Best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers

Best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers

Recruitment is a process of enlisting new people in a field to serve as workers, and recruitment agencies help in this process. If you seek having an amazing work experience in Japanese, then you have to know know the best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers.

 It may be difficult for a foreigner to get a job in Japan. This is because the official language there is Japanese and not English. However, foreigners still get jobs in Japan even with little knowledge of the Japanese language. The most popular jobs for foreigners in Japan include: Military Personnel, Banker, IT Professional, Service Staff, etc.

Recruitment agencies bridge the gap between prospective employers and job seekers and they make the system a little easier than would have been without them. They do not do this for free, though; they charge employers for their services.  In Japan, they charge up to 30-35% of the worker’s annual salary.

In this article, we have listed the best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers, visa requirement to work in Japanese. Everything you need to know about the best recruitment agencies in Japanese.

How to Get a Work Visa to Japan

One of the major ways of immigration is through a work visa, and foreigners who want to work in Japan can go through this way. Three types of Japanese Work Visas are available. There is the regular Japan Work Visa and it is issued out for some professions like Professors, Teachers, Artists, etc. Also, the Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa is available, and it offers a longer period of stay and has more benefits than the first type of work visa. The last type of visa in this category is the Japan Working Holiday Visa and it is issued to nationals of countries that already have a Working Holiday permission or agreement with Japan.

The professionals eligible for a Japan Work Visa include: Artists, Engineers, Business Managers, Instructors, Journalists, Researchers, etc.

An application to get a Japan Work Visa is a fundamental step to getting it. To apply, one must obtain the Certificate of Eligibility in Japan, apply for the Japan Work Visa by consulting the nearest Japanese embassy to you. And then, you need to collect the documents required for the Visa. After that, you proceed to submit the application and then wait for it to be processed (it could take between 5-10 working days). Once your Visa is ready, you will be contacted for pickup.

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How Does Recruitment Happen in Japan

Many companies in Japan hire by means of a traditional practice that is called “shinsotsu”. They hire at the graduate level and the criteria they hire based on, are: communication skills, character, ambition, and qualification.

The recruitment process in Japan (especially when it has to do with recruitment agencies) takes the following procedures: consulting, registration to media, candidate search, pre-screening, screening, interview, and follow up. The list below reveals the best Japanese recruitment agencies for foreign workers that you can find.

Best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers

1. Fair Inc.

This agency helps workers to find jobs in Japan both on part-time and full-time basis. They have a wide network of companies that cut across various sectors like IT, Food and Beverages, Engineering, Medicine, etc.

Contact Details:

Location Address: 7-7-26, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

2. RGF Professional Recruitment Japan

This agency has operated for over fifty years and they have gathered so much experience over the years. They have helped to place thousands of talents in different sectors and fields.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +(66) 89141 5036


3. Disco International Inc. (DI)

This agency has held a lot of annual forums that have been helpful in connecting prospective employers with job seekers, and vice versa. They have provided employment assistance to employers and job seekers alike.

Contact Details:

Location Address: 9F Lidabashi First Building, 2-5-1 Koraka, Bunkyo-Tokyo, Japan

Telephone: +81358045500


4. Project2

They help companies in hiring talents to build businesses with purpose and profitability. They believe in sustainability and positive change to environments and communities and they believe that people with talents are able to make these happen.

Contact Details:

Location Address: Level 2, MG Meguro Ekimae, 2-15-19, Kami Osaki, Shinagawa- Tokyo, Japan

Telephone: +81345882885

5. Nippon Shigoto

This is an online agency and it offers jobs in many parts of Japan. Their recruitment plans range from full-time to part-time. They even provide temporary employment and employments based on contract.


This agency has a website that helps a job seeker easily search for jobs that are related to his field or qualification. Also, Daijob has partnered with other recruitment agencies in Japan and this makes them really widespread.

Contact Details:

Location Address: Nishi- Shinjuku Prime Square, 2nd Floor, 7-5-25 Nishi- Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03- 6680-6833

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7. Recruit Now

They have a staff-strength that can help as many people as possible to find jobs that suit their present skills and experience, and even those of the future. interestingly enough, even if their clients are unsure of exactly how to go about getting jobs or what kind of jobs to get, they are there to put them through.

Contact Details:

Location Address: 105-0003 Taka Shima Building 6F, Ni Shi Shinbashi 7-17-6, Minatoku, Tokyo

Telephone: 0120- 338-772


8. Alberto Recruitment

This agency has a team of specialist recruiters that help search and place qualified lawyers and non-qualified legal and and compliance professionals with international companies. They have a wide range of knowledge, and even the method of their recruitment is unique.

Contact Details:

Location Address: Level 5, Nagatacho SR Building, 2-12-18 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0014 Japan

Telephone: +8134540 7880


9. Find Chef-Agent

These ones respond to unique Japanese chef/cook staffing needs and they help find qualified candidates around the world. In addition, whether it is a 5-star deluxe hotel or a local restaurant, Find Chef- Agent will help recruit very qualified professionals that take care of the cooking and everything that goes with it.

Contact Details:

Location Address: 3rd Floor, Yamamoto Bldg, 1-14-7, Ebisu, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, 150-0013, Japan


10. Robert Walters

This agency has been operating since 1985 and they have helped people build their careers for that long. They operate in different fields like HR, Engineering, IT, Legal, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Contact Details:

Location Address: Shibuya, Minemi Tokyu Building 14th Floor 3-12, 18 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002

Telephone: +81(0) 34570 1500


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do recruitment agencies charge in Japan?

Recruiters are expensive in Japan, they charge an approximate fee of 30-35% to the companies they work with. So if you land a job paying $100,000 a year, the company might have to pay another $35,000 to the recruiting firm.

2. What is the most wanted job in Japan?

Engineering is one of the most popular jobs in Japan with a demand for experienced professionals across a range of industries. 

3. How can a foreigner apply for a job in Japan?

To work full-time in Japan, you need a working visa, which has to be sponsored by your future employer in Japan.

Conclusion on the Best Japanese Recruitment Agencies for Foreign Workers

When job-hunting, it is good to look for a recruitment agency that deals a lot in your field. This is because different recruitment agencies usually have particular areas that they focus on. Some may focus on IT and Engineering, while some may focus on Medicine and some other fields.

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