Top Jobs in Finland With Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Revised)

When looking for a job outside your country of residence, the process of getting your visa to that country is an important factor to consider. Finding a job that is willing to offer employment with visa sponsorship as a bonus is always a good way to start. This article has listed the top jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship.

For better understanding, let us educate you on what visa sponsorship is.

What is a Visa Sponsorship?

The concept of visa sponsorship can be interpreted in so many ways. In Dubai for instance, you can apply for a visit visa which is different from a tourist visa. In this case, your friend (the one you’re visiting) has to send you a valid form of invitation. Not just that, your friend will be responsible for you during your stay.

In general, visa sponsorship is when an individual or an organization advocate for another individual’s visa. So, when you have a visa sponsor, it means you have an advocate for your visa that supports your entry into the new country.

Visa sponsorship can come in various forms which can include;

  1. Green card Sponsorship: This is a common form of visa sponsorship as it involves a family member advocating for the prospective immigrant. The family member advocating has to have the financial capacity to support the other.
  2. K-1 Visa Sponsorship: Another common form of visa sponsorship. This is when citizens can petition for the visa of a foreigner who is a fiancé for marriage.
  3. Visitor Sponsorship: An example we have already touched on. The sponsor also has to have the means to take care of the visitor in the duration of their stay.
  4. Employment-based visa sponsorship: When the organization offering you employment also sponsors your visa to the country. We would explain this in more detail.

These four examples are peculiar to countries like the United States. For other countries, you might need to do some extra research to find out what kinds of Visa sponsorships are available there.

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What is a Visa Sponsorship Job?

When employers in Finland can’t find qualified workers in the country, they move to hire foreigners who are qualified. This is a great opportunity for foreigners to come into Finland, as these organizations usually act as sponsors for these individuals in their visa process.

Any employment offer that comes with the guarantee of your visa is a sponsorship job. These visa sponsorship jobs take care of your work and residence permit as well.

About Finland

Finland is a Scandinavian country with a population of 5.5 million strong. Although the population is small, considering the country’s landmass. However, this does not affect the country’s efficiency. Their technology and manufacturing industry are among the best in the world.

The working condition is also very favorable with a very good work-life balance. The Finnish people believe that there is more to life than just work, this makes them constantly make decisions and policies to help better work environments.

Finland’s Economy 

Finland’s economy is a highly industrialized one with a very high per capita GDP that is higher than that of countries like Germany and Belgium.

Their exports make up one-third of their GDP, which means foreign trade is very important. Their exports include wood, metals, engineering, telecommunications, electronics, and technology.

Also, their relatively small population combined with their booming economy has led to Finland’s very low unemployment rate.

Finland is also pretty expensive to live in. As a single person, it will cost you between 808€ – 1,580€ per month to live in Finland, and these figures vary depending on where in Finland you stay.

Living in Finland on average is 3.12% higher than living in the United States, and it is also the eighth-most expensive country in Europe. These numbers are not helped by the country’s high personal income tax of 56.95%.

The relatively high tax and high cost of living are compensated by the high standard of living, great healthcare, and a stable economy. Finland is also one of the safest countries to stay in and has the happiest people.

Are There Jobs In Finlands For Foreigners?

The answer is yes, there are jobs in Finland for foreigners. Finland has a small population and this is evident in certain industries in the country as these industries experience a shortage in their workforce. So, it is not uncommon to find foreigners in industries like the nursing and healthcare industries.

The workforce of the Finnish economy is filled with people above the age of 60. This aging workforce population is a result of the younger population not being qualified enough to take these jobs, which creates an opportunity for foreign labor.

These and the highly industrialized economy of Finland creates an environment that requires foreigners. As of 2018, there were 402,600 foreigners in Finland and this made up 7.3% of the population. This is small when compared to other European countries and it should be noted that unemployment is usually higher among foreigners than it is with the citizens. The result of this is many foreigners found in particular industries or lines of work.

How to Find a Company Willing to Sponsor Your Visa

Finding a job that comes with a visa sponsorship just has a few more steps than finding a regular job.

First, you have to decide how you want to find a job. You being outside Finland, you would most likely be doing your job searches online. For efficiency, you should use one of the Finnish employment agencies’ websites.

These recruitment/employment agencies would help with the job search, where you can specify what kind of job you want. Part of your specification should also include the job coming with a Visa Sponsorship.

If you have a relative in Finland already helping with the search, he/she should constantly inquire about jobs with visa sponsorship.

You should also consider looking for jobs in industries that have a high rate of employment for foreigners.

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Top Companies That Hire Foreigners in Finland 

  1. Supercell: gaming company with an international appeal and presence in countries like the United States and China. As they continue to grow, they continue to employ both foreigners and locals alike.
  2. Ikea: a popular online furniture store, they are another Finnish company with a global presence. And the state of the country’s workforce is part of the reasons they employ a good number of foreigners.
  3. Analyse2: a commercial consultant that provides solutions to grow their revenue, drive category development and so much more. Their customers are usually.
  4. Fingrid: Finland’s electricity transmission and operator. They are key players when it comes to market development in Finland.
  5. Cisco: The American network company with a branch in Finland. They develop, manufacture and sell networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.
  6. Relex: They provide Artificial intelligence to retail businesses to enable autonomous, adaptive planning.

Top Jobs In Finland With Visa Sponsorship 

  • Sales representative: companies like Cisco are searching for highly qualified persons with this specialty. Sales representatives are gradually becoming very sought-after and as a foreigner, it almost always comes with Visa Sponsorship.
  • Account manager: Account manager is a role that is usually filled by foreigners, especially Finnish-speaking foreigners. Currently, Ecolab is actively searching for one and their job comes with a Visa sponsorship like many others looking for personnel in this role.
  • Engineer: Engineering is a big career in Finland with their manufacturing industry being a major contributor to their economy. RELEX Solutions, FGR Technology, and Nigel Frank International are all looking to hire Engineers and the jibs come with a Visa Sponsorship for foreigners.
  • Software developers: With IT being one of the biggest exports in Finland, it shouldn’t be surprising that jobs like this are in serious demand. Companies like Jefferson Frank are also actively recruiting for this role and they also offer Visa Sponsorship for foreigners.
  • Data Engineer: Another job in the IT industry. RELEX solutions are currently in search of one and are willing to offer visa sponsorship

Industries Where Foreigners Can Easily Get Jobs in Finland

  • Nursing and Healthcare: Due to the shortage of Finnish nurses, lots of foreigners end up in the nursing industry.
  • Manufacturing: This industry has a lot of vacancies that are easily filled by foreigners eager to get jobs in the country.
  • Information and Communication: This industry does not require fluency in the language; hence it supports the employment of skilled foreigners.
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Top Websites to Find Jobs in Finland With Visa Sponsorship 

1. Finnward

Their target customers are newcomers into Finland, they offer not just jobs but also a convenient program to help foreigners learn the language.

2. Adecco

One of the top recruitment companies in Finland that aids foreigners searching for a source of livelihood. Their websites offer job vacancies in various Finnish industries.

3. Jobs in Helsinki

For foreigners with English as their native language, Jobs in Helsinki offer jobs suited for English speakers in Finland.   

4. Indeed

Their website allows you to search for jobs using specific keywords like job titles, company names, and even locations. You can also sign up to receive emails on available jobs that match your needs.  

5. Monster

A very well-established recruitment agency in Finland, with a reputation for connecting people with the right opportunities to further their careers.

6. Rekrytointi

An innovative recruitment agency where they let professionals mingle with amateurs to connect. They also offer training for those who need to improve their qualifications. 

7. Tip Top Job

Here, you can find some of the jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship. They have a flexible and adaptable employment network that works well with whatever your needs are, regardless of how peculiar they might be. 

Conclusion on Top Jobs in Finland With Visa Sponsorship

Finding a job with Visa Sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to get into Finland, without the rigors of having to apply for work visas and whatnot. The jobs with Visa sponsorships that are advertised on these websites are skilled and with the help of a good recruitment agency, you can find one of these jobs that suits your skillset.

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