This works in most places in the world, not just Sweden. Any chance you get to put in maximum effort, take the chance with both hands, and a third hand if there is one.


Well, there’s not much left to tell. You would need an account that can receive and send Swedish Krona. Which means you’d have to open a bank account more or less. Other than that, if you follow these guides, you’d secure a job that will not interfere with your schooling.

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