Statement of Purpose for MA in Speech-Language Pathology

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Writing a good Statement of Purpose for MA in Speech-Language Pathology is pertinent to pitch your value to an admission committee. It will help you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be.

This Sample SOP will guide you on how to approach yours.

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Institutions to Study Speech-Language Pathology

  1. Columbia College of Arts and Science
  2. University of Sydney
  3. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  4. Ball State University
  5. Western Illinois University
  6. Brescia University
  7. Hardin-Simmons University
  8.  University of Melbourne
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Statement of Purpose for Master in Speech-Language Pathology

There was nothing I could do; if I ignored him, he would run his whip over my head. If I attempted pronouncing the word, I would be made a laughing stock yet again but I chose the deep blue sea—the latter – and let him, the devil and his whip be.

‘’Don’t be dumb!’’ he roared, his face shone with anger already.

‘’T-t-t-t-riangle’’, I strangulated, my eyes shut tight. I reopened my eyes to meet ridiculous laughter on the faces of my mates. This and many were the insensitivity I encountered in English classes when I was in secondary school. I could read but I dared not read aloud. I could spell but I dared not spell. I was just a poor girl who stuttered. This impediment eventually has become a motivating factor in my choice of career in life.

My story is that of one who life gave lemons but has gone ahead to make lemonade with it. Purposefully, I applied to study linguistics at xxx University (as no university in my country that offered communication science) because I wanted to grasp everything about speech disorders – the causes and the remedies as it affects children. My hopes were dashed as the course specification did not live up to my expectation. There was no adequate provision for the inclusion of speech therapy in the curriculum. It merely acquainted me with the peripheral knowledge of speech disorders. And that has left me with a yearning to probe into the field of speech-language pathology as it primarily concerns with the scientific study and treatment of defects, disorders, and malfunctions of speech and voice, as stuttering, lisping, or language acquisition, and of language disturbances, aphasia or delayed language acquisition.

While I was in the university, I led a team of linguistics students to sensitize the host community on the need to accept people with speech impediments and combat the stigmatization confronting such people. Perhaps this realization by the society would unmake them the ‘endangered species’ and create a space for the affected to live as an integral member of the society while they seek medical remedies. As a teacher also at  xxx High School, where I taught students how to read extensively, my interest centred mainly on students with speech disorders and deficiencies.  I instilled in them the confidence to overcome their predicament (as I have done) and not to be enslaved by it. Last month (September 2005), I worked as a supervisor at an inclusive school where I was placed under a 30-hour observation routine to monitor children with speech-language disorders. It was a satisfying experience and also a call to duty. 

 I have the passion. Throughout my teaching experience at schools, I have developed a more profound interest in detecting communication disorders in children at an early stage. Having experienced all these, I have dedicated the remaining part of my professional career to the early detection of communication disorders. I would like to institute organizations and schools; design courses; train specialists in communication science to combat the dearth of speech treatment i.e target selection, speech therapy, context utilization, contrast therapy, oral-motor therapy, and speech medication. I believe that being an advocate of speech disorder treatment is like scratching on the surface of the solution. The solution lies in the acquisition of relevant knowledge in speech pathology. This has necessitated my application to acquire a Master’s degree in speech pathology.

Helping my community is my other passion. I have volunteered as a teacher for AIESEC FUPA University at Ivory Coast. I was a member of the team of facilitators that aided the learning process towards achieving curriculum goals in the English language. Thus, I spent two memorable months in Ivory Coast. I proceeded to volunteer for the Equitable Health Access Initiative (Non-Governmental Organization) as a Documentation Associate and counselor. In a mainstream job position, I have amassed five years working experience. 

Louisiana State University Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology particularly attracts me because of its state-of-the-art facilities in lecture delivery, that is, practical are prioritized over theoretical postulations. I am also fascinated by the school’s provision of access to students to research in fields related to communication Disorders. In addition, the university’s affiliation with other training centres reflects its readiness to produce students equipped adequately with knowledge. Most importantly, Louisiana State University exemplifies the required excellent quality in terms of academic members who will be beneficial to students.

With the academic background of linguistics, the study of Speech-Language Pathology will seem natural. In addition, I intend to apply my writing skills and people-oriented nature as well as my analytical skills in the course of the study. With my interest in communication science, I believe I will be able to make unique contributions in daily discussions with my peers. My greatest desire in life has always been to impact lives. Whatever knowledge I gained at Louisiana State University, will be to the benefit of humanity. I look forward to gaining the academic tools to do so in your university.

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