20 Common Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

20 Common Jobs in Australia for Foreigners
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Why move to Australia in the first place?

One of the choice places that foreigners and professionals seek to go for jobs is Australia and this is based on different reasons.

Australia’s multicultural society offers one of the best lifestyles, educational facilities, and weather conditions. Based on these factors, they rank as the second-best country to live in due to its excellent quality of life index according to the UN.

Australia is also ranked as the second happiest country in the world according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’. They came to this conclusion after analyzing eleven welfare variables used by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). These variables include employment, income, housing, community, education, etc.

Another thing to note about Australia is its active economy. Australia has a skilled workforce, socio-political backing of democratic institutions, and social harmony. These factors help their international commerce which has a positive effect on its citizens.

It also has a very quick visa approval process which on average is 18 months and is considered quick in comparison with other countries. The best part is for some professions, there is a professional validation before the visa approval which helps entry into the labor market. 

The high level of education present in Australia is also one of the reasons why foreigners go to Australia. I believe this came

The Australian Job Market

Employment was earlier stated as one of the OECD variables that makes Australia the second-happiest country in the world.

In every society or country, employment is a key component of the success of society. With an unemployment rate of 4% (according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics), and an employment rate of 63.80% as of February 2022 (which is an all-time high since 1978), we are safe to say it really is a happy country..

For foreigners in Australia though, as of November 2019, the country had about 1.9 million recent migrants and temporary residents. Of that 1.9 million, 72% were participants in the Australian Labor force, while 68% were employed. It is also worth noting that 50% of those recent migrants had gotten permanent visas and had become Australian citizens.

It is not all rosy though in the Australian job market. The Australian job market is competitive and you also need to keep in mind that not all jobs are in demand, especially for foreigners. Hospitality, Construction, and Education are the sectors that are in high demand for foreigners, but they can also find jobs in other sectors.

How to get Jobs in Australia as a Foreigner

Seeing how competitive the Australian job market is, here are some general tips to help you navigate your way around it.

Don’t attempt a career change:

Finding a job in a sector you already have experience and qualifications would relatively be easy. Experience is usually key in finding jobs in Australia. So, it would be best to look for jobs in sectors where you have experience.

Research the market:

Find out what skills are in high demand and what skills aren’t. Also, get to understand where your skill set fits in the Australian job market and how you can apply it.

Your Visa:

Get a visa that allows you to work and get it before applying for jobs. It is not very common to find companies that would sponsor your visa in Australia unless you’re highly skilled. Be on the safe side and get your visa ready. And make sure your visa allows you to work in Australia, very important.

Learn the Language:

As a foreigner, you already know you have to learn the language, even for English speakers. It will come in handy to learn the basics of Australian vernacular to avoid misunderstandings.

Have a Good Resume and Cover Letter:

A good resume would help you get the attention of your prospective employers and increase your chances of getting the job. Also, find out what Australian employers look for in Resumes.


Door-to-door applications might not be advisable in lots of industries, so it’s best to employ the services of an employment agency or website.

The process of applying for jobs also has facets you have to be familiar with to succeed. Here are some tips to help you with that;

  1. Get your TFN (Tax File Number). This is important if you want to work in Australia, or you get an ABN (Australian Business Number) if you want to be self-employed. Both can be gotten online
  2. Goes without saying that you would need an Australian Bank Account. This can be done before you move to Australia.
  3. Apply in person for jobs that don’t require specific skills. This applies to a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry. You can go to the establishment and give it a shot.

With all these in mind, you might be wondering what are the common jobs for foreigners in Australia. This should be part of your research on the Australian Job Market, but we are generous enough to give you a hand with this.

20 Common Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

1. Social Workers

Social work in Australia is one of the fastest-growing professions. Roles like family counselors, child protection workers, etc. are part of social work. They are usually found in community service centers, immigration and refugee service centers, and policy-making agencies. There is a growing shortage of social workers in Australia however, with the annual rate currently at 18% with over 7000 vacancies. It does have its financial benefits with an annual average income of $57,000.

2. Actuarial Science

The economic growth in Australia has led to an increase in the demand for Actuaries. Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risks and uncertainty using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory. They assess the risk of potential events thereby assisting businesses and clients develop policies to minimize the cost of risks. Their annual salary can start at $100,00 and can rise very quickly.

3. Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors almost blur the lines between Engineering and Business. They give professional advice on project tendering, and construction to the completion of the project. They earn about $72,000 annually and there are over 3000 surveyor vacancies across Australia.

4. Early Childhood Teachers

Australia has over 20,000 childhood teaching vacancies, and this demand isn’t decreasing. For people looking to apply for this role, you must have a good command of Chinese. You might ask why, well with China’s growing economic influence in western countries, the rise to teach children Chinese has also increased. Knowledge of Chinese and English would be a great advantage for anyone trying to get a similar role. Early Childhood teachers earn an estimated annual salary of $52,000.

5. Nursing

Worldwide, there is a shortage of nurses and Australia is no different. However, in Australia, it is still a very sought-after profession. It has high employment rates, great work benefits, and decent social status. Nurses also earn an estimated annual salary of $67,000.

6. Information Technology

Another fast-growing industry in Australia. IT jobs don’t only come with lots of vacancies and lots of foreigners, it is also a very well-paying job. Studies show that those within the age range of 23-25 who are working in the IT industry earn more than their peers in other industries. The estimated annual salary can be as high as $87,000.

7. Doctor

Being a doctor in Australia is great, the pay is good, and there are lots of work benefits but there are some hiccups. Studying Medicine in Australia takes a lot of time and the tuition is high. These factors discourage a lot of Australian students from studying to become doctors. Some end up becoming nurses or quitting altogether. However, this has created an opportunity for foreign doctors whose qualifications are accepted in Australia.

8. Physiotherapy

Studying Medicine in Australia has a downside of an unfavorable duration of the study and high fees. This led to students taking the route of studying nursing or physiotherapy; getting professional certifications, and then taking their time to obtain a medical license. Physiotherapy, however, is not a very easy route, as its high requirements limit the number of students it gets. This affects the number of physiotherapists in Australia, though there is an increased demand for physiotherapists.

9. Architecture

Architecture as a profession in Australia has been in short supply for a while. The Department of Home Affairs shares over 1000 places for architects and receives few applications for those places. Nowadays, there is an increase in demand and since it is a specialized profession, this has led to its need for foreign architects.

10. Law

Lawyers and Solicitors are highly regarded in Australian society. There isn’t really a shortage of lawyers in Australian society but, there is a good employment rate in that industry and there is a decent number of foreigners there as well. Their estimated annual salary is $83,200 which is impressive.

11. Electricians

Over 90% of electricians in Australia work full-time, and no surprise that it is one of the most in-demand trades. Electricians in Australia earn up to $73,000 yearly at entry-level and $126,750 yearly for experienced workers.

12. Caregivers

Australia has an aging population, so the number of elder citizens in homes for the elderly is increasing, and the number of people needed to take care of them also increases. Caregivers also take care of children and people with disabilities. They earn up to $56,000 annually.

13. Chefs/Cooks

Earlier, we spoke briefly about hospitality being one of the industries that hire the most foreigners. Hotels love to have dishes from various countries to show their attention to the cultures of their customers. Wealthy enough Australians also employ cooks of a foreign culture to add variety to their diet. Cooks can be paid as much as $57,000 in Australia. The pay can be more, depending on where you work and your skill.

14. Plant/Machine Operators

These operators are the backbone of the manufacturing industry. It’s not a specialized profession and is easy for foreigners who have struggled to find jobs in their preferred industry to get. They earn an estimated $63,000 annually.

15. Construction Managers

The construction industry is another industry offering a lot of jobs to foreigners. Furthermore. Australia is among the top five countries that offer the highest salaries to Construction Managers worldwide. They have an estimated annual salary of $110,000.

16. Management Consultants

Businesses are constantly in search of experts to help them navigate the constant changes in their various industries; particularly when it comes to decision-making. A lot of these businesses believe that these changes were brought about by the influx of foreigners into the country. They also believe the best way to keep up is to have management consultants of foreign origins in their teams.

17. Accountant

Even with the effects of the pandemic on the employment landscape in Australia, accountants are still in demand. Pre-pandemic lockdown, Australian businesses relied heavily on foreign accountants, and that came to an abrupt end due to the travel restrictions of the lockdown. This increased the demand for local accountants, but with the restrictions eased, the utilization of foreign accountants is back. So, this is a great time to move to Australia as an accountant, as well as study there as a student. Experienced Accountants earn up to $85,000.

18. Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a growing industry in Australia. It has over 23,000 openings and is expected to grow up to 14% between 2020 to 2030.

19. Plumbers

Many industries require the services of trained plumbers and this has led to an increase in the demand for skilled plumbing services. Plumbers are estimated to earn about $74,550 annually in Australia.

20. Carpenter

Carpenters are so much in demand in Australia that you can easily obtain a graduate work visa when you finish a carpentry course in the country. They earn up to $74,100 in Australia and you can study to become a licensed one in a little over a year.

Conclusion: 20 Common Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

There are a lot of opportunities for foreigners in Australia, not just for job-seekers, but also for students looking to study in Australia. Once they are done studying, finding jobs is relatively easier for the students.

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