Sample Statement of Purpose for Industrial Management and Innovation

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Writing a good Statement of Purpose for Industrial Management and Innovation is pertinent to pitch your value to an admission committee. It will help you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.

This Sample SOP will guide you on how to approach yours.

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Universities to Study for Masters in Industrial Management and Innovation

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Industrial Management and Innovation

Very early as a child, around the age where children began to guess what they would like to become in future, I still recall how my dad made it his duty to tell me beautiful things about engineering professions. It was a calculated attempt to get me excited about engineering and develop an interest to discover how the different engineering fields fostered growth and advancement in our world. He never really suggested a career path for me, but his subtle attempts to influence my decision worked. Because I became increasingly curious to understand how and why engineering influenced the way things worked around us; my curiosity made me develop a voracious appetite for studying as I kept on learning how the world was thriving and growing from various engineering breakthroughs. So, by the time I would graduate from secondary school, I had already built the conviction of pursuing a degree that will help me create, maintain, and/or build things that shaped the world.

I proceeded to study Mechanical and Production Engineering for my undergraduate study. During my program, I received extensive training in Engineering Economics, Law and Management, Engineering and Operation Research, Mechanical Engineering Design, and Engineering Material Selection Economics. My undergraduate study was both demanding and fulfilling as I had the opportunity to finally satisfy my childhood curiosity. Due to my interest in industrial design and innovation, I designed and constructed a motorized yam pounding machine for my final year project work. Through this research and design process, I also had the opportunity to learn Computer Aided Design (CAD), Engineering Material Selection Economics.

After graduation, I had the opportunity of joining a multifaceted team of engineers as a project development engineer. Here, I was directly involved in reviewing engineering specifications, developing standard operating procedures for project management, and re-evaluating project designs along with an engineering team. After gaining field exposure by working on different projects, I progressed to the position of Mechanical Design Engineer where I was actively involved in designing of static equipment, separators, closed drain vessels, sump tanks, pig launcher and receiver. Currently, I work as an Agile Project Leader/Scrum Master; the agile-scrum process that I lead has resulted in an increase in the company’s revenue by 25%. More so, this position has made me increasingly attentive to innovative and profitable engineering operations.

Through my work as an Agile Project Leader/Scrum Master, I now feel the need to acquire skills with formal credibility, and business exposure that would be of great value as I aspire to make positive contributions in manufacturing, production, and engineering management.

My academic and career experiences thus far have given me a strong foundation to pursue higher education in any area that will lead me to better understand engineering management to improve my efficiency in leading engineering-driven operations through the combination of problem-solving, planning, business management, and leadership abilities.

Uppsala University represents my ideal institution for study, with a track record of producing graduates that have gone ahead to excel in their chosen fields, and a global ranking that shows the efforts of this university to maintain excellence. I am confident of the academic experience that I will receive during my stay in this institution. In addition, the Industrial Management and Innovation program of Uppsala University offers a range of relevant modules that will prepare me for both local and international contributions within the industrial engineering field.

I believe that this program’s module which includes topics such as industrial strategy and organization, organizing knowledge-intensive work, innovation management, technology-based entrepreneurship, industrialization, internet of things, designing health innovations- will transform me into an insightful engineer who can utilize engineering, business, and management methods to lead and manage complex engineering operations that combine new technology and business.

5 years from now, I look forward to a rewarding career as a Product Developer as I aspire to develop and launch a sustainable product that is fit for purpose for the consumers. While in the long run, I see myself as a Product Manager where I will focus on improving the quality of new products, expansion of new market horizons to ensure the accessibility of the product to customers and increase revenue; this will add economic value not only to my home country, but across the sub-Saharan Africa. My focus on the future has also fuelled my decision for this programme. I have extensive knowledge of project development and management, operations and maintenance, business development, and product design. I have also developed the required problem-solving, leadership, interpersonal, and administrative skills to achieve these goals. This master will improve my chances of getting closer to my future goals, and I hope that I am allowed to further develop my potential through this program.

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