Best Norwegian Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies| 2024 Guide

Best Norwegian Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

Norway is reportedly the 14th biggest oil-producing country in the world and the 8th biggest producer of natural gas globally. Norway’s total population is put at about five (5) million people. Arguably one of the most beautiful and economically viable countries in Europe and the world. Norway’s wealth comes from oil and gas as well as other natural resources.

The future for the Norwegian oil and gas industry looks great. With the country’s recent drive for the expansion of its oil and gas industry, more job opportunities abound in the sector. This article would highlight job opportunities in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. And also, the best Norwegian oil and gas recruitment agencies.

The Oil and Gas Industry in Norway Today

According to a report, the government of Norway is looking to expand its oil and gas industry following the handing out of more licenses for fossil fuel exploration in the country. This is contrary to calls from global players for the end of fossil fuel exploration in a bid to reduce global heating in the world.

In a recent policy paper, the Norwegian government stated that “The petroleum sector will remain a significant factor in the Norwegian economy in the years to come, although not on the same scale as today.” The Norwegian government looks unwilling to slow down on oil exploration within her borders and understandably so. Oil and gas remain a major source of income for the Nordic country. Representing about 40% of its exports and 14% of its gross domestic product (GDP). Norway is looking to further develop its oil and gas industry, not dismantle it.

In addressing the concerns regarding increased global heating, Tina Bru, Norway’s minister of petroleum and energy revealed that the country is “capable of delivering products with low emissions within the framework of our climate policy”. After the release of 84 new oil and gas exploration licenses, the minister insisted that it was important for Norway to maintain the activity level within the country’s oil and gas industry.

With this, job opportunities abound in the Norwegian oil and gas industry for nationals and foreigners alike.

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Oil and Gas Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Norway

Between 2013 and 2016, an estimated 50,000 oil and gas jobs were reportedly lost in Norway. According to the report, the impact of this was highly felt bearing in mind the country’s total population. The most affected city was Stavanger, and particularly foreigners working in Norway.

The country has since made a drastic drive to recover from the massive loss. The COVID 19 pandemic posed another huge challenge, but things are getting back in shape. With lots of foreign oil and gas companies operating in Norway, there is ample room for foreigners in the Norwegian oil and gas industry, especially in the offshore sector. The available jobs are mainly for qualified and experienced oil and gas workers.

Available Jobs in the offshore sectors includes:

  1. Maintenance: workers in this category are responsible for the installation, monitoring and maintaining of all electrical needs, machinery as well as drilling equipment.
  2. Drilling: most of the activities in the offshore sector centers on drilling operations, workers in this category are responsible for these drilling operations.
  3. Marine: to ensure smooth operations offshore, marine workers are saddled with the responsibility of handling rig positioning and motion control, along with deck operations and helicopter logistics.
  4. Administration: for effective rig operations, a dedicated admin team is required to cater to the needs of employees offshore.

The onshore sector is not left out, with engineers of different specialties employed by Norwegian oil and gas companies. Most vacancies of this sort abound in Oslo and Stavanger. The onshore sector requires qualified personnel to work as:

  1. Project managers
  2. Document controllers
  3. Procurement officers
  4. Finance officers
  5. Human resources officer

How to Get Oil and Gas Jobs in Norway as a Foreigner

To get a job in the Norwegian oil and gas industry as a foreigner, you must first meet the eligibility requirements for working in Norway. Depending on the country of origin and current residence, foreigners require a visa. To get this, foreigners are expected to meet certain income criteria. And for skilled workers in the oil and gas sector, certain educational levels must be met.

Some jobs would require foreigners to do a recognition of their educational qualifications. To do this, contact the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in education (NOKUT). For now, NOKUT only accepts applications for recognition from Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Away from the above, the same general rules for getting a job applies in the Norwegian case. You would need to edit your CV to fit the Norwegian standard for content and the number of pages. Next, ensure that your personal information is properly highlighted along with your educational qualifications and work experiences. It is also important to tailor your CV to the job role.

To view available oil and gas job opportunities in Norway, you can check online job portals or contact a recruitment agency. In a previous article, we highlighted the Top Recruitment Agencies in Norway Recruiting Foreigners. You can also check out popular Norwegian newspapers for vacancies.

Relevance of Recruitment Agencies

To shorten your job search period and find choice jobs that match your skillset, we strongly recommend a trusted and reputable recruitment agency. A genuine recruitment agency already understands the work terrain in Norway and is best suited to help you find the right job. While giving you adequate guidance.

Using a Norwegian oil and gas recruitment agency would help you save time and cost. And also, narrow down your search to jobs that align with your skills, qualifications, and career aspirations. Think of recruitment agencies as the internet of getting a job.

A good recruitment agency would help you reposition your CV to impress Norwegian employers. Even provide advisory on your visa application and clarify grey areas regarding the entire recruitment process.

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Best Norwegian Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

Norwegian oil and gas recruitment agencies are solely set up to provide recruitment services for the oil and gas sector in Norway. They help oil and gas companies to recruit qualified candidates to fill vacancies while helping job seekers to get jobs. Below is a list showing the best Norwegian oil and gas recruitment agencies:

1. Brucel Energy

Brunel Energy Norge provides top-notch recruitment and contracting services of technical specialists for clients in the Norwegian oil and gas. Also, in the offshore and renewables sector.

Located in Stavanger Norway, Brunel focuses on local compliance and securing skilled and motivated engineers for project teams. Likewise, assistance with application for entry visas and work permits as well as travel management and payroll.

2. Airswift

With over 60 strategic global offices, Airswift is uniquely positioned as a recruitment agency of choice for professionals looking to live and work in Norway. Its Stavanger Norway office has been operational since 2011, providing support and tailor-made recruitment solutions.

As a recruitment and workforce solution provider, Airswift caters to oil and gas. Also, to the renewable energy, construction, chemicals, power and biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals sectors.

3. OffshoreCrew AS

Kristiansand at the southern coast of Norway, OffshoreCrew is a recruitment consultancy company. The agency is dedicated to making intelligent offshore and maritime recruiting easy.

OffshoreCrew AS provides better, quicker and more accessible recruitment services to employers and jobseekers. Her operations cover all sea-based industries including traditional offshore oil & gas, maritime, cruise, marine & aquaculture and emerging floating renewable industries.

There are more oil and gas recruitment agencies in Norway, but we have carefully highlighted a few to give you a quick headstart. If you looking to work in Norway as a foreigner, getting a job with visa sponsorship would help you get in quicker and with greater ease.

The unemployment rate in Norway is one of the lowest in the world, making the Norwegian job market one of the most competitive globally. Get ahead of the pile today with the information shared in this article. Visit out our career resources page for more recruitment guides, job search tips and career advancement advice.

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