Highest-Paying Hospitals for Nurses in Illinois

Highest-Paying Hospitals For Nurses in Illinois

Highest-paying hospitals for nurses in Illinois.

Nursing is a profession in the healthcare sector focused on caring for individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.

As a nurse in Illinois, you are valued for maintaining people’s lives. So nursing is not just a profession but, humanity. As such, hospitals in Illinois are willing to pay competently for this humanitarian service.

Whether you’re a foreigner or native, you can’t go wrong with choosing to work and live as a nurse in Illinois. Not only is the state generous with nurses’ revenue, but four different cities in Illinois are among the best places to live in the United States. The state also has some of the country’s best hospitals, including several that are nationally ranked on U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Hospitals.

That said, let’s look at the average salaries for nurses in Illinois.

Average Salary for Nurses in Illinois

According to Ziprecruiter, as of October 10, 2022, the average annual pay for a Nurse in Illinois is $73,447 a year, which is approximately $35.31 per hour. This is the equivalent of $1,412 weekly or $6,120 monthly.

Nurse salaries currently range between $52,558 to $91,443, with top earners making $141,865 annually in Illinois. It was also suggested that there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience. This brings us to the focus of this article.

Probably you desire to land your next high-paying job as a nurse in Illinois, we have identified the 11 highest-paying hospitals for nurses in Illinois. Also note that we have not listed these hospitals in a particular order.

Highest Paying Hospitals for Nurses in Illinois

1.      Decatur Memorial Hospital

Location: 2300 N Edward St, Decatur, IL 62526

Decatur Memorial Hospital is a non-profit community hospital that has provided medical care since 1916 for residents of central Illinois. The hospital today has over 2,000 dedicated colleagues and 300 physicians. Their services include orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, vascular medicine, gastroenterology, oncology and neurosciences, emergency medicine, infusion, physical therapy, cancer care, and more. Decatur Memorial Hospital is one of the leading healthcare organizations in Illinois. Also, they deliver high-quality, patient-centered care in support of our mission to improve lives and build stronger communities through better health.

Email: TheMCLI@mhsil.com

2.      Gibson Area Hospital

Location: 1120 N Melvin St, Gibson City, IL 60936

The Mission of the Gibson Area Hospital Auxiliary is to promote and advance the welfare of the Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services through ways approved by the governing board of the hospital. This purpose is accomplished by interpretation of the hospital’s needs to the public and by service to the hospital and its patients. Also, through fund-raising in a satisfactory manner to the hospital governing board and in harmony with the planning of the community.

Email: webmaster@gibsonhospital.org.

3.      Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Location: 200 Stahlhut Dr., Lincoln, IL 62656

Lincoln Memorial Hospital is a Memorial Health affiliate. Built-in 2011, Lincoln Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital located in Lincoln, IL. One of the leading healthcare organizations in Illinois, Memorial Health is a community-based, non-profit corporation that is dedicated to patient care, education, and research.

4.      Advocate Sherman Hospital

Location: 1425 N Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123

Advocate Sherman Health Care is a faith-based non-profit health system in Illinois. The hospital change patient expectations by giving them easy access to all they need to stay well, live well, and achieve outstanding treatment outcomes.

Email: Contact ASH

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5.      Carlinville Area Hospital

Location: 20733 N Broad St, Carlinville, IL 62626

Carlinville Area Hospital is a licensed 25-bed acute care hospital that provides a wide range of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services. Patients can be admitted to the hospital for medical, surgical, or pediatric care. Nine physicians currently represent the Active Medical Staff at Carlinville Area Hospital. Their specialties include General and Family Practice, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Orthopedics.

Email: info@cahcare.com

6.      OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois

Location: 530 NE Glen Oak Ave, Peoria, IL 61637

OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois known simply as Children’s Hospital of Illinois is a nationally ranked pediatric acute care children’s hospital located in Peoria, Illinois. The hospital provides comprehensive pediatric specialties and subspecialties to infants, children, teens, and young adults aged 0–21. However, OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois sometimes treats adults that require pediatric care.

Email: Contact OSF

7.      Mason District Hospital

Location: 615 N Promenade St, Havana, IL 62644

Mason District Hospital provides superior healthcare. Their expertise lies in providing services driven by the health needs of their community. Mason District has grown since 1957 to keep pace with the changing needs of our patients and the rapid advances in medical technology and healthcare delivery. Even more, their medical staff of physicians is supported by a team of healthcare professionals and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment capabilities – including a full-service emergency department, physician, orthopedics, and more.

Email: Contact MDH

8.      Hopedale Medical Complex

Location: 107 Tremont St, Hopedale, IL 61747

For over 65 years HMC has been a leader in healthcare innovation, even during the COVID-19 period. To keep people safe, they have implemented numerous prevention measures and are continually assessing and adjusting these measures. 

Email: Contact HMC

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9.      Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS)

Location: 4936 Laverna Road, #9797, Springfield, IL 62707

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) have a mission to reveal and embody Christ’s healing love for all people through our high-quality Franciscan healthcare ministry. HSHS provides state-of-the-art health care to our patients and is dedicated to serving all people, especially the most vulnerable, at each of our 15 local systems and physician practices in Illinois

Email: contact@hshs.org

10.  Iroquois Memorial Hospital

Location: 200 East Fairman Avenue, Watseka, IL 60970

Iroquois Memorial is a non-profit corporation that serves over 50,000 people in east-central Ill. Iroquois Memorial provides cost-efficient, high-quality, consumer-responsive healthcare services through a variety of delivery methods. Also, they aim to create a system of coordinated health care for the people in their service area.

Email: imhmarketing@imhrh.org

11.  Carle Bromenn Medical Center

Location: 1304 Franklin Ave, Normal, IL 61761

Carle Health combines clinical care, health insurance, research, and academics in a way that solves real-world problems today. They do what it takes to make life better for many, which is influenced by supports from their deep philanthropic spirit. Also, Carle Health is an integrated system of healthcare services, which includes a five-hospital system, and multi-specialty physician groups.

Email: patient.relations@carle.com

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Qualities Of a Good Hospital in Illinois?

The best hospitals in Illinois share similar key characteristics. Aside from being dedicated to the care and healing of patients, they are also academic and research institutions that work to advance medical knowledge and treatments. They treat their staff with respect and make their work environment a welcoming, conducive, and supportive place.

  1. Staff Value Opportunity: The best hospitals understand that their most asset is the people (staff) that work for them and care for their patients.
  2. Growth opportunity: There is an opportunity for nurses to continue learning, growing, and advancing in their careers so that they can pursue positions with greater responsibilities and independence, as well as higher salaries.
  3. Employee satisfaction: The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of stress and nurse fatigue, and this has continued in some facilities. However, the best hospitals that value their staff members have worked hard to provide support and wellness programming.
  4. High patient satisfaction: The best hospitals constantly strive to improve the care that they provide.
  5. Customer services: Hospitals that pay attention to both patient experience and patient satisfaction understand that they should treat those they care for as customers.
  6. Latest technology: Many hospitals have received awards for their adoption of innovative technology. Hospitals that invest in the most dated equipment and spend the time to train their staff in the use of the equipment, put themselves ahead and provide their employees with skills that increase their value and knowledge.

Conclusion: Highest-Paying Hospitals For Nurses in Illinois

With these highest-paying hospitals for nurses in Illinois, one would say that the opportunities for career, care, and growth advancement for Nurses in Illinois appear to be exceedingly fruitful. Hope you enjoyed this article; you can find more helpful articles below.

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