Asian Countries with Highest Demand for English Teachers

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Asia is one of the best continents in the world to pursue a teaching career as an expat. Even in highly competitive countries, if you come with the right set of competencies, qualifications, and experience, you have a good chance of landing a good job as a teacher. This is also applicable to English teaching jobs which have been getting a lot of attention in the past couple of years.

Some Asian countries are beginning to embrace the western culture, and some are even interested in becoming fully bilingual. Just like Malaysia which is a bilingual nation, some of the Asian countries like Taiwan are working towards making English their second language.

The countries listed here have the highest demand for English teachers amongst other Asian countries.  In some of these countries, the governments invest huge sums of money yearly on English education. Also, companies who seek international expansion make it a responsibility to send their staff members for English training. This doesn’t mean that any tom, dick, and harry can get a job in these Asian states because you need to meet some requirements and also understand a few other things about your chosen destination. So, with the right relocation plans, and actions, you can secure a job to teach the English language in any of the countries on our list.

When looking for a job in Asia and any other continent at all, it is important you take time to study their work culture, and understand if it fits your work style. Because, since you’ll be coming from a different clime, you will have to adjust to accommodate new ways of life including culture, belief, lifestyle, food etc.

How to Get a Job from Asia

If you’re looking to secure a job in Asia, here are some of the steps you should follow and things you should put into consideration;

1. Make a bucket list of the countries you’d like to travel to (3-5):

It is important that you outline the countries you desire to relocate to, don’t just jump on any bandwagon you see.

2. Study their employment pattern and read up about their work-life:  

How do the big companies in the country recruit, how does the SMEs recruit? Do they do open adverts, do the big companies in the country prefer top job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, or do they prefer using headhunters?

3. Research if the government is currently employing foreign teachers:

When do they put out their vacancies for teachers, check past trends of when the government or federal agencies listed jobs that favoured English speaking professions. Gather the data and use it to prepare for your application.

4. Signup on job boards or check for job opportunities on free job boards that list overseas jobs:

Check for top websites to find jobs in Asian countries like UAE, China and the rest, create accounts with them, and ensure to give them a mail indicating your availability for employment abroad.

CV writing services
CV writing services

5. Tailor your CV and cover letter to suit the country style:

You’re coming from a different country, what the recruiters and employers recognize in your country may be different from what the ones in this new country recognize. So, make it a habit to check some CV samples of the country you’re applying to and get ideas of how the employment documents in that country are written. If you need assistance crafting your CV for any of the Asian countries, you can send us a mail today and we will be glad to write for you.

6. Set up a LinkedIn account:

If you have an account, ensure you update it, write the profile completely and stay active to showcase your experiences or qualifications as a teacher. You will also need to learn about the LinkedIn algorithm and how it works so that your account can gain visibility.

7. Use your LinkedIn to network with people:

Follow HR Managers and employers who have ties with the countries you’ve picked. Specifically research for “HR agencies that recruit foreigners in Asia”, or “HR + Your country of choice”. You need to proceed with caution so that you don’t get perceived as a nuisance by your connections.

8. Google search “teachers’ job + specific state” in your country of choice:

With that, your search will be more relevant to what you’re looking for. Unlike searching for just “teaching jobs in Taiwan” you can search for “Teaching jobs in xxx state Taiwan”. Tip: If the website is not in your language, most of these websites come with language translation. So you can change the language to your lingua franca.

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Note: The jobs won’t come on a platter of gold but they’ll surely come with consistency.

Easiest Asian Countries with Highest Demand for English Teachers

Note: Country’s popularity has nothing to do with this list of Asian countries with demand for English teachers. On another note, the more populous a country, the more difficult it is for foreigners to come in and get a job.

1. Taiwan:

Taiwan is aiming to become a fully bilingual country by 2030 and the second language of choice is the English Language. This has led to increased demand for expats who are proficient in spoken and written English to fill the available vacancies. As of 2021, it was reported that the Ministry of Education in Taiwan began employment subsidy of more foreign English teachers for local public schools.


2. Thailand:

There’s high demand for English teachers in Thailand especially in big cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Wealthy parents don’t mind paying mouth-watering fees to give their children the best lessons in the English language.

When considering Asian countries to teach, expats usually consider Thailand for a couple of reasons including the diverse culture, food, and tourism. If you’re interested in teaching in Thailand, here are 7 things you should consider.


3. China:

Dauxe Consulting report shows that there’s high consumption of English education in China, from 123.6 million RMB to over 489 billion RMB in just one year. This is an indication of the penetration of the English language in most tier 1 countries in Asia. With this high rate of consumption, there’s an equal demand for teachers who can guide students through the basics of the English language to a point of proficiency.

China being the most populous nation on earth and one of the world’s wealthiest economies, you should have an idea of the demand for a country that is not primarily English speaking. The rewards for teaching in this nation are equally rewarding.


4. South Korea

For South Korea, the English teachers jobs are highly competitive, hence while you can be qualified for selection with just a basic understanding of the English language in other countries, you would need more than a degree certificate to qualify for employment as English Teacher in South Korea.

Hence to get ahead of the pack, you need to have a Degree in the English Language, a teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA). If you’re from an English speaking nation, you have more preference.

Before you go ahead to teach in South Korea, you should first understand these things.


5. Vietnam:

English Language Educators are highly respected in Vietnam, from Kindergarten, primary, secondary and even adult teachers, English teaching jobs are bountiful in Vietnam.


6. Japan

The ministry of education in Japan is highly supportive of the English infusion into their economy. From elementary schools up to tertiary institutions, there are teaching jobs available throughout Japan. The downside is that the jobs are hard to get if you’re outside the country. However, if you can work your way around the proximity challenge, you can be gainfully employed and be earning as much as $2,000 – $5,000 depending on your teaching level and.


  • Highly competitive
  • Minimum wage: $1,700 – $2,200 (20-30 working hours in a school academy)
  • Housing allowance could be given
  • Requirement: Proficiency with the English language, teachers’ certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certificates and some teaching experience is required
  • Cost of living: $700 – $1,100 monthly
  • Where to find Japan teaching jobs: Gooverseas

7. Hong Kong:

  • High cost of living
  • Crowded towns/cities
  • Minimum wage; $1,700 – $3,500 (20-40 working hours weekly at an English Academy)
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certifications. Teaching credentials may be required.
  • Cost of living: $1,500 – $2,000

Other Worthy Mentions: Easiest Asian Countries with Highest Demand for English Teachers

  • Cambodia
  • Taiwan
  • UAE
  • Laos

How to Prepare for Interview for Asian Jobs

  • Depending on your location, your interview could happen at an odd hour and over skype, or zoom.
  • You may not be asked much; the schools would like to use the opportunity to test your English level just by hearing you speak.
  • Sometimes they may prepare a short demo or invite you to showcase your teaching skills in a particular topic.
  • The most important thing for you is to ensure you speak the language fluently, communicate effectively, and have good teaching skills.

Requirements and Certificates to Teach in Asia

  • Know how to read, write and speak English.
  • Holding a passport from an English speaking country is a plus.
  • Certificates in English i.e Diploma, BSc in English language or related course. Note: An undergraduate degree is not mandatory but can be an added advantage
  • TEFL certificates (TEFL/ESL).
  • At least 1-2 years of teaching experience.

Free Job Listing Websites to Find Asian Teaching Jobs

Teaching Opportunities and Jobs in Asia Countries

  • College counsellor
  • GAP year
  • English Teacher

Conclusion: Easiest Asian Countries with Highest Demand for English Teachers

Asia is one of the continents with the least competition to get an English teaching job. Relocating to Asia on a teaching basis is easier too; nevertheless, you’ll face the challenge of moving to a new country. For example, your accommodation may not be sorted properly upon your arrival, so you’ll have to squat for a couple of months; the cost of living may not favour you as you had thought, etc.

Through this article, we’ve answered most of these questions and outlined the easiest Asian countries with the highest demand for English Teachers. If you found this helpful, do well to share it with someone who will need this.

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