Unskilled jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the UK (Revised)

Unskilled jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the UK
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The United Kingdom is a popular destination for students and professionals all over the world. In fact, over 500,000 people in 2021 migrated to the UK for various purposes. This is because of its work-life balance, quality of life and even quality of education.  So, it won’t be surprising if you have plans to move to the UK as well.

However, it is important to note that getting a job or admission into one of its many prestigious universities is two of the easiest ways to get into the UK. The UK is a bit short on labor in a lot of industries, so skilled foreign workers such as Nurses get into the UK easily.

While this sounds great if you are a skilled professional, some want to move to the United Kingdom but they feel they cannot because they are unskilled laborers. Well, if you are one of these unskilled laborers, we are here to help you out. This article has been created to guide you in your search for unskilled jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship.

What is an Unskilled Job in the UK?

Although the header says unskilled jobs, we will talk about unskilled labor. We believe describing that would help you understand what an unskilled job is. So, unskilled labor refers to workers with no special training or experience. These workers have limited skills and little to no higher education.

Therefore, Unskilled Jobs are jobs that do not require a special skill set or experience. These jobs usually come with low salaries. Examples of these jobs include; farm workers, cleaners, grocery clerks, etc.

However, it is not uncommon to find people with university degrees doing these unskilled jobs. This is due to the unavailability of jobs but that is a discussion for another day.

As we go on in this topic, let us briefly look into skilled jobs. In contrast to unskilled jobs, skilled jobs require specialized training and skills. They however are not white-collar jobs. This means they are different from highly-skilled occupations such as lawyers, architects engineers, etc.

Examples of skilled workers include electricians, welders and plumbers are all skilled laborers.

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How To Get Unskilled Jobs In The UK With Visa Sponsorship

Here is a step-by-step process to follow to get a Graduate job in the UK with Visa Sponsorship.

  1. Apply for Unskilled jobs in the UK: You would need to have a job offer from a company in the UK to be eligible for Visa Sponsorship. To do that, you have to apply for jobs that offer that. Once your application has been accepted, you are then eligible for Visa Sponsorship.
  2. Apply for a Visa: To work in the United Kingdom as an Unskilled laborer, you would need a work permit. There are various types of these work permits and they apply to various occupations. There are six types of these work permits, five for short-term workers.

You would also need certain documents ready and available. These include;

  1. Certificate of Sponsorship that would be provided by your employers
  2. Proof of adequate payment plans from your employers
  3. A tuberculosis test results if you are from one of the following countries

Common Unskilled Jobs in the UK

  1. Cleaners
  2. Farm workers
  3. Private Chauffeur
  4. Mining Constructors
  5. Bouncers
  6. Construction workers
  7. Drivers

Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs in the UK

These are the highest-paying unskilled jobs in the UK

1. Private Chauffeur:

Their job requires them to drive and maintain the vehicles of their employers. Oftentimes, their roles can be very personal as they are assigned to specific individuals. They also help with getting in and out of the vehicle. The average yearly salary for Chauffeurs in the United Kingdom is £32,643.

2. Janitors:

The responsibilities of a Janitor are the general cleaning of a building, especially for public use. To ensure these buildings are clean, Janitors end up mopping, vacuuming, and cleaning windows and other important furniture. They earn a yearly salary of £20,194.

3. Courier:

Delivering parcels collected from central depots to specific addresses is the job description of a Courier. For efficient execution of their roles, they also have to plan their routes to ensure these packages are delivered on time. Their yearly average salary is £28,233

4. Bouncer:

Patrol events, ensure the safety of guests, and inhibit dangerous activities or individuals. Also, they give detailed reports of any escalated event to the right authorities. They usually earn £28,233.

5. Farm Worker:

Farmworkers have the responsibility of not just planting crops, they also have to tend to these crops and harvest them. On some occasions, they have to take care of livestock. This livestock requires food, clean shelter, and care when they are ill or newborn. Their average yearly salary is £19,747.

Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs in the UK
Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs in the UK

6. Sales Representative:

Usually, product users reach out to manufacturers for various reasons, this can be to complain or to suggest an improvement. Regardless of the purpose of their call, they need a link to these manufacturers. This is the role of a sales representative. They help customers reach producers and help producers understand the thoughts of their customers. Their average salary is £21,751

7. Construction Worker:

With the constant improvement in the infrastructure of countries like the UK and the US, construction is now a lucrative endeavor. Construction workers might not be skilled, but they are required to clean out the work sites and assemble or destroy structures and even scaffolding. More often, some of them have to operate heavy construction equipment. They earn up to £23,363

The UK Third Tier Visa

The United Kingdom’s Visa system for immigrants is divided into five categories. These categories are for the various types of immigrants for the various classes of foreigners that might be coming into the country. These categories are;

  1. First Tier – which is for highly skilled immigrants or immigrants with highly valued skills in the UK
  2. Second Tier– this is for skilled workers
  3. Third Tier – Low and Unskilled workers
  4. Fourth Tier – Students who are aged 16 and above
  5. Fifth Tier – this is for temporary workers, religious workers, international agreements, and charity workers.

Unskilled workers should be focused on the third tier of Visa. This visa type is for those who would be earning below £25,600. Although unskilled workers in the United Kingdom are no longer allowed, they can still work if they meet the following criteria;

  1. Their newfound job must be offering at least £25,600 annually as the salary. Only in occasions of emergency vacancies can an unskilled worker earning below that threshold be allowed to work.
  2. These applicants have to meet the required number of points on an assessment test to be eligible for this visa
  3. The unskilled worker needs to have his or her certificate of sponsorship.

This Visa tier does not have a language requirement. However, we do advise applicants to have proficient English skills when applying for visas to the UK, regardless of the requirements. This Visa does have some benefits as you can apply for an indefinite leave of permanent residency. The caveat in this is that your visa lasts for just 12 months and you cannot bring along a spouse or family member.

One last thing to note is that the Tier Three Visa is currently on hold by the United Kingdom’s government.

Websites to find Unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

  1. Fasthire: A fast-growing career and education website that helps professionals achieve their goals. Their website offers other forms of assistance such as CV building and LinkedIn profile optimization.
  2. Jooble: This is a website used by millions of professionals across 69 countries in the world. They specialize in helping their users find the job of their dreams.
  3. Career Jet: A job search engine created to make the job search process on the internet easier. Their database is filled with openings from various recruitment agencies and job boards all over the world.
  4. Indeed: With over 250 million unique visitors to this site monthly, it is one of the very best recruitment websites in the world. It provides job offers, as well as company information free to its users.
  5. Reed: This was the first recruitment website in the United Kingdom and today, it is one of the leading career marketplaces in the UK.
Websites to find Unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship
Websites to find Unskilled Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship


Getting an Unskilled job in the United Kingdom with visa sponsorship might be difficult, It is however not an impossible task. We also believe that we have enlightened you enough to navigate this tricky endeavor.

Remember to apply for jobs on these websites and make sure your employers are willing to sponsor your visa.

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Need our Assistance? Contact Fasthire today.

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