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Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands attracting thousands of international students from across the world. As such, Finding a good student housing in Amsterdam is one hard nut to crack. 

However, if you begin your search and application early enough, there is a high probability of escaping the trauma of house hunting.  

Hence, to guide you through the process, this article outlines the various challenges and possible obstacles in choosing the right student housing in Amsterdam, the different housing options available in the city and a step-by-step guide on how to find a Student House in Amsterdam.

Let’s get right into it.

Common Challenges of Finding Student Housing in Amsterdam

Unlike other countries, In the Netherlands, students are responsible for finding an accommodation space for themselves. Therefore, the process of finding a comfortable student housing facility in Amsterdam is difficult because the demand for student rooms is very high. 

As of 2022, a report by the Amsterdam Student Union ASVA (a student housing Corporation in Amsterdam) revealed that out of 4,720 international students who registered for accommodation, only 2,416 students were assigned rooms because there was none available for the rest. Even the intervention of the International Student Housing Office could not overcome the challenge. 

To make matters worse, most  Dutch universities do not offer or own student housing at all, Hence, students are left to choose from private accommodation which is rather expensive, especially in major neighborhoods. According to Joram van Velzen, president of the Dutch Student Union; this is one of the secondary consequences of the housing shortage in the Netherlands. 

Notwithstanding, international students are left with little or no choice but to accept the increase and adapt to the different housing options at their disposal.

Types of Student Housing in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, students do not live on campuses  (except in very few institutions); rather,  they live in student houses located close to their learning institutions. These student housing are private apartments owned by corporations and individuals in the country. 

Hence, due to the current housing shortage in Amsterdam, you may find the rooms smaller than usual. So, it is wise you start searching early enough to avoid getting stranded. You can either do this alone or employ a trustworthy student housing agency in Amsterdam.

There are different types of student housing in Amsterdam with different rent options and facilities. These are the most common types you would find:

1. Student housing in AmsterdamSingle Room in a Shared Apartment: 

A single room in a shared apartment usually contains four to five students depending on the size of the flat. In this setting, each flatmate owns a private room but shares common facilities like a bathroom, kitchen and dining room. 

Although you can have a shared apartment with a private bathroom, this usually costs more. The average monthly rent for a single room in a shared apartment in Amsterdam is around €650 – €800  per month. However, this may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood depending on shared facilities, proximity to academic institutions and size of the apartment.

2. Student housing in Amsterdam – Shared Rooms 

Shared rooms are by far the most affordable student housing hostel in Amsterdam for students living on a budget. Shared rooms are usually located in an apartment or houses where you get to pair with other students. Also, In shared rooms, you will have to share the bathroom, kitchen and dining space with your room. 

However, you can in these apartments, have a room to yourself but still, you would have to shares other facilities like a bathroom and kitchen with flat mates. According to Erasmus Play, ( A Student Housing Agency website), the average price of a single room in a shared apartment in Amsterdam is around €650 per month. 

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3. Private Apartment 

However,r getting a private apartment in Amsterdam can be a stressful process unless you are working with a housing agency. Also, the cost of renting a private student accommodation in Amsterdam is relatively expensive depending on the size of the apartment, and the availability of basic amenities. According to ISchoolConnect, the cost of renting a  private space or apartment is around INR 60,000

How to find student Housing in the Amsterdam Area

1. Search for On-campus Housing options 

Some universities and institutions in Amsterdam offer on-campus accommodation to students but these rooms are limited to only a few international students. 

For example, these universities offer on-campus housing options: 

2. Work with a Student Housing Corporation

There are several non-profit social housing corporations in  Amsterdam offering different student housing options for students, this includes sare rooms, shared apartments and even private apartments.

However, some common examples of these platforms are Studentenwoningweb, and Room. These corporations provide updated lists of student accommodation in the major university cities in the Netherlands. 

3. Use Websites for Finding Student Accommodation

There are different online resources and websites you can use to find credible student housing accommodations of your choice. However, before working with any, please ensure you research the credibility of these sites and consider online reviews and ratings to be on the safe side.

Some of the popular websites for finding student housing in Amsterdam are listed below: 

  • Plaza resident services
  • Rooftrack
  • RentSlam
  • SSH Student Housing
  • The Social Hub
  • Uniplaces
  • Xior Student Housing
  • Kamernet 

4. Use Facebook groups 

Different Facebook communities help students connect better with a larger student network in Amsterdam. On this platform, some students search for roommates to share their apartments.

Examples of major Facebook Groups for students in Amsterdam:

5. Ask Friends

Networking is another easy way to find a student housing option of your choice. If you are new in town and were unable to secure an accommodation space in 

Work with a Student Housing Agency:

Tips for Faster Application for Student Housing in Amsterdam 

  • Begin your search immediately after you receive an admission offer from your choice university 
  • Ensure you understand the rental terms and conditions when renting student accommodation in Amsterdam 
  • Be complete and accurate in application. As much as possible, avoid errors while filling up applications for accommodation 
  • Make sure all your documents for rent payment and acquisition are intact
  • Be responsive to inquiries from housing providers 
  • As much as possible, try multiple options when searching for a student accommodation 

Required Documents to Rent a Student Accommodation in Amsterdam 

To rent a student apartment in Amsterdam there are certain stamped documents you must have at your disposal. Although some landlords are not street-requesting these, you must have yours available, to be on the safe side. Here are some of the required documents for renting student accommodation, especially as an international student::

  • Copy of your passport and student visa
  • Proof of enrollment at a university in Amsterdam
  • Proof of income or financial support
  • Reference letter from a previous landlord or employer
  • Bank statement
  • Completed rental application form

Optional Documents 

  • A copy of your health insurance card
  • Letter of guarantee from anyone responsible for you
  •  Proof of a Dutch bank account or a BSN (burgerservicenummer) number.

N/B A BSN is a Dutch citizen service number that is required for many things in the Netherlands, such as opening a bank account or registering with a doctor. You can apply for a BSN online or at a local municipality office.

Lastly, you must have all of your documents ready in advance so that you can submit them once the need arises —- when you find a place that you are interested in.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam for International Students

Whether or not your study program extends over a few months or years, having prior knowledge about the cost of living in Amsterdam will save you much trouble. The cost of living in Amsterdam affects how you carry on your academic duties and personal life interactions.  

From groceries to food, then bills and even rent.  Knowing the actual cost of living in Amsterdam for international students is necessary.  

Average cost of living in Amsterdam for international students:

Types of Expenses Average monthly cost in Euros (€) 
Accommodation 500-1000 
Transportation 35-80
Utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet)100-150
Student health insurance100-120
Other expenses (lifestyle, entertainment, etc.) depends on individual spending habits approximately  120
Cost of Living in Amsterdam for International Students

Total Monthly cost of living: 1000-1600 Euros 

This is just an average of the expected monthly expenses for international students in Amsterdam. Please note that this may be less or even more depending on your lifestyle, location and preferences. 

Conclusion Student housing in Amsterdam

Finding the right accommodation that matches your preferences and tastes is not a walk in the park. But it is achievable. First, you should start your application way in advance of your academic year, supposing you are a fresh student. You can find legit Facebook groups to help make your search easier, but, if you must use this, beware of scammers.

The other options for finding a house in Amsterdam involve using popular housing websites such as Plaza Resident Services, RentSlam, Roomspot or Smart Wonen. These websites provide updated listings of housing options in different neighbourhoods and their rental prices. Some of them are expensive, but you can find something affordable too.

However, in case you are not renting a private apartment, don’t forget to reach out to Facebook groups as mentioned above and look for a roommate in a flatshare or hostel as the case may be.


1. How to find student housing in the Netherlands?

There are different options to find legit student housing in the Netherlands:

  • Facebook groups: Woningen te huur in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Apartments 4 Rent
  • University housing office (for short-term contracts)
  • Studentenwoningweb.
  • Kamernet (rooms, studios, and apartments in all of the Netherlands)

2. What are the best locations for students in Amsterdam?

There are different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam for students, these locations have all the necessary facilities for comfort, easy computing and recreation. Some of the best locations for student accommodation in Amsterdam are 

  • The Pijp (De Pijp) — is close to the  University of Amsterdam, just a 10-minute drive by public transport. 
  • Jordaan — Notable for housing historic museums like the Anne Frank House. A great location if you enjoy sightseeing adventures
  • Amsterdam Noord — Popular for its affordable apartments, connected roads and accessible amenities
  • Uilenstede in Amstelveen — It has the largest housing complex containing different housing types. For example, it contains shared apartments and studio rooms. Also contains bars, nice restaurants and spaces for games. The Uilenstede in Amstelveen is mostly populated by students in the VU University Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

3. What is the Average Rent for  Student Housing in Amsterdam?

According to the ischoolConnect, website,  the average monthly rent in Amsterdam for a single student ranges between 500 and 1000 €. Generally, living on campus costs less and is best if you are looking to live on a budget. However, if you want a bit of luxury and privacy, then you can go for a private accommodation type e.g., a private apartment, or a studio room. Off-campus housing usually costs more compared to a hostel.

4. How to find student housing in Amsterdam?

According to popular reviews, the best websites for finding student accommodation in Amsterdam are Kamernet and Huurwoningen. The Huurwoningen website is basically for international students. Students use these platforms because it is credible and their listings are affordable. By far, they are the biggest platforms used by both new and old students searching for accommodation in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.

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