20 Top Staffing and Recruitment Companies in USA

staffing and recruitment companies
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Have you ever thought of how various organizations find the right match for that job opening? Or even wondered how job seekers get their dream job? 

With the daily expansion in the talent gap and the alarming increment in the competition for skilled workers, locating the perfect worker for the job has become a subject of concern, especially in the US.

But thankfully, the interference of the staffing and recruitment agencies has helped bridge this gap.

They do so by assisting job seekers navigate the ordeal that comes with the job searching process. And importantly, offers the best talent for organizations in need of their skill.

Hence, the role of these agencies in the US  and beyond can not be overemphasized.

With that said, this post will analyze the top 20 staffing and recruitment companies in the US to consider, the yardstick utilized in selecting them, and other essential things to know.

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Importance Of Staffing And Recruitment Companies 

Good staffing and recruitment companies can be likened to the bonds that keep everything intact in the labor market.

Although, recruiting or staffing can be expensive and time-demanding for workers and employers alike. Based on the survey by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average fee per hire is up to about 4,000 US dollars. Not to mention the investment put into talent development.

Some organizations especially small businesses or startups might want to consider investing in internal recruitment. But the truth is, they can’t be practical compared to medium and large enterprises. Moreso, results aren’t 100 percent guaranteed from personal efforts alone.

However, seeking the service of a good staffing company will ease the physical and financial burden of hiring. 

Below are some practical ways in which good recruitment and staffing companies can be of great advantage to your business:

1) Broad Expertise In Recruitment

Good staffing and recruiting companies are backed by their wide knowledge in selecting the best talent pool, screening, and hiring employees. This in turn makes hiring the perfect person for the job easier on the employer’s part.

2) Swift Turnaround Time For Recruiting 

By seeking the services of staffing companies, you can significantly reduce the time taken to hire workers through recruiting firms. This is because they have all it takes to locate potential talents faster.

3) Extensive Market Reach

With a good recruitment company, it is convenient to streamline your options based on the market you wish to explore. This in turn allows you to get a wider talent market in diverse sectors.

4) Better Compliance 

Recruitment/staffing can be an exhausting process, especially when it comes to the issue of adherence. However, hiring a good staffing company can assure you that every necessary condition required in hiring talents is well taken care of.

From employment documents, and interviewing, down to salaries and benefits.

5) Rooted or Unshakeable Credibility

Seeking the help of a good recruitment company will make your firm well-equipped and targeted by top candidates both in and out of your location. Additionally, it presents your firm with the best opportunity to ingrain your credibility as a brand to your workers and customers alike.

How To Identify Good Staffing and Recruitment Companies

When assigning your hiring process to staff and recruitment companies, it is essential to seek out ones that help you meet or achieve your hiring objectives.

Here are some important qualities to look out for that guarantee whether  such recruitment agencies are reliable or not:

1) Must Have Complete Interest in your Organization.

A reliable and good recruitment company exercises the time to get to know your firm, work ethics, and objectives for seeking out talents.

2) Professional Expertise.

Another way to know a credible staffing agency is the ability to showcase knowledge by offering in-depth insight into the state of your firm. This entails staffing or recruiting challenges and thereby offering possible solutions to such problems.

3) Retention rate. 

A good recruitment company is also apparent through their workers. That is, a high rate of worker retention can indicate that something is wrong with their services.

4) Ability to Streamline Their Processes. 

The ability to streamline workers’ recruitment processes is an indicator of a competent staffing agency.

These qualities show their straightforwardness and efficiency for your organization.

Top 20 Staffing and Recruitment Companies in the US

Following a recent study, there are over 20,000 hiring and staffing agencies in the US. And hand picking the top staffing and recruitment company can be a daunting task. Hence, it is essential to make a well-tailored decision by going for the agency that meets the exact requirements.

While it is not the best practice to randomly pick any company that comes to mind given the abundance of choices. There are certain yardsticks to look out for to make the best selection. We have done the hard work for you by carefully analyzing several recruitment agencies based on the following criteria:

1) Great Performance History or Track Record

One primary factor to take into consideration when going for any agency is its record of success. The quality of a staffing and recruitment company will always show in its performance history.

2) Area of Specialization

Due to the high number of companies out there focusing on various fields such as IT, retail, construction, and medical robotics. It is essential to carry out extensive research to figure out the companies that best match one’s organization-specific demands.

3) Experience

Experience is another significant factor when it comes to choosing the perfect staffing agency for your firm.

The greater the experience and knowledge, the better the recruiting agencies become.

That is, companies with high expertise will not only provide qualified candidates but also give thorough insights and market assessments regarding the existing job circumstances.

4) Talent Selection Approach

After carefully evaluating a company’s performance history, specializations, and expertise among others, it is essential to examine the details of its recruitment approach. Having a full grasp of a recruitment firm’s hiring tactics and work culture is vital. This is to establish a concordant working relationship and above all be rest assured that your firm receives the best candidates.

Based on the survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) in 2022, about 47% of startup companies had open positions they could not fill despite the wide talent gap.  

Source: outsourceaccelerator.com

Now to the list of the top 20 staffing and recruitment companies 

  • Beacon Hill
  • TEKsystems
  • Pixoul
  • Soshace
  • Korn Ferry
  • Randstad
  • Lucas Group
  • Kforce
  • Michael Page
  • Apollo Technical
  • Tiger Recruitment
  • H.I.M. Recruiters
  • ISG Partners
  • Robert Half
  • Kelly Services
  • Adecco
  • Manpower
  • AppleOne
  • Aerotek
  • Hirewell

Beacon Hill

When it comes to general staffing and project consulting solutions, Beacon Hill is one go-to call. This recruitment company is backed by broad organization experience of executives from worldwide professional services firms, local boutiques, and big nationwide companies.

Beacon Hill offers well-personalized solutions whenever clients need their service. From properly monitored services to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

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TEKsystems specializes in technology-driven staffing solutions to bring about change and present advanced tactics to their clients.

Moreso, with the company’s incredible recruitment and technology know-how, clients are guaranteed to get the best service possible.

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Pixoul is another highly remarkable consultancy and staffing company that helps businesses establish and groom digital teams to give exceptional digital products.  That is, the agency focuses more on technology firms that offer digital products in the market.

Pixoul maintains its dedication to “making the world greater, innovative, and more human.” Hence, more reasons why they work earnestly with their clients in every way of their projects.

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This renowned agency presents clients with the opportunity to select the top 1% of candidates to create the perfect remote team possible. They offer their services to startups and digital agencies in the US, Europe, and UAE seeking remote talent.

In addition, Soshace offers the most highly sought-after web programmers and developers through utilizing a stringent screening or vetting process. The company’s team of experts is highly committed to working with their clients and helping manage complex projects with diligence.

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Korn Ferry

Another remarkable and top staffing and recruitment company in the US is Korn Ferry. This agency offers global consulting and staffing services that set its clients apart from their competitors. Using building and strengthening competitive teams.

Korn Ferry’s exceptional highlight in their services is their application of a well-tailored process to their clients. Top organizations work with them to receive the best insight into their firm, motif structures, and roles and also help them understand their objectives.

Additionally, they offer leadership and professional services when seeking.

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Randstad is renowned as a global leader in the recruitment world. The company is Headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in the US. They help firms in need of employees and job seekers stay ahead of the dynamic work environment.

In addition to short-term and permanent placements, Randstad also offers professional services to organizations seeking to hire internal and global staffing.

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Lucas Group

Since 1970, Lucas Group has been offering services to military personnel by helping them transition to a civilian workforce. 

With the help of Korn Ferry, the company has developed into an advanced professional search and contract staffing.

Furthermore, Lucas is supported by a team of experts in the recruitment sector who are committed to helping their clients at any time.

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Kforce is dedicated to assisting US workers to create and manage teams with solid technology and finance history.

Also, the agency offers its services to most Fortune 500 companies and presents over 8 million talents nationwide. Hence, the reason they are considered one of the country’s top and best staffing and recruitment companies.

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Michael Page

Michael Page is another top professional recruitment agency that specializes in matching top candidates with organizations globally.

In the US, this company focuses on diverse fields including healthcare, IT, human resources, and real estate. Moreso, they offer experts in contract, permanent, or temporary positions.

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Apollo Technical

As a leading IT and engineering recruitment company, Apollo Technical works excellently to locate and link the best talent quickly and cost-effectively to organizations that need them. And specifically, help engineers and IT experts get their dream jobs.

Furthermore, this agency is highly committed to building long-term relationships with its clients. This is to meet the demands of both the employer and their candidates.

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Tiger Recruitment

This company is situated in London with an office in New York and offers staffing services to the healthcare sector, finance, and technology.

Tiger Recruitment customized its solutions to each client’s needs and made sure that clients’ company values were evident in each candidate they assigned to a particular role. Some of the principles the company applies that make it flourish are positivity, excellence, and integrity.

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H.I.M. Recruiters

H.I.M. Recruiters provide staffing and hiring services for health information management organizations. For over 3 decades, they have established relationships with HIM employers in and out of the US.

This agency offers temporary, contract, or regular workers in the HIM industry. To help businesses obtain their hiring motives,  they carry out rigorous screening and interviews for each candidate.

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ISG Partners

ISG Partners projects the ideal teams in sales and marketing to top and well-rooted firms in the US. The company is located in Atlanta and Austin and has established a global reach in terms of its client base.

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Robert Half

Robert Half has been linking global firms to highly skilled individuals at a budget-friendly rate since its inception in 1948.

The company has been initiating specialized recruitment services and yet offers unparalleled quality work globally.

Also, the agency is the go-to choice for employers in need of professional staff, be it long-term, short-term, or contract.

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Kelly Services

Kelly Services has been offering solutions to several sectors and businesses in different industries including education, healthcare, and public services. Since its foundation in 1946, the agency has also been recognized as the groundbreaker in modern temporary help services. 

The agency takes pride in being the associate of choice for both employers and candidates who are future-focused.

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With over 5 decades of experience and 450 locations across the US, this recruitment company prides itself in matching talents and delivering top-notch solutions to cater to an organization’s staffing needs.

Additionally, Adecco offers scalable and technology-focused solutions for locating temporary and permanent staffing for expert services anytime and anywhere.

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Another remarkable staffing and recruitment company in the US that has been impacting employees’ lives and linking staffing with the perfect candidate for decades. In addition to staffing, Manpower is dedicated to shaping businesses and candidates in the current and future workforce. Moreso, they deliver to their clients knowledge and creativity to push through their operations further.

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Since 1964, AppleOne Employment has been committed to linking the best candidates with the most credible organizations.

Furthermore, they allow clients to work with their preferred agencies, as well as provide a human technique for locating and hiring employees for an organization.

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Aerotek takes pride in assisting industries to match with highly qualified workers globally. They offer the best staffing solutions in fields including construction, manufacturing, and other related sectors.

One remarkable feature of this agency is its belief that “people are paramount” in recruitment. Hence, the reason why they uphold a performance-focused culture that centralizes people and their well-being.

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Hirewell has been at the leading edge of talent procurement and staffing for over 20 years. The agency is committed to helping companies attract top talent and improve their businesses.

Hirewell is exceptional when it comes to dealing with its clientele. They take due time to know them and prioritize fulfilling their goals.

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In summary, businesses and enterprises would always require the aid of staffing and recruitment companies in hiring talents, particularly as a result of the skills shortage occurring in the US. 

As previously emphasized, Internal recruitment can be a time-demanding and exorbitant process with little or no assurance of getting the best candidates.

However, the top staffing and recruitment companies in the US analyzed above will serve as a guide to which agencies you can seek their services should you want to hire highly skilled candidates or extend your team, be it remotely or internally.


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